Your Spiritual Health is weak because Acidosis is ruining you.. why?

One of my favourite topics in the Awful truth category, a focus on your ‘Spiritual Health’.. one of a set of 2, with the other being Spiritual Cleanliness.

This time I thought it would be useful to put up the main reason so many ‘spiritual’ techniques aim at strengthening your so called physical health, otherwise you can do little in the world of high end spirituality.. Yep, all that advice on hydration and breathing is for a REALLY good reason…

However this is one of the more controversial ones as many disagree… Medical science won’t phrase it like this, much as they do know it, they even understand what acidosis does at a persistent low to medium level, but NO ONE is very keen to lay it out – the consequences of formal recognition would be huge, for both the big pharma and food industries. What they tell us is that bad diet is, well.. bad for us. Don’t worry, they say… just eat crap in moderation, you won’t die of a that toxic take away, or your caffeine, alcohol and recreational narcotics diet, at least today. Not a fecking word about what you can do to fix this mind…

And they get away with it because acidosis as a direct cause of death is a tiny number every year, not even in the top ten diseases in the world. BUT (and its a big bloody but) it is the mechanism BEHIND the PRIMARY cause of top 2 BIGGEST KILLERS in the world, Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke, and the secondary cause of most of the other 8, from Lung Disease to Alzheimer’s..

Good job we are here to do it for them then. So please, DO WORRY, not because of the takeaway, but because of the mechanisms in your body that are triggered by what that takeaway does to you.. and your total lack of knowledge of HOW TO STOP THEM DOING THIS. See, you don’t need to be a vegan like the gifted of old.. you just NEED TO KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS.

Awful Truth: Acidosis is the slow but persistent build up of acid in your body caused by both you regularly eating/drinking excessive amounts of it AND being very inefficient at getting rid of it. Acidosis goes on to cause continual problems inside you, everything from destroying your skin, rotting your teeth and gums to persistent low level pain all over your body, particularly in large muscles groups and the extremities of your body. All manner of health issues are driven by this, perversely by the 3 main mechanisms the body uses to DEFEND itself from Acidosis – ‘furring’ up of your arteries, leeching minerals from your tissues/bones and chronic inflammation. These drive the vast majority of the diseases associated with OLD AGE including, rotting your mind, weakening your bones, joint stiffness, persistent muscle pain, massive digestive issues, breathing issues, and yes.. all things HEART DISEASE.

See, our diet has evolved BEYOND are bodies ability to cope with it in just the last 150 years, but no one what’s to tell you this… as a large part of the economy of the world sort of depends on keeping it this way… You would be amazed however just how many folks get old quick these days, indeed without the make-up and ‘insta’ filters half the civilised world looks half dead by the time they are 35 y/o, because of mad, bad acidosis.

Back in the dim and distant past, when we got stuck with the body and systems we still have today, Acid influx in our bodies was a rare and temporary thing, maybe from having to deal with the acid run off from heavy duty exercise, maybe a big meat meal, but that shit was not every week, probably not even every month. No one in the design department expected our bodies to have to deal with Acidosis every bloody day, even every bloody meal, every fecking snack.. so, errr… Houston, ‘we have a problem’. Back then your body could get away with just making you breath deep and heavy for a while, these days that does not even put a dent in what you are doing to yourself…

But wait I hear you shriek – this is a spiritual blog.. why the health food lecture matey?? And I say this is a post about the Left Hand path, its about Energy Work, and that, ladies and gentlemen, starts with the health of your body, not just your mind.. See, crucially on the left hand path we know that acidosis both sucks your energy dry and dulls your mind to a horrific degree, BECAUSE high level acidosis not only fog your mind, they also cause massive candida bloom, yeast growth in your body, which fecks your spirit up good and proper. You are polluting yourself with massive numbers of a whole other lifeform, living in you and off you like a parasite. And that is BAD. So pay attention now, put down the beer and chips for a second and understand the above post IS FOR YOU.

Now, there is so much to write about acidosis that I am going to restrict myself to a couple of the main things, but feel free to look it up. Know that in its most common form it is so bloody common that EVERYONE has it at one time or another – Heartburn. Its so common that its an amazingly good test for just how bad YOUR acidosis is right now – cause if you cannot eat a few slices of bread or cake, or a heavy pasta meal, glass of wine or 2 and NOT get heartburn every time then your acidosis is already pretty bloody bad baby. And WHATEVER AGE your are, you need to ACT now.

A quick science check for you (look this up).. your blood needs to be kept in a VERY narrow range between acid and alkali (7.365 is best, slightly Alkaline) to keep you functioning, and your body knows this, knows that when your blood gets just slightly acid it will start to corrode its way through the walls of your arteries, which will kill you pretty quick. Therefore it is prepared to go to amazing lengths, with multiple mechanisms at its disposal to stop this. It will do this because the need is immediate, it has to protect itself from the huge amount of acid you have just dumped into your stomach, urgently. It will do it with no thought of the future, of the long term costs, no thought of what long term health issues it is causing, because its trying to keep your dumb ass ALIVE, right now.

