Well hey, it’s been a while, how you doing?

Yes, after an absence of several months we are back in the game, content is written and ready to go. Looking forward to it.

So, a bit of a round the houses post this one, a catch-up, answers some questions, clean up the place a little, so let’s get to it..

First, our security concerns have not gone away, and they never will, but they are managed now, and we are ok with that. I may even turn the post comments sections back on, start allowing registration again et al, moderated, of course. To note one key difference of this new era for the site is that we will have to charge (at some point) to pay the costs associated with the back-end changes we have had to make, so you may want to make the most of this while it’s free! Charging is one of the main ways to dramatically improve security sadly, so it has to be done, but we are aiming to keep it at a very moderate level.

As a consequence of this, we are going to improve the nature of the site and allow a lot more direct Q/A, plus limited one-to-one interaction and instruction. But, before we start again in this slightly different style before we move you to the next stage of all this, we have to have a bit of a recap. Indeed, we have to go back to some stuff I have written before, add some details about what is easy and hard, even classify and clarify some aspects that have clearly left a few of you confused. It’s so great to see that many of you are trying, as that, lady and gents, that willingness to ‘try’ is half the battle, but we need to understand some stuff about you better than we did, at the start…

How do I know this, you wonder..? Cause you have told me, you have reached out and complimented, asked good (and difficult) questions, even shown your particular ‘gift’ on occasion, which is frankly very cool. You have also complained, you have bitched, you have got excited, upset, even angry all for a whole host of reasons that either did not occur to me at the time, or that show you have clearly misunderstood. Indeed a big driving force for your outreach is that a lot of you are starting ‘from’ somewhere, with some form of information already, and you want to COMPARE that, to this. And that is hard, cause I don’t know you, but there are patterns, styles of approach to this that many of you are taking. I should have expected that. We can now identify (some) of those patterns, work with them a little, which is good.

You want more but need a little more confidence in our stuff, given all the other crap that is out there, and we have to figure out how to give you that, whilst making it accessible, easy…

So, if you are still wondering about reaching out but not sure? Do it. Got some bizarre story to tell about what has happened to you, about some weird-ass shit you can’t explain or talk to anyone else about? Do it. Think you knew me once and are wondering if you should reach out, after all these years? Do it. Others have, indeed, there have been some big surprises for me, from 20 years ago no less. Whatever your circumstances or backstory, there is only one way to find out, and that is to DO IT. If there is a reason to talk to you I will do, if there isn’t, then I won’t. Don’t worry about how good or bad the ‘terms’ of this may be, in terms of spirituality the ‘terms’ you perceive don’t really mean shit, morally or otherwise, as I’ve said elsewhere. Timing plays a big role in spirituality and maybe that time has come for you now. Maybe it has not, maybe it will be later, maybe it will be never. But if you want to try, even for just 1 minute today, then you should…

So, first and foremost, try not to be scared – being scared is such a sad little con that your insecure, mediocre little self plays on you, as I’ve written elsewhere, maybe use this experience to grow up a bit eh?

Now, all of this has rather proved to my liked mind friends that there actually is an audience for this real, nonreligious, ‘Agnostic’ style of spirituality for normal people. There are indeed many hundreds of you who are genuinely interested in this, perhaps driven by the current explosion of what is best to describe as the ‘Post-New Age’ movement, where particularly the sub-30s are much more open to finding an actual spiritual practice that works for them – you actually ‘want’ to get a little supernatural. But you DON’T want the help of some God, his priests, his ritual, and you DON’T want to wade through this month’s new self-help, ‘nice’, woke proof, booky wooky Guru’s ‘monetizing my fame’ style best seller.. See, their horseshit is usually based on some interview or other with someone who has a slightly more ‘spiritual profile’ in social media than they do, so they can stand on his/her platform in order to build their spiritual credentials, O. Winfrey style, whilst actually knowing ‘nothing’…

Indeed, it seems a hell of a lot of you ‘want’ to try… if you could just ‘feel it’ for a moment, hell, if you just knew how to try, really. Perhaps it’s even better to say if you could just ‘understand’ what you already feel, what is already happening to you – why the hell are you like this. Have to say, this is slightly different than we thought we were going to get.. but no matter, you live and you learn, so it’s all good.

