Lethargy is a Symptom of Parasites – Stop Trying to be Liked..

Feeling a little tired today then, wanna sit down and do nothing?

So read this while you still have the strength left too – it may help explain why…

See every day, you waste yourself a little more, and every day the cost gets a little higher, so you get a little ‘older’, because you are LEAKING, and that ages you in every sense of the word, but WORSE – it attracts PARASITES. See Parasites are the real reason you are LETHARGIC ALL THE TIME – one of the greatest curses of the modern age – your natural vim and vigor as a child has gone, yet you are still young and there is nothing wrong with you.

See, you are getting slower, dumber, duller, uglier, all whilst not having a clue what to do about it, you even lack the energy to try to fix it even though you KNOW what is happening at an instinctive level – YOU HAVE BECOME LETHARGIC.

Whatever any friend or health professional tells you, being Lethargic for no reason is NOT NATURAL, it is a symptom of something else, something bad. See, you can never stop leaking itself, that’s normal – leaking is living, but you CAN stop parasites, indeed you HAVE to. Parasites will NEVER stop feeding on your ‘leaks’ until you are dead, opening up those taps so your gift literally drains out of you…

Now lethargy is a VERY old Greek word we have via French Latin that actually means – ‘inactive through forgetfulness caused by a hidden reason’. Get that, it means something in the black felt background of life is ‘eating you’, and over time lethargy becomes a habit YOU ACCEPT – hell you are just tired and need to relax, do some more of those negative behaviors, that make you even more lethargic.. get it? It’s a negative feedback loop, it’s bloody deadly – it’s so deadly that toward the end you will be so drained it will even take your ability to ‘think’, to remember who and where you are. It will take your consciousness in time, even your sense of yourself.

Lethargy is the beginning of a slow unpleasant death for the gifted. Worse it will ‘show’ on you – yep, old wives tale or not, the state of your soul starts to show on your face from your late 20s, should you be gifted. If you do nothing then the very troubled amongst you will end up looking like fairy tale monsters, no matter how pretty you start out as, and that’s just too sad.  

I know – it’s hard to believe that the number 1 reason you, with all your amazing ancestral gifts, do not feel more energetic, more spiritual is actually your loss of ‘yourself’, your GIFT every day VIA PARASITES, but it’s true. This pointless loss turns you from something pretty special into something pretty nasty. You become ‘repulsive’ in a spiritual sense, indeed over time you become covered in Parasites, which some of us can sense, even ‘see’ – you actually become repellant instinctively to other gifted folks as you have a bad ‘taste’ or ‘smell’ at a spiritual level, which can be overpowering up close.

Even worse than that, eventually YOU MAY ACTUALLY BECOME A PARASITE yourself to survive in a symbiotic sense, you actually have to engage in Parasitic behaviors to keep going.. it becomes a ‘food chain’. But don’t relax.. it may not be your fault, but it is your problem. And it’s a big one. 

But there is hope, real, absolutely genius hope written down long ago and far away by the ancient Daoists no less, hope that WORKS. See this Parasite thing is VERY common amongst the unschooled gifted of the world, it’s SO common you could almost call it a ‘rite of passage’ – you sort of have to go through it. Teachers like me even use it to actually spot the unschooled but highly gifted, its one of the biggest tells there is, cause it’s almost a guarantee. But… be SUPER clear here, BEING a happy, usually repeat PARASITE in yourself is NOT what I mean – the Gifted ATTRACT Parasites, they only start to ACT like one to survive, only nasty little animals are parasites in themselves, driven via the taste of the ‘magic of it’. The Gifted on the other hand usually hate themselves for it, in their more ‘Reflective’ moments, should they still have any…  

Now, this is a longer, sharper Post designed to get you to ACT. NOW. Yes, you are special, gifted, but you won’t be much longer if you keep doing this stupid shit… So never feel a moment’s hesitation in killing parasites, of all and any kind, because once they become established in your life it really is ‘you or them’. So the trick to dealing with them is not only to ‘smoke out’ the ones you already have but immediately dispose of any new ones that come into your life. If you don’t they will just keep coming, cause they ‘sense’ the ones that are already there, they sense that you are already a victim, that you ‘accept’ being a victim, you are so stupid you actually think there is some benefit to being a victim, you think getting them to ‘like you’ by keeping them happy is the best way, the only way you know how to deal with this..

