You Can’t Meditate? – Fix Your Psoas, Connect to the Earth

Look at the picture above again… No, it’s not clickbait, its the most compelling image I have to show the inner thigh and inner hip of the human body, what Daoists call your ‘Kua’ gateway, an image that shows you the location of one of the KEY ENERGETIC PATHWAYS in your body, even more than your spine at the very start.

See THAT PATHWAY HAS TO BE OPEN, TONED AND WORKING if you want to make rapid progress passed the start, because that pathway is what connects you to the EARTH. Burn that location into your mind now, as it’s an area you need to start to feel all the bloody time, the heat and cold, the tension, the twinges of release, the shaking and coiling, AND, most importantly the RISING. And learn to worry when you can’t feel anything at all, particularly when you are practicing – see that pathway should be open naturally, BUT YOU HAVE CLOSED IT.

So, a key lesson this time, and a special ‘Quick Fix’ one at that, one of a pair together with ‘Yes, You Do NEED The Sun’, which I will do next – these are the big 2 ‘natural’ problems that most Western gifted folks have, as they deny you what YOU NEED to easily progress, whilst underscoring your continual NEED to go on pool/beach holidays. See however cheap, bland and anodyne those holidays may be, they actually do something quite magical for you – they can ‘clean and refresh’ you spiritually speaking, should you choose to spend hours ‘lying’ in the sun, walking around with bare feet, wearing very little. But, the focus on fixing these issues doesn’t exist in the classic cannon because ‘they’ did not have these issues – ALL ESTABLISHED ANCIENT SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS ORIGINATE IN VERY HOT COUNTRIES FOR A REASON. This is something you need to know to progress because of your location, your situation, your Western lifestyle – you are a creature of the modern world which is defined by the folks from Northern Latitudes, so the energies of the earth and sun are way harder to come by now… Indeed, should you be a NORMAL Westerner, you actually need special help with both of these, as it’s the fundamental reason most of you cannot meditate and you cannot ‘go against yourself’.

So, Earth first then… Why, you ask, do I need help to be fucking ‘natural’, surely I am that by just ‘existing’… before deciding to commit any of your (not so) precious little life to the rest of this post..? You are wrong, you live a VERY unnatural lifestyle, most of which does not matter, BUT connecting to the EARTH REALLY DOES MATTER, should you want to develop the gift your ancestors gave you… See, YOU SPEND YOUR LIFE SITTING DOWN INDOORS COVERED HEAD TO FOOT IN CLOTHES, and that is a bad thing for the gifted types. Yes, you may be an outdoors type, long walks with your dog and all that, BUT, as it’s been pointed out to me, it’s VERY unlikely you can sit in Full/Half Lotus position without any discomfort (if at all), even if you force yourself. Yes, you may be a Russian Yoga Bunny influencer who can pole dance up a storm, but most of you really won’t be. You will be normal, in the Western sense of it, so you will be fucked, in the Western sense of it by CHAIRS – please read the 5th secret if you have not.

BUT sitting in Full Lotus is not about ‘achieving’ a yoga posture in a set, classroom (ie pointless) way, its about connecting the pyramid of your body to the EARTH – that is the POINT of Full Lotus. See without at least the ability to do that you will be utterly hopeless at connecting to the earth, just because of what is stopping you from sitting in Full Lotus. And you really need to fix that before you start to practice for real, BUT you don’t need to do Full Lotus to achieve that fix, its just that Asian traditions use this as it’s the easiest way…

Yeah, I know, it’s not for you is it, all that Full Lotus stuff is way too serious… so I’m going to help you with that…(sorry if you actually are a yoga bunny, you could skip this post, much it might still help you if you still can’t actually do it..). So, the good news is this – you DON’T NEED TO SIT in Full Lotus to progress on the 4th way, BUT you do need to connect to the Earth in another way or rather fix what is stopping you from connecting to the Earth. See, if you fix that problem then you too will connect automatically, as you did as a kid… 