So your body is going to roll out some interesting ways to do this, just a few of the main ones are listed below:

  1. Normally our bodies will try and balance the level of acid in your blood by removing it, primarily through Breathing and Urination. However if your breathing is weak and shallow the effect of this is dramatically reduced. And all the continual pissing out the acid eventually has to stop as the body needs a minimum level of hydration to keep you alive as well, so frankly neither of these methods work to well for folks today..
  2. Next the body will try and fix your blood by dumping Alkali into it, using all kind of wonderful methods to take it from other parts of your body, with my favourite being to take minerals from your bones, to effectively modify the PH of your blood. You see this a lot in healthy people but with bad diets, and they start to have all kinds of muscle and bone issues, shin splints etc.
  3. Then your body will start to suck out the acid from your blood and put it into your body fat, as your body fat is largely acid anyway. This is supposed to then be released back when you burn the fat HOWEVER if your blood is still acid then your body can’t do that. In fact your body will prioritise adding MORE fat to your ass to enable it to store more ACID. Yep, the more acid you get the harder it is to burn fat, and the easier it is to add to it.
  4. Next your body will start to dump a type of fat into your arteries to protect them from the continual peaks of acid, to line them so the acid has a hard time to burn through them. Sadly over time this builds and builds to the point that it clogs them up as there is no way for your body to monitor how thick it is, eventually restricting the blood flow, particularly to your heart, which actually Kills you, without medical intervention. See this coating of your arteries is not to do with the fat in your diet, its to do the acid in your diet, you actually need the fat.
  5. You want more..? Look it up, but really the above is already the story of ‘your’ health, is it not..

Get the picture? The story of your life is largely dominated by the state of your acidosis, therefore dealing with it and then staying on top of it is a pretty bloody good idea is it not.. But before we do that, one last thing to beware of on the left hand, about what all those nasty little bugs inside you are up to, have their day in the sun, swimming in the acid bath that is your body…

Yeast is an organism, a little creature that eats and shits its way through a lot, while living inside you. Yeast loves BREAD and BEER, and has a full party on whenever acidic crap you indulge, and can survive very well in any acid environment, to the point it actually makes that environment worse.. And yeast is SUPER BAD for you, because it causes constant low level infections which drive inflammation, muscles and joint pain, and worst of all, WORST of all constant tiredness, constant low level fatigue, robbing you of your Enthusiasm almost completely.

Be VERY clear, if you have even mild Acidosis with Candida bloom it is EXTREMELY hard to progress on the left hand path, to the point that you HAVE to fix it first.

So, do you wanna fix this? Of course you do..

With this one take some medical advice first if you have ANY health worries at all, as some of these changes can be brutal. Then focus on the 2 main systems involved, your ability to remove it day to day, AND then maintain the emergency fat storage mechanism in order to keep it all working as nature intended – these 2 systems are all you should need to use, everything else is for emergencies, and your body should never need them if you take this serious.

Yes, you can also regulate the amount of pure acid you ingest too, cut down the alcohol, bread, pasta, diary, coffee, any drugs you take, and particularly cut down or remove the amount of smoking or vaping, as they have a double negative effect on both high acid and fecking your lungs, but you don’t have to go totally Vegan. See we know on the left hand path you have to accept a shit diet and work on the systems to help you deal with it, rather than preaching holier than thou food science. Just get better at alkalising yourself, fast..

So, first best if you fix the mechanism’s that manage your daily levels of acid – breathing and hydration which I have written about elsewhere, so please read those posts again.

Then you have to purge yourself, take some time out of your normal routine and actually do a hard detox, by dumping high levels of alkali into your body to flush your body and particularly fat stores of acid build up. This will be messy at the beginning, expect full pepperoni pizza face if your diet is very bad, but if you make the time to do it once a month it will get a lot better fast.

That’s it for today… so get along to the health food shop or website buy a PH strip and do a salvia test, see how bad you are. Then take some advice and find the right detox product for you, even make your own. Only last thing is make sure you focus on oral hygiene through the detox, with extra mouth wash or even get a water flosser, as its a particularly bad spot for bacteria related to acid issues, and the reason many gifted types have major issues with their teeth…

Follow the instructions, do the work, and you will feel a 1000% better, I promise, particularly if you are over 30. However more than that, you will naturally get that energy and enthusiasm back for the left hand path you so desperately need..

Quote to end as always.. this time from a little known but incredibly gifted British Victorian woman who quietly invented feminism, a favourite author of the royalty of the time too..

‘Men who pass most comfortably through this world are those who possess good digestions and hard hearts.’ – Harriet Martineau



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