It’s not – you are being CONNED, that way is the road to your very own personal hell. But for now, to focus your motivation for the rest of this post, know this – whenever you engage with a parasitic behavior whatever else you are doing will FAIL in some way – see all that ‘Being’ you ‘should’ be directing at what you are actually doing, that you NEED FOR that activity you are ‘willing’ to succeed, actually goes to the parasite instead, because parasites ‘weaken you in the moment of action’. That’s why parasites love the big moments in your life, even if you don’t recognize them, as so much more of your valuable ‘effort’ is waiting there, all nicely packaged and ready to be hoovered up by the greedy little bastards…   

Key Lesson – You need to become aware and get rid of as many Parasites in your inner and outer life as you can, period. All this spiritual work you are going to do is going to go way faster and way better if you simply start to snuff out what is eating you already are a priority – you may already have so many parasites that it will feel amazing to get shot of them, make a huge difference to your life too. Yes, parasitic thought-forms become an external reality once they are strong enough through emotional repetition, it is a key indicator. Your parasites are ALWAYS in you at the start, before they grow to dominate your life in many ways, but it’s important NOT to identify with your Parasites – they are NOT you, they are ON YOU. Be clear – YOU leak, do everything from stupid little habits to full-blown self-destructive crap but it’s the Parasite that makes those leaks routine, ‘normal’, make them disappear, unconscious. It’s your parasites that scream at you for more, that fight you when you try and stop, that threaten you when you decide to stop. Make the change – without them, changing your life would be child’s play, with them it becomes a pointless descent into mediocrity.     

This is a Key Lesson for the Gifted only, one that everyone one of us has needed at some time or another. See, I’m STILL not going to develop you but it is time to start to ‘husband’ your Gift, look after it a little, conserve yourself.. You do this starting to get rid of what is depleting you all the time, what is sucking the life out of you, making you dumber, while at the same time starting to protect yourself from the same shit happening to you over and over. It’s wise to put it in your mind now, as some find them the most difficult aspect of this spiritual stuff, as it’s just too hard for you…’you’ are just too NICE.

Later in this post, I’ll help you with the top 3 Saviours of your Gift that help against parasites: engaging with Groups of Gifted People, Cleanliness, and Novelty. These are major lifelong activities that you will come to understand intuitively once you start in earnest. 

Now before we start know this about Parasites, the most important thing to remember – All parasites, in whatever form you choose to identify them, are about CONTROL, they actively try and control you, manipulate you to get what they want. Whatever the approach they use or ‘end game’ behavior they want from you is, ultimately THEY MUST CONTROL you to achieve it. When you have parasites, when you are infected by them, you must SUBMIT to this control for it work for ‘them’, you must go along with it. Over time the CONTROL they have over you is all they need, it BECOMES THEIR END GAME – you become a ‘puppet’. If they DON’T TRY AND CONTROL YOU IT VERY UNLIKELY THEY ARE A PARASITE. 

No one voluntarily submits to being controlled for no reason, for no benefit, so the 2nd most important thing to know about Parasites is they use DECEIT, they use LIES, and they USE FEAR to achieve that level of control. This is usually based on representing either themselves or the approach or the end game activity of the parasite as being of BENEFIT to you. IT NEVER IS, it is always a con. TO BE CONTROLLED IS TO BE FED ON, TO BE A FORM OF FOOD, it is a process that eats you.  

And to make the above work they must be invisible, so know the 3rd most important thing – they must disappear – your parasites have to hide in your mind, in your life, behind other things, behind genuine real things, things you think are GOOD in some way, by appearing to be like them or by being totally unconscious. Parasites are here for the long term, you have them for LIFE, so they get very comfortable, they must create this false SPACE to exist, a false part of you, of your personality which is NOT YOU. And once that space exists it attracts OTHER PARASITES. In an almost literal way, they construct a whole other building on the side of the house that is you, and fill it will cool stuff, so their friends will come, as this also strengthens them, helps protect them – they will work as a team, so if one can’t get you today another one will step in.   

But worse, much, MUCH worse is this, the reason parasites are SO BAD for the gifted – OVERTIME ‘YOU’ BECOME ADDICTED TO BEING CONTROLLED. You like it, want it, you think it’s special. It’s not, BEING CONTROLLED IS DEATH ITSELF – parasites are the No 1 reason you are denied the power of your gift, that you cannot use it yourself, other things are taking it from you, STEALING IT. In the New Testament sense of it, Parasites are the ‘Thief in the Night’, the dark of your unconsciousness, of your habits and addictions. See, your desire to be controlled is not ‘you’ anymore, it’s the parasite pretending to be ‘you’ – it has ‘won’, you can no longer step back and ‘see it’ anymore. This is the goal of all parasites, to be so deeply embedded in your EGO you believe they are ‘you’. 