Confused? Ok then, see NO ancient tradition bothers to explain this to you cause they don’t need to (outside of hardcore Daoism) – sitting in the full Lotus RELEASES your PSOAS and hence OPENS your Kua, the gateway between your hips and legs and your spine in the Eastern sense of it, so there is really no need to explain it, its simply not a problem. These guys connected to the ground automatically, indeed they were doing it before they even started practicing, just by walking – you can’t. And in the last 50 years this has become a real mess in the West, and therefore requires special attention to fix – we have to take this way more seriously than they did even a hundred years ago. So, much as normally this topic is ‘hidden’ in others, as those other topics, posture, walking, girding your loins even can achieve this over time, YOU are going to need help to do this. The ancient stuff won’t be enough, your chair addiction is fundamentally stopping you from connecting to the ground, so I have taken the rather big decision to introduce this now, as a special case trip, so you don’t fail out at the beginning like a Russian 4th wayer, who is missing all the other stuff you need to do…

But there is a problem with this, doing it this early, as you need to first understand that if you don’t ‘connect to the ground’ your ability to improve your mental state requires a huge amount of effort that you cannot maintain, and secondarily you need to become aware of what is our first proper supernatural process before you got much in the way of proof that any of this is real. Yep, this discussion requires you to suspend your disbelief and understand the HUGE benefit of grounding, which has got little or nothing to do with the common English use of the phrase, as these days it means totally different things in different national traditions, eg anyone for Baseball? Grounding means to EMPOWER YOUR MIND, in the 4th Way, specifically empower your WILL by DRAWING UP THE ABUNDANT ENERGY OF THE EARTH into your body ALL THE TIME, WITH EVERY STEP YOU TAKE.

Before we start, you should know this – a core reason I have done this as a separate post ‘off line’ from the main secrets is that releasing your PSOAS has become a little cottage industry on the internet and as such is a TOTAL BLOODY MESS. Worse, much of the advice you are given is from Physiotherapists, folks who are trying to reduce your lower back/hip pain by simple ballistic ‘lunge’ type stretching. Be clear right now – YOU CAN FUCKING NOT RELEASE YOUR PSOAS THIS WAY, IT WILL ACTUALLY MAKE IT WORSE. Those techniques simply reduce the pain of tightness temporarily but make it come back way worse after some more excessive sitting episodes, BECAUSE THEY STRETCH THE WRONG BLOODY END. They don’t deal with the cause, like so much other Western medicine that fails you in this way, see PSOAS ALWAYS TIGHTEN UP AT THE CONNECTION TO YOUR BACK AT THE START, NOT YOUR LEGS/KNEES, THEY MUST BE RELEASED IN YOUR LOWER BACK FOR A FIX. The way you do this is Ancient, it’s simple and these days there is even cheap equipment to help you do it (in reverse) with NO EFFORT AT ALL, so you don’t even have to worry about the perfect form you need for Yoga Asanas to work. Got that?

Key Lesson: Using the energy of the earth is a fundamental part of spiritual practice on all traditions but is ignored by many as you don’t need to know anything or do anything special SHOULD YOU HAVE PERFECT POSTURE. All you have to do is create any kind of energetic vacuum on exhale and it will work by itself. But that is not you, you have been fucked over by Chairs, so your posture is crap, which means your connection to the earth is crap – you are unstable, unreliable, unhappy, moody, indecisive, overthinking every little bloody thing that matters to you, for no other reason than you lack the willpower to stop doing it, even though you know its a bloody curse. Good news – we can fix all of that by grounding you, making your spirit work like its supposed to, so you can practice, you can meditate BECAUSE YOU ARE CONNECTED TO THE EARTH, and no longer live out your life are a sequence of ohh so boring, repetitive fantasies that GO NOWHERE but downhill. So, for once, let’s try and turn your direction upwards shall we, change is as good as a rest, they say…

Right, the core of this post is a ‘How to…’ so I’m not going to do the death by Daoism bit of explaining meridians and energy centers, just trust me on this. I’m going to explain how to fix this issue IN DETAIL, not so much what it is but what you need to do. I’m also not going to explain how you use forced lifting of this energy to give yourself a temporary boost, that is the girding your loins secret that this is part off. To see this post as preparation for that secret is the correct approach, just a lot more detailed than I would there as it would be even longer than my already famously long posts. This is something you can do now, in line with the posture and attention work, as it is both related and well-matched in style, much as it’s a completely different spiritual mechanism.

