How To Engage Your Spiritual Power = Leg Squats

Want to start to turn that Gift into something you can use, even now, at the beginning…? Then read on, as this one is for you, this one is about realising some of the benefits of that gift in the here and now… Might give you some faith too…

So this post is one of 3 designed to help you start to get something out of your Gift in the here and now, rather than wait until the Ride has ‘refined’ you. The other 2 are a separate ‘energy lifting’ one, similar in terms of what this does but focuses on your Own congenital energies, rather than ‘harvesting’ external energies called the Root Lift. The last one is a basic energy circulation method, the Shoulder Lift, as this is the beginning of posture work. I will do the 3 big hitting methods as Secrets, ‘Fire Breathing’, ‘Water Breathing’ and the big daddy of them all, ‘Girding your Loins’ later on, as I’m not comfortable putting them up just yet, indeed I may put them behind a login screen.

Key Lesson: Something to get you focused on being a better version of yourself, on being stronger in every aspect of your life, NOW, rather than just fixing what is wrong with you (which hopefully you have done some off). And this is about spiritual exercise, about using a simple exercise to help develop your spiritual power in daily life. Indeed this is something hardcore body builders have known for years – the only exercise that matters in terms of ‘building’ power, muscle, is Leg Squats.

Yep, all exercise is good, but to be honest in terms of working out, (not Cardio, not walking), of actually working muscle groups, the mostly important is squats. Indeed Squats are the daddy of all the rest – squats make all the rest work. Working out without squats is just stupid…

Going to keep this simple, so no metaphysics, no model of our energy body or explanations of how it works. This is practical advice on what you need to do to start to make the most of your ‘gift’. However if you already know a little about Daoism then know that this is the no:1 way to lift the energy of the Earth up into your body so you can ‘create’… well anything really. Getting that ‘lifting’ mechanism to work for you, given you are gifted, won’t be that hard either..

Now, to be clear the most important thing you can do in terms of exercise is to ‘Walk’ correctly, with correct Posture, but that is a Secret for later. This is about simple, quick, routines, this is about ‘working out’ to get stronger in EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE. See, you have a choice in this life, early on, to either become a gym bunny, (actually go to the gym..), or let nature take its course, just live without ‘exercise’. And, you know what.. both are fine, AS LONG AS YOU DO SQUATS EVERY WEEK.

See Squats help connect you to the ground, specifically to the energies of the earth that create things, heal things, move things. And, given you are from the ‘Royal’ type of seekers, you are a bit of a doer, you are not much for sitting on your ass and looking out da window.. But you are probably not that much for going to the gym either, your interests lie elsewhere..

So how do I do this then, you cry… Easy, but lets take it slow, shall we… Know how to do normal squats? Bend at the knees and drop down with a straight back so they are close but not past a right angle, feet shoulder width apart, facing forward, back lifted slightly at the shoulders as you go down. Yep, normal squats.. put your hand on the wall to steady yourself if you want to, just 1 set of 20 with no weight at all is fine, but do more if you like… as long as you don’t exhaust yourself. And it will work… slowly.

But there is more.. see this is the left hand path, so we want you to go a little quicker.. well much bloody quicker actually. So, should you want to do this ‘spiritually’, if you want to turn that Gift into something you can ‘use’, then we have some guidance, and this is one of those ‘specific’ ones.

Ahhh, you say.. so these are not normal Squats then, and I don’t need to sweat.. WTF? Nope, we do spiritual squats… therefore and in fact, its better if you don’t sweat, don’t get tired. Its better if you simply and smoothly go through the movement with little effort, inhale on the way down, then exhale on the way up. Its better if you stretch.. if you stretch out, feel the stretch as you go down in your lower back, and on the way back up.

Now, that’s a nice method to get used to squats if you have never done them, but you don’t want to just stick with that do you… do them normally, get the blood moving x2 a day, morning and night, like some harmless little animal. No…. YOU want to do these correctly, you want to do squats Spirituality, so then the advice is quite specific..

First, BEFORE you do anything to do with the exercise (or any other type of ‘exercise’) you must ‘charge’ yourself up, so read that basics post again if you have not already. Do the Ride, or pick a a method you like and use both your focused attention and sensory memory to ‘load the gun’, to get in touch with your spirit, over a solid 4 or 5 mins m- you are GIFTED, USE IT!


  1. Standing up, stretch out your arms above your head, lift your lower back much as you can and extend your spine. Your arms are straight up to the sky and stretched out, with your flat palms facing the sky. so hands at right angles to your arms
  2. Now look straight up, vertically with the backs of your hands facing down at you, and bring your thumbs and first finger together, so you make a hole between your hands with just those 2 fingers touching.
  3. Stare through the hole, beyond the hole with a comfortable level of focus, preferably outside so you can stare high into the sky. Focus your eyes as small as possible, but there is no need to actually look at anything, ie examine it in your mind, just hold your eyes as still as you can.
  4. Keeping this position, head looking straight up, eyes focused through the hole between your fingers, slowly bend down into a classic squat style, you have practised as above, inhale as you go, BUT don’t go low, as it will be much harder now, 1/2 on what you did before is fine. Do this smoothly and at a comfortable speed. Pause at the bottom of the squat for a second or two as you ensure your lungs are actually full, push deep into the pit of you belly (yes, you belly has a ‘pit’ at the bottom, feel for it on inhale and you will find it easy enough.)
  5. Still looking up through the hole, push up with your legs quite forcefully, feeling the stretch as you do so, with a smooth exhale. Point yourself up at the sky like a missile, but keep your feet FLAT on the floor, as your heels are doing a lot of the real work here ANF keep your thumb and 1st finger together, if either of these separate then go slower next time until they don’t. Finish the exhale at the top, suck you lungs high into your chest… and go again.
  6. Repeat this minimum of x10 reps, and once you are used to it aim to do between x20-35 times without stopping, but not to the point you get tired.

One last thing – do this with bare feet, if you can, on a solid natural surface is ideal but hard floor is better than carpet, cause doing this through anything with rubber or plastic is going to slow down your progress, a lot.

Summary: And that is spiritual squats, the best damn exercise you will ever learn. Just keep at this, and let the energy of the earth develop over a few days before you look for changes. Is there more you can do with this, yes, are there different variations that make it more powerful, YES, can you do this an unlimited number of times to build the value of it, YES, but don’t yet. For now, just do this as above.

Depending on your level of fitness you WILL notice some changes, but I leave that for you to discover. Main one is that you may start to find it a lot easier to do stuff, to achieve things in normal life. Little things at first, but later on much bigger ones. And you will start to look better too…

Lastly, its very common for the Gifted to have joint related injuries or problems, accidents or even be slightly deformed from a young age. Feet, upper back and shoulders can be a big problem for women particularly. Lower back, knees and hips mostly for men. Reasons for this are too complex for this post however they are to do with where your gift comes from, and what else, in terms of your family line, is involved. All I would say at this point is don’t be put off by this, BE ENCOURAGED that this exercise will help with it, see it as something you need to push through, to help you get better, so stick at it. No need to hurt yourself, just do it at your own pace and style, if your movement is restricted, but please try..

Quote to end as always.. a first one from someone considered a poster boy for the left hand path, but chose to do his best work in secret, as those Freemasons tend to do…

‘Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.’ – Thomas Jefferson



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