Until, of course, someone comes along and explains this to you, then you can try to ‘go against it’, to stop ‘loving it’ because of the temporary ‘way it makes me feel’, to realize that is a con job. See, ‘you’ don’t actually EVEN feel that way, ‘it’ does… what you feel is its happiness at being ‘satisfied’. Yep, your Parasites are REALLY NOT YOU, but they can do a damn good impression of you, not that it is perfect of course. You can stop them when you know how, through seeing either the fake value they pretend to add or the fake pain they pretend to remove, which both end up simply in the feeling of relief they have temporarily stopped controlling you in some way, primarily the removal of the fake fear that is ‘anxiety’.

Now I know that it is VERY HARD for you to get this intuitively – to accept it, as most folks consider their bad habits and addictions to be ‘weaknesses of character’, mistakes even, ‘hell they are my happy place, everything else is so boring’, you say. So know that they create that – normal life is NOT BORING for the gifted, it is a con job that is being ‘done’ to you. They are independent entities that have got ‘inside you’, connected up to some of your fundamental systems, and can now deeply affect your experience of the world through your senses and emotions. They can control you BUT they are not you. And you know this. See it is VERY COMMON for the gifted to hate themselves for doing something they now consider ‘disgusting’ JUST AFTER YOU HAVE SATISFIED THE ADDICTION. To not even recognize yourself, the person who wanted that as, temporarily, that artificial control has gone, the parasite is asleep so no longer cares what you do for now. That ONLY HAPPENS WITH PARASITIC BEHAVIOURS, it does not happen with anything else, and is one of the core ways to know, for certain it’s a parasite.    

Anything that tries to control you in this way is A PARASITE, and you must learn to spot this, initially in your own mind, in your feelings, in your thought processes. Fighting you parasites is ALWAYS ABOUT NOT SUBMITTING TO THEM ANYMORE – TO BECOME AWARE AND THEN STOP THE CONTROL. However, you have to stop this by changing your attitude toward them, because previously you have given yourself to them like it is nothing, you have done it automatically, out of habit, out of just being a fool, cause no one told you this at school…

The number 1 way this happens to you, the way they get to you, is by being NICE. So let’s start a BIG THING on the left-hand path – next time someone calls you NICE, kind, special, punch them in the face – they have just called you a ‘harmless fool’. Remember this – its fine to ACT nice for this reason, for that time, hell everyone has a life… however BEING nice is the kiss of death, so never let NICE be where you ‘live’, your character, what others expect from you, who you are, cause then you are a doormat, for every little rat to come and piss on.

See ‘they’ know you are ONLY being nice because you are weak and unable to defend yourself (even though you are blissfully unaware of that as you have been brainwashed by society), you have to be nice cause you don’t know how to defend yourself. BEING NICE as an attitude to life MEANS YOU ARE VULNERABLE to parasites because you ‘go along’ with their crap, you accept what is said and done at ‘face value’, you welcome it in because you TRUST IT, instead of testing it, being suspicious of it, and looking at what is behind it. See, being NICE ACTUALLY MEANS YOU ACCEPT EVERYTHING ON THE BASIS THAT IT IS GOOD because Society has bred you to believe this – ‘there are no dangers out there, we are civilized now, YOU CAN TRUST US’. Bad news, IT’S NOT, AND YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYTHING, WE WALK AROUND KNEE DEEP IN DANGER EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY, AND NIGHT. We are fooled by parasites, and many other things because we are NICE. To paraphrase the movie line – society has fooled you into believing the darker side of the spirit world does not exist, but it does.  

To explain with examples – the main low-level ‘personal’ parasitic behaviors that gifted folks have are best referred to as Self Sabotage rather than Addiction or the other self-destructive types, unconsciously Antagonistic being another big one. There is a whole set of them but let’s just do the 2 really common ones – ‘obstruction’ and ‘prevarication’. Now here it’s important to get first that Parasites are ‘Organised’ and ‘Subtle’, they plan ahead – yes, they are sitting watching for their cue, for the usual opportunities to do stuff to you, BUT they don’t want you to notice, they don’t want you to see it, cause then you will fight. Parasites need to lead you there, to make this mistake or that one, they rarely just knock something out of your hands, much as that can start to happen when you have become very aware of them, and have a good defense for the subtle stuff.

It’s important to get this point overall because it means you can now know, you can detect them in ADVANCE – that you CAN SEE IT COMING. And that, ladies and gents, boys and girls and whatever else you style yourself as – IS THE TRICK TO DEALING WITH PARASITES.   