So first, know that the PSOAS is not one muscle, its not even one ‘group’ of muscles, it’s a collection of VERY complicated muscles and tissues that connect your lower back, hips and legs together – look them up if you want the medical names, I use PSOAS for all of them. The central connection at your spine is a ‘sail’ type design that connects progressive strands of these muscles between your knees, legs, hips and up your lower back, one after the other, looks like a simple suspension bridge designed with one pillar, holding it all up, stopping before your ribcage starts, which is why your lower back looks totally different than your upper back, slightly convex. In that way it is the actual chassis of the car that is your body, what holds it all together and allows it to work to the same level of its own health. Yep, your performance physically in this world is dominated by this group of muscles, which together with your Ass and Abs make up your core group of muscles. And yes (again) your Ass is part of this group, see your Ass does the opposite of your PSOAS, and having good tone in your glutes is just as important as having free and flexible PSOAS – without good butt tone and strength it is VERY DIFFICULT TO MAINTAIN FREE PSOAS. Remember this, your Ass and your PSOAS are a matched pair, to have a good one or the other you need both of them to be good – frankly, if your glutes are weak then your psoas will be even worse.

Second, chairs fuck all these muscle groups, your PSOAS, your Abs, your Ass, weakening them, spreading some, shortening others, dissolving the tone and the spring that should be there. This goes on and on to the point that later in life they will stop working altogether, you will be locked in one or two different postures because they can no longer move. You will be perm hunched over, old and decrepit, desperate to sit back down in that same chair that has fucked you – the chair has won, you are a cripple now, you are done. Won’t go on about this but read the 5th secret again if you need to hear it again, honestly I suspect you do, you need to hear that chairs are EVIL.

Ahh.. ok, you want to know ‘how’ bad are your PSOAS and related muscle groups, how tight are they. OK, lie down flat on your back and let your feet fall out to the side. If your PSOAS’s are perfect your feet will touch the bed with your little toe – yep, they will rotate totally outward, at 90′ to your hips, pointing out to the sides. If you can do that without ANY effort or force, you probably don’t need to do these exercises. Anything else and you need to do them, but so you know most people’s feet won’t go past 45′, even with force, you simply cannot get them down to the bed. Be aware that most people’s dominant side is worse than the other, right is worse than left. The second way, lie flat on a hard floor and put your hand under your lower back, can you move it up and down between the floor and your lower back anywhere? Your PSOAS are tight even if it just fits, so it’s time to do the exercises baby. Redo this test the more you progress, as your lower back will start to ‘lower’, as your PSOAS stop pulling it off the floor, as they release. You can even simulate this if you want, simply pull your thighs up at right angles to your body and feel your lower back go flat against the floor, no trouble, because you have removed the pull ‘down’ of your legs on your PSOAS, which through the pivot of your hips removes the pull ‘up’ of your PSOAS on your lower back, your back can relax back down now. Don’t get too obsessed with measurement, these checks are indicative and should be used to show change, and improvement, rather than absolutes – everyone is different, so don’t waste your time comparing. Got it?