So first of all, a very big THANK YOU for all the positive comments and interesting questions. Really made me think at times and that is good for me too – there is no real established model to follow when it comes to teaching otherwise non-spiritual people to be spiritual without a form of religion, without religious vocabulary. I answer many of your questions personally and will continue to do so, HOWEVER its seems that there is a definite list of topics that can be boiled down, that could actually be addressed as posts, (in this post and others later) cause many of these comments are in the same style, about the same basic things, again usually from some sort of comparison to other stuff that you are making.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not changing anything, but it’s clear that some of this needs to be hit again, better and harder than the first time, and frankly, some stuff needs to be isolated and explored at a much earlier stage than normal. I’m going to have to give you a ‘structured process’, instead of just ‘showing’ you the same process in every type of practice I list, the halfway house to a ‘one size fits all’ approach that I was loathed to do. But so be it.

Without further ado, here is the list, which I will do first, as a series of Awful Truth posts, in no particular sequence:

  • What is the Point of ALL Spiritual Practice – What the hell are we really doing here
  • Western Knowledge of Energy Work – Why we are obsessed with Near/Middle/Far Eastern Practises
  • The ‘Gift’ Required for Ancient Spirituality – The Curse of the Unschooled Gifted
  • Problems of Mindfulness Meditation – Why the ‘Zoning Out’ Science of Modern Mediation is Toxic
  • Spiritual Practise is Not A Hobby – You don’t know how to Learn, Why..
  • Spiritual Practise is Hard – Because you’re a Mess, Why..
  • The Guru’s of the ‘Russian’ 4th Way – The Twisted Genius of Gurdreiff and Ouspensky
  • The Real Sign and Symbols of the Ancients – Why reminders of what to do are All Around Us
  • The Myth of the Nice Guru – Why Teachers are often ‘Bad’ People

Now there is a lot above that is actually about orientating yourself correctly, because it appears that what I have said so far is not enough for some of you to find a context, and context is king in this remote learning style, context is about fixed goals and set methods.

So, my bad, I’ll take this one for the team.

Clearly, I have not gone far enough with the explanations around what the specific point of this is in terms of ‘Raising your Level of Consciousness’, to enable you to experience the supernatural in the raw, so to speak, and how you need to use your Gift to be able to do that. You need this definition to give you the clarity of purpose required to ‘try’, you need an ‘outcome’, and that is fine. I also need to be clearer about the difference between ‘trying’ to raise your level, (ie what practice actually is) and actually ‘doing’ that, plus the linked truth about the strength of complete methods of practice against the danger of slow and partial methods. Trying is a discrete process, with a beginning, a middle, and an end, that you need to learn to use over and over again in order to develop your spiritual skill set.

Please be clear, ‘Trying’ is not ‘doing’ – trying is a placeholder where you ‘discover’ the real mechanisms of doing by preparing the way, establishing a pattern as a model, using ‘imitation’ and ‘repetition’, whilst still actually faking it. ‘Trying’ is setting up a house for ‘Doing’, and inviting it in. Doing is what you do when you ‘know’ what to do, for you, and therefore no longer need to fake it, you just need to remember ‘How you did it’ – you no longer need to engage with any process that is designed to help you, to ‘try’. You just ‘Do’ from then on. Then you can take off the training wheels, remove the scaffolding – the ‘concrete’ of preparation you poured into the rough ‘mold’ of method has now dried into the actual shape of your goal, of actual ‘doing’, all by itself. You can throw the frame away now, as long as you have learned the key trick of ‘identifying the feel of the weight of the shape of correct doing’, that certain ‘something’ that instinctively feels ‘right’, when it happens or hits you a few times, as that is the correct method. The correct method for YOU… because you are Gifted.

Don’t ignore these instinctive feelings because they were not what you expected, cause you were focused on trying with a set routine, a set method, and a set goal – yes, you are ‘sitting’ in the classroom of practice and you need all 3 of those process things, but the whole point of that classroom is to graduate! These Feelings are how your gift manifests itself to you at the beginning before it turns into that higher emotion phase, before your emotions actually start to speak to you. Never delude yourself that you are ‘doing’ when you are still trying to practice, way at the back of the class by yourself, cause that’s just stupid – its the first of several big traps along this path, one of the most deadly as it happens at the start, but in many ways the easiest to avoid. However, when you first experience the difference between trying and doing, when that change of state happens, however briefly, you will never look back to your old way of learning again, as you will understand that this is the only way to fly..