Obstruction is the negative control of your actions to cause unhappiness, upset in the short/medium term – the main symptoms you experience are that you are clumsy/forgetful/fridge blind. All these occur because they, though your unconscious co-operation, have prepared a set of circumstances either seconds/minutes/hours before by getting you to do something ‘badly’, by preparing a scenario to allow you to be clumsy/forgetful/fridge blind – that shit does not just happen by itself. For example, you put something important down ‘thoughtlessly’ without noticing, which you then lose, OR you put something on a table in a dangerous position that you can easily knock over, or that is just in your way for something you ‘already’ knew you had to do in a moment. All of these cause momentary annoyance, an outburst of emotion, however trivial, that you are too weak to stop.

Prevarication is the negative control that causes you to become stressed ‘later on’ for no reason, by stopping you from doing something important, you know you have to do, until the last min. Be clear this is not optional stuff, eg leisure activities, but stuff that directly affects your life and happiness, that there is no reason not to do. The driver of this is typically ‘I can’t be arsed’, or ‘Its hard’, neither of which are true in the specific case – you will make more trouble for yourself if you don’t do it and you can easily do it. The big tell for a parasite however is when you challenge yourself in this way but it still comes back to the way, ‘yes, but I’m too tired and need to watch screens, relax in some way, by doing nothing’. That’s a parasite – if you push yourself and question poor decisions that are very clearly wrong and you still argue it, then you know ‘it’s’ not acting in your best interest. As a sidebar know that MANY of your parasites use ‘tiredness’ as a go-to strategy to fuck with you, always be ready to push back against it – it’s a core form of the Lethargy process, a negative feedback loop that builds and builds.   

These are your parasites preparing a way to achieve their goal. You learn to stop the issue happening by SPOTTING YOUR PARASITES PREPARING THEIR SCHEME, disrupting the little fuckers plan by ‘checking yourself in the moment of any suspicious activity’, got that – do a double-take that says..’woahhhhh, what did I just fucking do?’ when you notice you just did something STUPID unconsciously. Changing and preparing an attitude that says ‘I have these parasites, that do A,B,C, ALL THE TIME, so I NEED to stop that shit by always double-checking what I do that is related to these negative behaviors, AND crucially watching for ANY tendency to REPEAT the same patterns of behavior’.

With a little practice, it is actually quite easy to spot them, hiding in the shadows as you prop a dish up awkwardly, put a plate in front of the draw you are just about to open, drop your key on the stairs as you rush for the bathroom, or you suddenly feel overwhelmingly tired just are you start to open the 2nd letter that came this am. NOTICE THESE THINGS BY PREPARING AN ATTITUDE IN ADVANCE TO MAKE YOU NOTICE THEM. And then simply don’t do these types of things – go back and put right the ‘careless’ thing you ‘know’ will lead to the parasite’s ‘end game’ obstruction, prevarication goal, stop the little rodent’s ‘long con’ in its tracks. The parasite will even help you, by stepping up its game as soon as you fight, trying to get you to do it more, it won’t just give up – see parasites are not that clever, they are creatures of habitual patterns as that is all they know, particularly the small ones like these, they are scavenging food, they are not plotting to take over the world, just your dumb ass.   

In this way, you start to fight… hell, you now know you ACTUALLY HAVE PARASITES, don’t you want to get rid of them, NOW? So know the above is your No1 ‘type’ of defense against the ‘dark arts’ of parasites you must develop this, and the more you do it, the more you will recognize the other, often much bigger ones, things like ‘crushing regret of the past’ (always pointless), ‘paralyzing fear of the future’ (always a fantasy), even those that come through parasitic people – see how you are manipulated, to see them coming… Easier to learn at the start, with the small stuff yes? So don’t see this as dorky and childish (another parasitic trick), see this as what it is – DEFENDING YOURSELF. Trust me in time it will take on a much bigger role in your life, but for now, know personal self-defense is an attitude that starts small and builds, best learn it the easy way via small stuff before you need to use it against the BIG STUFF… 

So, the fundamental attitude of ‘the seeker’, and I’ve never met anyone who made progress on this path by not doing this – STOP TRUSTING YOUR UNCONSCIOUS SELF. Your ‘automatic pilot’ is corrupted – start to be suspicious of any and all actions, thoughts, and feelings that you have identified or think could be linked to parasites, and learn how to fight them. Yep, it’s about time you changed, as it’s the only way forward and the FIRST THING YOU DO IS TO CHANGE THE ROUTINES YOU AUTOMATIC PILOT USES VIA YOUR CONSCIOUS ATTITUDES TO SIMPLE THINGS, WHICH MONITOR YOUR UNCONCIOUS ‘ACTIONS’, TAKE BACK CONTROL. The only way to do that is to ‘check yourself’ when you do anything you ALREADY know is a common hideout for your parasites.