So what to do… yes, the posture stuff will work, high back, walking as an exercise, hopefully this has already helped loads, got your feet to point forward, got your knees inline, got you leaning back, which is actually standing up straight without hunching forward. But you need more than that now – posture is about your ‘high’ spine, we need to fix your hips now – WE NEED TO OPEN YOUR HIPS SO YOU CONNECT WITH THE EARTH, AND THEN WE NEED TO JOIN IT ALL TOGETHER. Posture work is not strong enough to fix you PSOAS that fast (unless you are really determined), so this post is going to separate the rest out and focus on it entirely, for those who really need it, and that is most of you. We are going to focus on releasing your PSOAS, strengthening your Abs, and toning your Ass, with simple movements that work on each area AT THE SAMETIME. Clever eh, those ancients, knew what they were doing and could not even rip it off the internet.. gotta love the class of that. But just to help you some more, I’m going to break it down, give you the ability to focus on the bits that you personally may have more of an issue with, as everyone is different, then add the bit at the end that starts to connect to the earth, which is the whole point. Just a taste of that this time though, rest of it is in the Gird Your Loins secret, ok?

Therefore what follows is broken into 3 parts:

  1. Single catch-all exercise that focuses on releasing your PSOAS correctly AND toning your abs and glutes,
  2. 3 separate exercises that focus on the 3 separate body parts individually, can be done INSTEAD OF THE ABOVE OR TOGETHER
  3. Single longer-term cardio-style exercise that pulls it all together, and starts to draw up the earth’s energy.

These exercises are specialist stuff that needs isolation and isometric tension, so should be done as a form of exercising BUT WITHOUT WEIGHT, ie in moderation, not all the time – it depends how fit you are, how strong you are.

Before I list them, you are required to read this: All of what follows requires a basic level of health and fitness. You don’t need to be a Gym bunny but you cannot be ill, you cannot be in pain, and you cannot have back problems to a level that you are already seeing a doctor or should be. GET MEDICAL ATTENTION if you have substantial back pain, DO NOT DO ANY OF THIS IF YOU HAVE HAD ANY TYPE OF SURGERY ON YOU BACK. Take it easy, take it slow and pace yourself, your back is very hard to fix, what follows is designed to help with bad sitting habits, it is not any type of intervention.

1. The main exercise for PSOAS is the Cobra yoga asana, done to 100% perfect form – please feel free to look it up on YouTube, there are some great US teachers and some rank amateurs, much as you MUST USE CORRECT FORM. Basic hints below, but find a highly rated teacher on the net and do it, chose the Eastern style, not some beginners/western style crap – do the FULL VERSION.

Be clear, the Cobra is not one position, it’s 2 – you start with the inverted ‘V’, before swinging down into the Cobra proper, otherwise you do not get the benefit of the change which is what works on all 3 groups, NOT JUST YOUR PSOAS. All else I will say is that you need to work up to the pose correctly by always keeping your hips ‘lightly’ on the ground in the arch back aspect of the pose. Do not lift your hips up in order to just arch your upper back more, that is pointless. The key part of the movement is to arch your lower back, further and further, so only go up on your arms to the point that your hips start to lift, focus on arching your lower back to keep them on the floor, some even push their hips into the floor when you get very good at it. This ONLY stretches the part of the PSOAS that connects your back and your hips, (what you want) instead of all the useless exercises that stretch your PSOAS between your legs and your hips (don’t want), doing nothing for your back. Understand, what stops your lower back arching is your PSOAS pulling it down to your hips, they have to release to do it, got that? Do 10-20 reps at a go, but the focus is on the lower back arch at the end, so you will need to hold that for 5s at a time for it to bite WITH YOUR HIPS TOUCHING THE FLOOR.

2. The 3 Separate Exercises, one each body part, are used because they match each other in movement type:

a. Releasing your PSOAS

So, yoga asanas too hard for you? thought so, you need to be spoon-fed, make it easy, so there is a way to do it in reverse that works MUCH QUICKER, as it works in reverse. You can buy a lower back stretcher off Amazon for a few bucks, and use it twice a day for 5-10mins, progressively raising its height until you get the (often) quick release in your PSOAS – you will know when it happens, I’m told it feels like a tight dress popping open at the back. It’s so effective it’s slightly ridiculous frankly, and all the effort is done by your body weight. Use your breath to help you release the tension, breathe in curling your hips slightly upward off the frame, before dropping back onto the frame with a rapid exhale and going ‘weak’ – often works on the 3rd or 4th try. Be clear this does not really work on your Abs or Ass, but it will release your PSOAS. If this is your preferred method, you will need to do the other exercises below. Lastly, stay away from Yoga balls and wheels, that shit is for serious yoga bunnies who can take more pain than you can, for beginners that stuff is dangerous.