Sadly MOST organized Western interpretations of Eastern spiritual techniques fall into the category of ‘trying’ to ‘perfect trying’, the method of practice actually becomes the goal and is the central reason most folks never really get anywhere, then leave and slag off spirituality forevermore, Wim Hof style.. Most people practicing by themselves end up Winging It, as most of you seem to have done… I’ll explain what this means in the x2 posts I’ll use to emphasize this process, but know if you are gifted you can start learning any new skill with TOTAL CONFIDENCE, cause when you can both ‘try correctly’ and ‘focus on’ what the result looks like in a meaningful way, then you can learn the correct way do anything. For now just know that the vague, incorrect method you practice at the beginning, where you use different approaches and styles of this ‘trying’ method, is designed to help you find the correct method of doing ‘by fortuitous accident’, so you can THEN learn to perform this action instinctively because that is how it ‘wants’ to happen. You MUST pay CLOSE attention to what happens during practice to ensure you both notice this new method of doing when it happens to you, and switch over to it quickly, as it is often totally unexpected. If you don’t change quickly you will forget it, so watch yourself like a hawk..

I am also going to add 2 topics into the mix that (it appears) you need, to introduce some things that are actually Secrets for a later date. The reason for this is that there is a substantial number of you who want ‘something to hang your hat on’, something that exists in the world of spirit at a very public level that you CAN believe in, rather than have me just rip it apart. I’d say it’s a generational thing, maybe part of you needs a balance of both right and wrong, good and bad to help you believe, to help ‘convince’ you. So, I’m going to show you just how much of the theory of the psyche, of energy work DOES exist in the history of the Western world, rather than just the Eastern, and without the death squad of the middle ages that was militant Christianity, it would still exist to this day. The folk tales, the fables, the pagan gods, the witches, it’s all there should you know what to look for, so as part of this I’m going to show you how to look at these things going forward, about how to interpret this stuff correctly. Given how ‘visual’ most of you seem to be I’m going to use the correct interpretation of ancient signs and symbols as a tool to do that.

And yes, as you can see I am going to address the Russian 4th Way question, going to address all the comments about the ‘old’ 4th Way as some of you see it, codified at the start of the 20th Century by George Ivanovich Gurdjieff in Moscow, and largely popularised by his smartest student, P.D.Ouspensky in London. More in the post but for now please be very clear – these folks did NOT INVENT the 4th Way, Gurdjieff never even called it that, he described it correctly as A 4th way, Ouspensky just liked the title for his book of The 4th way, later on. Overall their version of it is oldish, from the Near East, and is (mainly) a high art form of Gnosticism. There is no reason to think he did invent it, he actually stated ‘others’ told him this stuff, however vaguely, lapsing into the notional ‘Sages of the East’ language of his age, whilst never crediting the systems themselves. He was purposefully very strange about where he got it from and often seemed to be making it up, to suit his audience at the time.

There are many issues with this Russian 4th Way system, based both around the historical age it was written in and how it is actually taught. Many, including me, would not even agree with the way he defines the 4th way, based on the division of method type (as they always cross over) and the central mission that all of you are ‘unconscious’, and must learn to ‘be conscious’ via a particularly iterative, circuitous mental method, simply does not work for normal, happy people. Yes, the spirit of that statement is agreed by all 4th ways, but ‘raising your level’ is way better than stating you need to ‘Grow a Soul’ all the damn time, which is just the way self-styled Gurus use forced dramatic narrative for a shock effect. More later but for now let’s just say – Yes, these people knew a lot, but they REALLY did not make a success of their particular teaching system, indeed toward the end they both, for different reasons, went quite a long way to killing it, literally in Gurdjieffs’ case.

Remember also this is the 1920s and 30s in Europe, the age when the occult was at its highest point in the modern world, openly championed by many of the great and the good, the rockstars of the times, the age of Jung, the maximum influence of Madam Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner, of Nietchze, of the once all-powerful new religions that were Theosophy and the Golden Dawn, amongst many others. This is the age of the great cataloguers of the Occult, including the greatest of them all, another dark and nasty genius you have never heard of called Julius Evolva. But then Fascism came and tainted everything even remotely Esoteric, indeed the Nazis were so closely linked with the occult that any mention of it after the end of WW2 was snuffed out like a candle in the mainstream world, so it all went underground..

However, we agree that it still exerts an influence and I want to show our own willingness to change our style, in recognition that a small number of you are actually here because you have tried and failed with the Russian 4th way in the past, so I will start to use some of their terms. This is a big decision for us, but we recognize you are going to look up this stuff on the internet and (hopefully) find some of the better essays and books that are out there. Don’t expect mad little stories about the Devil crying on the side of the road cause no one has a soul to steal anymore, but I’ve always had a soft spot for ‘More God, Less Dog’, since I read it in one of his famous follower’s memoirs decades ago.