Know that right now the only real ability to change, to take back ‘control you have over yourself’ is through your pre-prepared ‘attitudes’ to a particular thing or circumstance, you can do nothing in the moment, it’s already too late – if ‘you’ try and do something new in the moment of the attack, try to ‘work it out’ via corrupted associative thinking it will just be another way for them to get to you. So just laugh at yourself instead, as ‘it’ has won this one, so use it as a reminder to construct a defensive attitude NOW – YOU MUST BUILD THE CASTLE WALL BEFORE THE ENEMY ATTACKS, NOT DURING THE ATTACK, SO YOU CLEARLY KNOW WHICH SIDE OF THE WALL ‘EVERYONE’ IS ON. Don’t worry about blocking out the good stuff with the bad when you start building these ‘wall’ attitudes at the start, fix it later – it is only when you have ATTITUDE ‘walls’ that you have a ‘castle’, something solid to defend and build – without walls its just ‘open house’ all day, everyday.  

How to build defensive attitudes you ask? Ok very quickly… building conscious attitudes is a way to build unconscious defensive habits – the new attitude works by helping you ‘in the moment of the attack’, and eventually forms the defensive habit of ‘protecting you from those types of attacks all the time’, one leads to the other automatically, clever eh?. To build attitudes at the start you plan out in advance what you are going to do in response to a known set of ‘attack’ circumstances when they occur, plan out how you recognize it and react differently. Whatever stage of the parasites preparation you spot it at, you must define what the attack looks like, based on the 80/20 rule – select the most common type of circumstances first, and go to the root of them, as close to the start as you can. To build the new attitude you then focus on this specific attack type, defining a specific attack trigger for the specific type of, say, forgetfulness you have identfied, from a predetermined range of possibilities, say all the different ways you ‘prepare’ to lose things. Then you define a preset course of action, in terms of the specific corrective behavior for this type of forgetfulness – these actions stop the attack and hence stop the end goal of the parasite from happening. Sounds complicated, but it’s not, indeed it will become second nature for most gifted in a few days should you put the effort in at the start. 

Be clear – a defensive attitude is not a new personality, not a new belief or a goal, it is based on a set of instructions you follow when they are triggered by recognizing a potential parasitic attack before it happens. You can group these attitudes however you like, but at the start, it’s best to keep it simple until you learn to do it quickly. So a new defensive attitude toward forgetfulness say, when you spot the attack coming, spot yourself unconsciously preparing to ‘lose’ something later, then construct a set of instructions, a ‘protocol’ you follow to both stop the parasites preparation and then correct the unconscious behavior, therefore stop the parasites ‘end-game’ from happening. The key is to SPOT the attack happening at the START and then STOP the attack from being successful, so you can DEFEND YOURSELF. All defensive protocols (eg  Stop Forgetting my Keys) start with the most common attitude trigger (eg dropping my keys) for one trigger circumstance (eg about to start losing my keys) and one corrective action (eg hang my keys on the hook), before you grow any number of protocols under that attitude to stop all the various types of attacks of that type (eg all the ways you forget things). Once you have a couple for losing your keys, say, you will find the same basic pattern and trigger types work on most other ones covered by the same Defensive Attitude, and you are simply changing bits of the detail of existing protocols. You will get much quicker at building them in a very short space of time, particularly when you have some confidence in them.    

Good and clever use of Defensive Attitudes can change your life VERY quickly, particularly with the type of parasitic behavior that upsets you the most, so don’t be shy about building lots of protocols, make a point of doing it whenever you ‘realize’ you forget something, say, that you don’t yet have a protocol for. Take a moment to identify all the stuff you normally forget for example and think back as to the sequence of events that often lead you to forget stuff, as you will find they are dominated by no more than 2 or 3 types of attack ‘pattern’, that are actually quite easy to remember. For example, unconscious placement of an important thing you then forget is by far and away the most common attack pattern in forgetfulness, but there are others, such as ‘mental block’ (you were sure to remember it consciously but the location is just gone ‘out of your head’) type of forgetfulness which tends to need quite a detailed protocol to fix, like a memory aid you make at the time because you ‘know’ you are going to forget it, as you have identified forgetting this type of thing already as a very common type of parasitic attack for you. However, try and focus on one type of defensive attitude at a time, at least until to notice a big decrease in that type of parasitic attack – get your defense up and running to a decent standard before you move on to other types of defensive attitudes, as this will help form the habitual aspect of that protocol behavior when you start to defend yourself automatically.