b. Standing Ab Curl

Ab curls in all their many forms and types are the ONLY way you should work on your abs, everything else can build muscle incorrectly, which you really don’t want. So no weight, this is isometric, just increasing force and repetition is all it takes, standing, walking however you like – this exercise is a numbers game. Focus on your lower abs, rock your upper hips back and pull your pelvic floor up, rolling them together, while sharply pulling your lower abs UP (first) and IN slightly later – its a 2 phase pulse you are looking for, then add a final sharp ‘wrap around’ crunch of all into your spine at the end. Take a full second for all of it at the start of the learning process, then speed up as you like later BUT KEEP THE FORM. Use your glutes too with the curl under with a crunch type motion if you like, for double bubble, but focus on your abs doing the most work, glutes is below. The trick is to drop into a slight crouch by ‘hollowing’ your belly as you start, curling around it, so back at the top and up at the bottom, as this will ‘reset’ your abs to be much tighter naturally, as they are supposed to be. There is more to your abs than just the visible muscle wall, there are muscles behind them that you need to use FIRST, and ONLY tense the muscle wall at the end of the movement, hard as you can with 2-3s hold – it should burn like hell after 3 or 4 reps.

c. Glutes Hip Thrust

Old school this one, but still the best, no weight required, best done on the edge of the bed. So, lie on the bed, legs off the side, lower legs bent at right angles down to the floor, edge of the bed under your mid back so you are comfy. Drop your hips low and then use your glute to thrust them back up, going beyond your starting point as high as you can, really pull your ass cheeks in, hold for up to 5s with a tight ass and then repeat, x20, then rest and another 2 sets of x20. Yep, this is isometrics again, no barbell across your hips required, but should you want to be a tennis or football player feel free to do so. Remember to go high at the top, as that will help your upper back too, but don’t strain it, this is about your glutes. The trick is to tense your Ass AND your pelvic floor BEFORE thrusting up, feel that rotation of your pelvis as it force’s those muscles to do the work. And yep, I know… ‘its the pelvic thrusts…. that really drive them insane’… (…).

3. The cardio posture exercise, to pull it all together:

I have mentioned this already in the 5th secret of posture work, in passing, it’s the walking on tiptoes with a high back, as much as you can with bare feet. However, we need to start to do this correctly now, as this is the introduction to learning how to Gird Your Loins, all the time. So, you lift your back high, come up high on your toes and then take a couple of quick steps forward and stop suddenly. You will notice that you have to tuck in your abs to do that, concave your stomach slightly and curl the base of your spine under, which is exactly what we are looking for. Hold that pose, then walk forward again, get used to it, because that is what you need to do all the time – you will find you have to pull the top of your hips back slightly to do it comfortably, which again is what you want – your tight PSOAS have pulled your hips forward at the top, you need to use this curl back method to fix this.

This next stage of spiritual walking is INCREDIBLY good for your body as well as your Gift, learn to love it, and it will love you back. Do keep the tension in your abs, and over time, try and hold some tension in your glutes too, gets easier the more you TRY. Try and walk around like this all the time, gets used to tucking your tail under, hips backward rotation, and tightening up your whole pelvic floor as you do, its so beneficial to your overall health it cannot be understated. This exercise will both keep you young and turn back the clock for anyone over 30, you will start to get some natural spring back in your body, some bounce, it’s awesome. As a brief starter for 10 into this secret walking, try and SLIDE YOUR FEET ALONG THE FLOOR, WITHOUT LIFTING THEM, WITHOUT LOSING CONTACT, for 5-10mins at a time. You don’t have to walk anywhere, just keep your toes on the floor as much as you can, and feel what happens when you deep exhale, feel the calmness of it, and the ‘power over yourself’ under that calmness of it, in what they (used to) call your soul.