But it’s not just that, is it? See at a fundamental level I understand that for some of you this system feels more Western, even Gnostic Christian, which actually hits you better, for a whole host of historical reasons. You can’t relate to all the Mid and Far Eastern stuff, you even push back against the Indian/Chinese/Japanese systems, to Buddhism and Daoism, you can’t trust them for some reason.. You want something from closer to your own culture. Be clear, I’m not calling you racist or a xenophobe, but I am recognizing that there is a large number of Western people who don’t believe the West EVER had an energy work system, (you think we have always been Christian..?) and that stops them from trying. You are wrong and I will prove it to you.

Lastly, and I’m sorry for this, but after a lot of debate, there are several things you have asked for that are NOT going to be incorporated in this blog, for very good (if highly debatable) reasons..

Firstly, I’m not going to do the 2 last requests that were tabled for discussion as topics – the Sex ones.

Now, this is not because they are not genuinely useful questions, they are, they are actually more important than half of the list above. Be clear, repurposing your (high) sexual energy to use internally in a very controlled manner (for you high libido types), rather than waste by ‘using’ it externally, in often increasingly extreme ways, (literally pouring it down the ‘drain’) is the no1 way to make rapid progress in Spirituality. I know, sounds odd, but it’s true, so true in fact that for some of you it’s the only fecking way you can do it, the only way left to you. But there is a problem, see it is impossible to write this in my prose style without coming across as part of either some lifestyle tantric sex cult (and these days that’s just more hookup culture), or else write in a very basic, and frankly difficult-to-read technical way (in terms of biological processes, how to actually use sex in a precise, spiritual way). Yeah, I know, just icky.

See many people reading this stuff will be put off by this, because of the dominance that right-wing Protestantism still holds on our public, social morality in the West. We still think that advanced sex is a bit of a taboo, much as we are all embracing the highly sexualized worlds of LBGT culture, and everyone under 30 already lives in a world where both men and women are kinda required to live out their fantasies, either in person or on the fecking internet. Yet according to the media, we all strive to find one partner and live sterile monogamous lives, kids, pets, and all. But we don’t… half of you reading this (and yes I mean the pretty and the successful) will happily engage in Hookup culture for decades, well into your 40s, swinging way beyond your ‘right of passage’ phase, in an almost thoughtless and very casual fashion. Just so long as not too many people know though, eh?

For those who have asked privately regarding matters of sex and sexuality, I will continue to respond, but for now, there will be nothing more in terms of detail in a post format. Don’t misunderstand this, this is important, for some it’s almost the whole front end of spirituality, why you are actually here in the first place, but it cannot be addressed as a general public topic until later on. Sorry again.

Secondarily, there are a number of criticisms we are NOT going to take on board, or make any allowance for, with the big 4 as follows, excuse the grouping and paraphrasing if you recognize yourself in this stuff:

  1. Love the site but Hate the Way You Try and Put Everyone Off, Please Be A Bit More Supportive? I am supportive, this is supportive. It is a test, and it’s a hell of a lot nicer than many tests that are used on seekers in the Far East, so get used to it. You have to pass tests because you have to CHANGE, it’s that simple. I want you to pass, that why I’m helping you so much! I am routinely criticized for breaking several taboos amongst my associates, for being far too open about this and how it works. This level of help does not exist elsewhere on the internet, and even in some dim Armenian Church, some Syrian spiritual enclave, some Tibetan temple filled to overflowing, as they are these days, with European seekers, you would literally have to wait years before they told you anything useful. You know, I’m actually going to do it more now – a couple of my associates have actually accused me of going soft, ‘you got very polite since you started the blog’, they say, the chubby bastards..
  2. Stop Going On About Being Gifted, Everyone has Potential! Sorry but No, they fecking don’t, and to say they do would just be perpetuating the stereotype of the mediocre teacher, the one who wants your money, your views, your positive feedback. End of the day only about 5-10% of people can be helped in Adulthood even at a low level, and after 30 many of those have already lost too much of themselves to pull it back – bad health, bad accidents, bad lifestyle, bad drugs, kids, all take it out of you. Be clear it is not JUST about what you were born with, its about what either you or the world has done to you, over the years – you can screw this up. One more time – if you feel you are gifted, read on, if not, leave, NOW.
  3. How Do I Know If I’m Gifted, Please Tell Me!? Lol… you already know, don’t you? You already recognize some of these experiences I listed, or understand what your libido is now. This is the number 1 question asked, and sure I can tell you, MANY people who know this stuff can, but that happens when it needs to, whether it’s right at the start or when you pass a test or 2. Besides, folks like me prefer to say you have potential or you don’t – not all Gifts are the same, they fall into ‘categories of essence’, (where essence is the ‘hidden you’ lurking in the background) and some are more useful than others, in which case you are better off not to know. Look at the patterns in your life, look at your names, look at your ancestors, look at your hands, your eyes, your state of mind – its all there, plain as day.
  4. I’m a (Black/White/Asian/Indian/Other), pronouns are (male/female/LBGT+), with ancestors who are (see the previous answer), born and brought up (x places), what does that mean in terms of MY spirituality? Nothing, squat, zero.. Race (as you understand it), means nothing. See, the colour of your skin does not define your Race, your Race does not really exist. Your exact ancestors are EVERYTHING. The colour of your skin is MEANINGLESS, your sexual orientation is MEANINGLESS. Clear? What we are talking about here goes way beyond this superficial crap. HOWEVER, where you were born and bought up, the language you speak, DOES matter in so much as it structures the initial manifestation of your Gift, your Essence. Some good news for some of you though – the very best way to be is if your ancestors are from widely far apart in this world, as that tends to bring your gift to the surface early in life, much as that can also be hard. Mixed ‘race’ (better as ‘Nationality’) is a good thing in Spirituality, one of the best. The worst thing, such as it is, all your ancestors are from the same place for decades, with extended family groups going back hundreds of years, never moved, speak the same language, married locally over and over again. 2500 years ago the Jews went out of their way to ban the intermarriage of relatives for a REASON. Ancient Royalty sent their sons and daughters to marry other distant Royalty for many thousands of years, for a REASON – race, creed, orientation meant nothing to them.

Want to know a little teacher secret? At this point the ‘real’ question is this – is the Gift I feel mine, or have I borrowed it from someone/somewhere else, my partner/sibling/best friend, someone I’m obsessed with, love/hate being around, cause that is more and more common these days. What, you need a better ‘rule of thumb’? Really, ok, but only as a starter – if you are a woman you are 2 to 3 times more likely to be gifted, particularly over 30 with a high libido OR are VERY sensitive, a clean freak, a perfectionist, you have a tendency to go to extremes. If you are a man you are MUCH less likely to be gifted, you will have a tendency to be successful in a lucky way, to wander around the world a little, have an edge over others in some way, to be a bit of a bastard frankly. Yep.. society tends to ‘like’ gifted men, but it tends to ‘judge’ gifted women..

A final word or 2 before I finish for tonight…

……to all you UFO types, to all the Ancient Aliens theorists, to all the crazies and haters, to all you hidden porn spammers and PPE sellers – I don’t care. Go and play in the traffic eh? Sure, are the Americans finally going to tell us that Aliens are real, that they have been here for years? Your guess is as good as mine.. maybe go read the NASA website and you will quickly figure out that given the number and age of planets they have calculated are out there it is a statistical impossibility that we are alone in the Universe, there are other races, much older than us, out there, somewhere. Probably. Maybe be grateful that someone in the CIA decided to make a big deal of releasing the banned (not really) ‘Adam and Eve Story’ and draw all your attention to the real history of the world, the never-ending, ongoing cycle of flood myths, and why they happen. Of the power of magnetic field theory on the animal kingdom, its cycles, and history. Be grateful that a few YouTubers have actually found Atlantis out there in the African desert, go look at the Eye of the Sahara on Goggle Earth, it’s fun…. really. Why did Tower 7 of the WTC fall in 2 secs directly on its own foundations, when nothing touched it? I have not got a fecking clue, and frankly care even less. In the immortal words of Spike Lee, ‘the world is run by gangsters’, no matter who they appear to be, so better get used to it. We live in a global culture dominated by miss direction and the 2 layer con, of lying about lying to make you believe something else is true, maybe just try and see through it.