This system works for anyone who uses it correctly, however, a VERY common mistake is to start with BIG stuff before you have learned it well enough, ie to start with addictions or types of mental illness. DON’T – always start with very common small things, as it will help ingrain the key ‘trigger identification’ behavior in your mind. The best ones to use at the start are physical ‘ticks’, repetitive movements you do for no reason, ie swinging your legs, tossing a pen, clicking your knuckles etc etc, they happen all the time and are quite hard to fix so are a great way to learn. Annoying physical ticks are also great parasites to use because you cannot easily explain them, so it really brings home the point to most that it can only really be a parasite in a complex sense – you ‘think’ you feel ‘better’ doing physical ticks as an outlet for ‘nervousness’, BUT they are ‘comforting’ behaviors based on the removal of fake anxiety that something else (a parasite) has made you feel. They have NO VALUE IN THEMSELVES, they are a ‘Protection Racket’ type of parasite – it is saying to you ‘pay me this pointless behavior NOW or I will make you more nervous, as I have already led you to the point of feeling slightly nervous’, but all you are really doing is feeling ‘its’ relief at being fed – ‘you’ just lose…. get it? They are hard to fix as it can take most some time to understand and identify this parasites’ type of ‘preparation’ to push the tick on you, its plan to ‘get you to start the tick’, so you start by just stopping them every time you notice you have started. That is NOT a defensive attitude, that is losing, so use this shame of losing to drive you to think about what happens before you start the tick, so you can see it coming and hence develop the defensive protocol for it – YOU MUST SEE IT COMING TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND YOURSELF. Quick hint – all physical ticks are much more draining than you think because they are NOTHING TO DO with nervousness, it’s a total con… they are directly linked to a specific body position, a stance, usually a type of ‘sitting’ – yep, your parasite simply gets you to position your body in a specific way that quickly leads to the tick, nasty eh? So soon as you spot yourself positioning your body that way CHANGE IT, and the desire to do the tick will go away – stop the little bastard in his tracks. Believe in parasites yet?  

Importantly – 2 key things. Firstly, once you have ‘laid down’ a defensive attitude protocol NEVER CHANGE IT. Do not tinker with it in the moment, adjust it to suit this new idea you just had, as THAT IS THE PARASITE FIGHTING BACK – do it exactly as you set it up, every single time. Stick to it, it needs to be so ingrained in you that it becomes a permanent unconscious attitude, it becomes a GUARD DOG, one of many – you no longer have to consciously ‘mind your keys’, as you will find you do it ‘automatically’. See you are learning these attitudes the exact same way martial artists learn the body forms of their fighting art, by doing the same thing over and over again until it becomes habitual. The reason for this is that those skills HAVE TO BECOME HABITUAL TO WORK otherwise they are useless – there is no time to THINK when you are actually fighting, no conscious selection or pause for thought, what the fighter does is TOTALLY UNCONCIOUS, they fight automatically. It is exactly the same for you and your defensive attitudes, they are a spiritual martial art, burn them into yourself. Only this way will they still work when you are momentarily ‘absent from the wheel’, when you are very distracted, when you are drunk, when you are asleep because your parasite will wait for you in these moments…  

Second, a defensive attitude is a defensive weapon, not an offensive one – it is a shield, a wall, a long spear. You can kill parasites with attitudes but it works overtime by starving them to death – they weaken, then die or leave. But well established or bad parasites, big groups of them won’t take this too well, they will fight back, and via this process, they become much more defined, they will ‘show’ themselves, their true colors – you will ‘realize’ them, develop a pattern in your mind through which you can ‘see’ them. This way you can kill them – use offensive techniques based on the identification, personification, and emotional weapons, as I will touch on below in this text. HOWEVER, at the start you HAVE TO STOP THEM ATTACKING YOU SUCCESSFULLY, you have to break the control they have, otherwise, you will barely know they are there, it is all just a ‘theory’. Once you can ‘see’ them, via defensive attitudes, you can kill them. Build your castle walls first, then next time they attack you can look down from the ramparts, in total and complete safety, and put a single, silver bullet through their nasty little heads. See the trick to fighting is NOT BEING ABLE TO LOSE, your ‘attack’ either succeeds or you miss – when you can defend yourself THERE IS NO RISK OF LOSING, and that’s when the fighting gets really easy…   