So the wash-up…

  • Get used to these exercises regularly, but slowly, its not a competition, you are doing this for spiritual purposes. The fact that you will start to look a damn sight better is a bonus but not the point. Do not include this in a normal gym workout, do it offline. See it, if you must, as a form of shaping exercises, as a way to increase the tone of your body, even to get ripped, BUT NOT TO BULK UP. ALL Bulk, muscle or fat is a hindrance in spiritual terms, you should avoid it – all skinny people are naturally more spiritual than heavy folks, all bulk is ultimately a form of ‘sedation’ or ‘coping’, and will stop you ‘feeling it’.
  • If you don’t do any exercise at all at the moment then you can BUILD A QUICK ROUTINE AROUND 1 & 2 or just 2. However, there are only 2 other exercises to add: Squats at the beginning; and Press Ups at the end. You do both of these spiritually, not for bulk or ‘to failure’, you must focus on form. Squats I have detailed elsewhere so read that post again. Press-ups, should be able to do them are done gently, slowly, with low reps per set, ie x5-10, no more the x3 sets. If you can’t do them – use the stairs, so feet on the lowest step then go up 4 stairs and do them at an angle, and over time lower that angle by coming down the stairs, one step at a time, feet on the floor. If you still can’t do them at that angle then you should consider getting some medical help for weight loss.
  • Many of you will have problems with your shoulders, raised by keyboard work all the way to mild deformity from childhood trauma, even accidents. Stick at these exercises, if you are gifted its the no 1 way to get them down, so try and focus on walking on tiptoes, holding your hands together behind your back. Bounce up and down off your heels, shock them a little, while rolling them back. If you are a frustrated dancer at heart do a little ‘jig’ on the spot, in the river dance sense of it, even what da kids call shuffle dancing these days is an excellent way to shake your shoulders up. If you don’t get your shoulders down with a high libido you will NEVER be able to stop the manic episodes that dominate so much of your current life, SO TRY.
  • When you start to get somewhere with your PSOAS, you will find a lot of relaxing type sensations start to happen BY THEMSELVES, what the Daoists call the process of Sung, the removal of any and all tension, physically, mentally, emotionally. This takes a while to kick in at a high level but is a life-changing experience and one which should not be underrated for the serious seeker. You will change, and that is what this is all about. Focus on using that change to fix stuff, to making progress with difficult situations, with facing your fears and doing it anyway. That is part of the process of change, just do it gently, quietly, calmly, do it like it’s nothing, and don’t be a slave to guilt or obligation – that was then and this is now. Things change BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO, and you have to as well, don’t be sad about it. The very best use of this change is to spend time with ‘yourself’, rather than changing everything outside of yourself too quickly, start to work on yourself, as you will undoubtedly be a mess OUT OF HABITUAL REACTIONS to external conditions.
  • However, one physical side effect of releasing your PSOAS is that it affects a lot of other aspects of your body that also store tension, build it up over the years. This is really a separate post but for now, understand that your Viscera, the layers of fibrous sack/membrane that keep all your muscles and organs in place gets pulled about a lot in your life, and tends to get very distorted by bad posture. For example, you will see folks at the gym with muscles out of alignment say on their abs, one side higher than the other, which is to do with a distorted viscera – the membrane is being pulled up somewhere else and that moves things about. This can cause massive amounts of tension/pain in your body when it gets bad, but most of you just get a reduced range of motion and get used to any pain very quickly, so you ignore it. The important bit is your body ‘should’ all be connected together, so when you start to do that via releasing your PSOAS you may find other new tensions appear, much as they have always been there, typically ‘pulls’ in your feet and knees, often on the sides. These can be stretched out or will go in time, they are a sign of progress not problems.
  • Should you need some further proof of this in common experience be aware that there are MANY old English idioms that refer to legs and knees in relation to emotional, energetic states you are driving, ‘your knees knocking’, ‘going weak at the knees’ etc. These directly relate to energetic flow in your legs happening naturally, particularly in extreme or high drama situations, particularly in relation to other people who you have ‘focused on you’, emotionally. This pathway in the body, like other vulnerable ones in the Neck (‘pain in the neck’) can be activated in other ways, not related to the energy of the earth. Over time they become ‘corrupted’ by this replacement source, so you become more vulnerable to this false effect. If you have ever experienced these feelings in relation to different situations THEN IT IS A REALLY GOOD IDEA TO FOCUS ON THESE EXERCISES AS A PRIORITY, as those pathways are open already, but are NOT WORKING correctly, with the correct energy – it is a ‘false’ feeling caused by External Conditions. You NEED TO FIX THAT by using the energy of the earth to protect you from random crap like this, because that crap will lead you astray if you don’t, AND it will be a much quicker result overall – you are actually quite lucky to have it.
  • Lastly, it is very common to get some type of VERY noticeable experience when you release your PSOAS AND maintain that release in everyday life. Some even get sexual type feelings in their inner thighs and hips (as the feeling of ‘good sense’ after good sex is the closest some already get, but via different energy), but with most, it is simply the feeling of heat rising. Those feelings are an incredibly good sign, be happy! If however you get twinges, pains, soreness, don’t worry, you may have a lot of rubbish to clear out, and that may take a while, just be wary of regular sharp pains when exercising, as this may suggest you have other problems.  The energy of the earth has a powerful effect when it starts to work all the time, it is very CLEANSING amongst other things, and for some, a healing crisis or 2 is very necessary, just not that much fun.