Should you care about climate change? Of course you bloody should, but just know that the gas spewing out of the Volcanos and the shift of the earth’s magnetic field is a FAR BIGGER PROBLEM than anything the fecking human race can come up with.. Fascinated by the dramatic increase in loud explosions heard all over the world, high up in the atmosphere and way out to sea, intrigued by all the random whirlwinds descending out of a clear blue sky every week, particularly in the US and UK? Don’t be, it’s a waste of time looking – they have got really good at covering up what they don’t understand now, much as some of the time they literally are just natural phenomenon.. More than anything stop deluding yourselves about the ‘goodness’ of Society, the dominance of caring capitalism – civilization has not moved on to any real degree since the fecking Roman Empire, we have the same structures of Government, of Law & Order, of the Military, the same competition between ‘nation’ states, same issues with organized criminality, the same social and family structures, enjoy the same types of entertainment, have the same goals as people and think in roughly the same manner as they did. Know as a People that nothing has really changed in 2ooo years – yep, we have better tech but really that’s kinda it, and that’s what they said about the bloody Romans, back then.. We have not even really abolished Slavery yet, in continues on as a form of indentured servitude, in service of the great God Money that we need to live.. Go and read the history of this stuff, about the huge wars you have never heard of, the superstars and the tyrants, the inventions and disasters, see the same cycles that occur on this planet over and over again. Learn something.. Overall, know that there is ALWAYS worse than even the most paranoid of you think you see today, ready to go for tomorrow, so maybe just light another cigarette and let yourself go, you really don’t want to know.

But most of all, MOST OF ALL, know that I. Don’t. Care, about that – I care about what is written on this website. So, Please, don’t look for secret codes or conspiracy theory language, it’s not there..

A friendly word of advice then – you are asking the wrong questions, focusing on the wrong things, following the same crap as everyone else, just sit back from the screen and pay attention to yourself for once, you are all ‘you’ have, and all the crap on the internet is just using your dumb ass up.. Just have a go at ‘something’, just ‘try’ – it’s later than you think and you are dead for such a very long time. Personally, I’m good, no interest thanks. Really. Zero fucks to give, seriously. Plenty of sites for you to go and play on, just not this one, OK? Please just fuck off, I’ve no problem with you, but I’ve no thoughts about it – everything you do on this site will be blocked. I make no charge for what we do, I don’t harvest the email addresses and there is zero advertising at the moment, but all of that is likely to change given the costs we are running up, so make the most of it while it lasts…

One LAST thing… if you take nothing else away from this post, please, PLEASE get out of your head now that you need to be NICE to be spiritual, that you need to be GOOD, in the Western media’s sense of it – it’s total Bullshit. You are not good, NOBODY is, because that model of good is ultimately designed for people who have surpassed their animal selves to the point they can judge good and bad in the very moment, and no longer need a coarse placeholder of rules or instructions. Good exists in real spirituality, it’s just got nothing to do with the modern Christian interpretation of it. On the lefthand path, we use the concept of ‘honor’ to guide us via our higher emotions because having some honor in your dealings with people is a far more effective set of morals than the ‘Christian/Jewish/Greek’ ones, courtesy of Moses 2nd try to get 2 big junks of Lapis Lazuli down ‘that’ mountain – Christian morality does not work in the real world, as EVERYBODY knows, including YOU. BTW – ever wondered if 1st time round Moses dropped those to 2 big ‘Sapphire Stones’ by accident or design? Cause lots of Jews do…

To repeat one last time – Spiritual engagement is a form of personal excellence and has nothing to do in essence with worshipping a God or Church, with any single tradition or school of thought. Correct engagement with spirituality will make you BETTER – smarter, luckier, happier, faster, stronger, richer, sexier, prettier, and much wiser, should you have the power within you to use on developing ‘yourself’. All religions are control structures, designed to manage your engagement with Spirituality, so they obscure it, and ultimately work to keep you away from the heart of it, keep you on the fringes. If you ‘need’ to belong to a ‘group’ pick a football team like everyone else..

Quote to end as always. Let’s modernize this aspect of the blog shall we – I get it, quoting dead people that you have never heard of or that no one really understands is a form of Intellectual Conceit, whatever size of genius they were. So, (this time) let’s just give you some pop culture, show you just how much this 4th way stuff is out there in the everyday world. No promises for the future mind, as maybe you should open an old book once in a while…

But this time maybe George Ezra’s little sing-along hit – Shotgun will help you, from a young singer whose entire career is based on singing ‘lower’ and ‘slower’ than other people, on purpose – which is awesome. Yep, some lovely 4th way references in this, either by accident or design… Everything you need to remind yourself what to do, and what it feels like encoded in this little ditty, so no harm in learning it off by heart, even just the way it makes you ‘feel’ is quite something – stick around on this site and you will eventually understand. Promise. Go watch the official lyric vid from 2018 on Youtube now, add some value to your day, maybe even try and find out where he got that nasty little scar on his forehead from, or just listen to his voice, if you like…

‘Time flies by in the YELLOW and GREEN, stick around and you’ll ‘see’ what I mean’.



P.S. Read this post a few times, those who have tell me it works better that way…


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