Over time you will notice you can grade your parasites in terms of their ‘power’ – most are small and can only act quickly in the moment, say you unconsciously dropped something, but some, particularly the sensory ones can affect your perception over a longer period of time. For example ‘fridge blindness’ is a powerful ‘gateway’ parasite, as it takes another level of power to stop you ‘seeing’ things, and often leads to much bigger issues if left unattended, but it can be beaten down quite quickly when you learn ‘how to see it coming’, just like all the rest. Hint – it’s a specific type of ‘urgency’ in yourself to find something, so look for it in yourself and don’t bother looking for anything important while you feel it, until you learn how to stop it. In time you will come to see that all parasites have a type of TENSION signature or shadow that can be used to detect them when they are active, when they are trying to control you in the moment, and this typically starts slowly and very subtly before the end game behavior is manifested in your mind. For now, always look for tension in yourself when you catch yourself wanting to do a parasitic behavior, then try and define the type of tension, physical or mental, dwell on it, turn it around a little in your mind, what it is, how does it look, sound, feel, smell, taste? Don’t worry that you see no causal connections between your nose or mouth, your parasite may still ‘be there’ in some way, find it… Use the state of your senses to help you see a ‘pattern’ for it, as that is an excellent way to create a pattern of inputs you can use to identify it. And then you can kill it.

Don’t be shy about having a bit of fun with this process, help the change along by enjoying the ‘fight’ – recognize the sneaky bastards and beat those little freaks down, every time, as it will help you remember to do it, give you some satisfaction, some confidence in the process too. Feel the slight sense of VICTORY of it, the new ‘Power over Yourself’, you are now developing… Over time the construction of many defensive attitudes against all the different types of your parasites builds into the MASTER attitude of a ‘Fighter’, which becomes in time the attitude of the Aristocrat, becomes Noble. All of these exist in nature and are roles you should learn to play at the start, as they are going to be way more effective than the current collection of roles you have ‘fallen into’ over your life, and are just frankly holding you back. ‘Seriousness’ and ‘consistency’ come easily from these new roles, and that is what you will need for the rest of this, so start being suspicious – it will make you more aware, more conscious, more intelligent, and more able to defend yourself against parasites.

So, always TAKE A MOMENT TO CELEBRATE beating a parasite, feel the ‘win’ when you STOP the behavior BEFORE IT STARTS, even if it’s just a quiet ‘Yesssssss’ under your breath, (better a large grin and a loud ‘fuck you’ to said to an image in your mind but that is not for everyone). It will help on many different levels, but at the start it will help motivate you for the fight ahead – Power over Yourself comes much more quickly when you start to enjoy it, make progress, see the change, so always feel the thrill of the win, NOT the ‘effort’ of the struggle. This feeling of effort after success, the memory that the use of defensive attitudes takes effort again leads to ‘lethargy’ – the memory of even small efforts builds into a memory of bigger efforts that are ‘just too hard to try’, right now… so will demotivate you, and you will eventually give up because you are very weak at the start, unless you are ‘desperate’. However when you teach yourself to feel the ‘win’ instead you will be surprised by how quickly even the most arduous effort disappears and is replaced with a feeling of Power, even if you have rarely if ever experienced that feeling in life – you will be ‘inspired’.

The Left-hand path is ultimately about POWER, specifically the FEELING OF POWER, never forget that, as that is ultimately WHY IT WORKS – you will want to return to the feeling of power in yourself by choice, it will start to ‘dye your soul’. Power over Yourself is the best drug in the world because, unlike every other drug, it is A POSITIVE FEEDBACK LOOP – more you do it better it gets, and the better it gets the more you do it, it’s that simple and therefore it really is worth the effort at the start. So use it, be a HAPPY BASTARD to your parasites, start to ‘clean house’, no need to be morose or guilt-stricken (they are parasites, they are killing you), you are a fighter now, and that is the only way to fly… there is no need to ‘suffer from it’. In your external life, you may not be able to fight anything but ANYONE CAN FIGHT THEMSELVES – ENJOY IT!  