One last (optional) bit, for the brave amongst you who are getting into this – using this posture you can do some DIY Spine Traction. This is a speedup, a fast track, as some of the larger muscle groups in your back need some force to unload, like a back quack who ‘cracks you’, just without having to pay them. This works mostly on your upper back, but for us the key BENEFIT IS THAT IT JOINS YOUR UPPER AND LOWER BACK TOGETHER, and in that way DRAMATICALLY SPEEDS UP YOUR PROGRESS.

Not for the faint-hearted and you need to do it correctly or not at all, but again incredibly beneficial. If you are nervous at all the other way to do this is to hang upside down by your feet, much as the blood flow to the head is an issue for many, its a safer way to unload your spine, and can be done for many mins at a time. So, remember to do this correctly, so you start VERY SLOW – so do the high back tiptoe pose, then you can pulse traction through your spine by lifting your high back briefly higher AND dropping your heels at the same time, and I mean EXACTLY the same time. Do it slow to start, practice the timing, slow and smooth. If you are like most people you will first feel a pull on your shoulders down and back, as they are raised from keyboard work, but over time you will feel a lengthening of your whole spine. BE CAREFUL, HOWEVER – the no1 way you get this wrong is having your hips tilted forward at the top still, which will cause a sharp tension in your mid-back when you apply the traction. THIS IS A SIGN YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. You must start to gird your loins and tilt your upper hips backward, as the bottom is pulled under, tucked into its natural position before chairs fucked your pelvic floor. If you cannot stop that mid-back twinge then STOP DOING TRACTION, until you can tuck it under. This issue shows your back is very out of alignment, and you need to reposition your pelvis more effectively than you can do at the moment, stick to the walking and exercises.

To end now, as want to keep this short as it’s a bridge between the 2 secrets of Posture and Girding – do not underestimate how effective all this stuff is, do not see it as mild posture work or cosmetic fix, to look a bit better. This is EXTREMELY powerful, and for the high libidos amongst you will have a very pronounced effect on many aspects of your life. I have separated this out to help many of you get better faster, so you can have some faith in this stuff. It is no fun getting old and it is no fun being broken, mentally, physically, emotionally, so here is a good cure to all that, simple and easy – trust me it’s way better than the alternative many of you are looking at…

Quote to end as always, from one of the greatest US abolitionists who ever lived and whom you have never heard of, a liberal superhero while still being what today we would call a man’s man. Not my favorite of his, that’s the ‘3 boxes’, but excellent nonetheless.

‘I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.’ – Frederick Douglass




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