Yeah… I know many of you will feel a little ‘overwhelmed’ at the start, that it all looks too difficult, it’s just another type of delayed gratification that’s just ‘too hard’ – to have to suffer in the ‘moment’ for some benefit ‘later’, like going to the gym or yoga class, dieting even, so I will give you some extra help with that at the end of this post. At the moment you have no feeling type reward to aim at, so it’s all just an intellectual exercise you have to force yourself to do. For now know that Forcing yourself, pushing yourself to do anything you ‘don’t want to do’ is the attitude of a SLAVE, and is what modern society has done to you – you accept being a slave, so you look at everything in that same ‘negative’ way, through the thick smoky prism of FEAR, continual low-level fear. And this ‘dooms’ you to repeating the same shit, over and over… indeed this slave mentality robs even the otherwise rich, famous, successful of any real joy in themselves, so they suffer on with ‘other fears’. This fear infects every aspect of your life and is one of the main reasons parasites find it so easy to ‘own your ass’ – they use your accepted, low-level fear, the fear of ‘how the world is’, on you every damn day, your whole bloody life becomes one, big, long ‘picking the lesser of 2 evils’ game, that you play unconsciously in your mind like is fucking normal.

It’s not normal, you are ‘entitled’ to your birthright, your ‘gift’, but these fucking parasites are taking it from you, and you just accept it as another form of slavery simply because it is ALL YOU KNOW. You are literally bred to BE A SLAVE by society on purpose, all of its touchpoints on your life emphasize this fact, ramming this fear or that one down your throat every second. BUT, you were actually born to be a fighter, a witch, a warrior princess, so it’s time to remember that, time to be ‘confident’ again…But that is some way in the future – the actual sense of Victory is a higher ‘conscience’ emotion and cannot be faked, Buddhists actually call it ‘Equanimity’, better ‘Serenity’, as you are so victorious nothing can touch you anymore (both these words have lost their original depth, this emotion is enormous compared to the trivia you feel), and starts as a powerful sense of ‘balance’, but don’t worry about that now, it comes when it’s ready so just try to feel the little win thrills for now, as that will help.

For now, just know that all those Zen warriors in Japan focused their whole lives on achieving this state for a reason – it is the core of Bushido, what it means to ‘live it’, indeed the histories are full of tales of some ‘to the death’ sword fight or other where one of the protagonists stops halfway and calmly asks, ‘what would you say at this moment?’, as a test of their mental state, to see if they have finally lost all fear of death. Long before that, the Roman army followed the Cult of Mithra, of the Mithradates Mysteries, the secret core of our old friend Zoroasters religion, the last mystery school to survive the decline of the Greeks into a ‘tourist nation’, because it focused on delivering this state to everyday soldiers, the state of the Unconquered Sun, and who stuck with it in secret for this very practical reason, long after the Roman empire forced everyone else to become Christian. These mystery school ‘initiations’ were arguably even more effective at delivering the shocks so prized by Zen to this day, but sadly the similarity of these 2 spiritual practices is lost on modern scholars, they don’t put all that bull washing, riding and killing together with the famous Ox herding images of early Zen. See, ‘once upon a time in the West’ we had our very own Zen, hundreds of temples and unground grottoes have been found everywhere, even under Christian Churchs no less, but in the 4th century, the newly powerful Christians reveled in getting their ‘own back’, and wiped Mithradates off the face of the earth by the late 5th… Yep, those Christians with their revisionist history books again and again in the West, much as they could not stop us celebrating Sol Invictus birthday every 25th December, and shaking hands as a formal greeting, and many other such newly ‘Christian’ rituals… Sadly these rituals have lost their original meaning, of what that original magic meant, but right now that is not important.    

For now, just know that being a fighter is FUN, because the POWER of being a fighter will ‘pull’ you forward, all by itself, and when you make that leap, when you start to ‘chase the wins’ for that continual feeling of VICTORY, you will NEVER want to go back to being a ‘comfortable’ slave. See any sense of achievement you currently get as a slave is always about the relief of getting something done, of surviving it, of not failing this time, ‘you got through it’, so now you survive for another day, YOU CAN STOP NOW AND RELAX, ‘thank the lord I’ve finished, I can suffer less for a while’, like a good little slave… YOU APPROACH EVERYTHING WITH A SENSE OF FEAR. It is closely related to the mindset of the ‘villain’, of the petty criminal, about being ‘cunning’, being clever to ‘get by’, as a desperate slave, like your an extra in ‘Oliver Twist’, lying your way through life with the simple aim of not having to work anymore, of being a happy ‘pensioner’, like being able to stop having a life and relax is THE actually ‘goal of life’ – just a comfortable, pathetic death and a bit of stone with your name on.

So know that these are NOTHING TO TO DO WITH THE FEELING OF VICTORY – that is not what victory feels like, the ‘sense of victory’ happens by the removal of fear, you simply cannot feel it while you are still afraid. Right now even when you have ‘wins’ in your life you see them through the same fear prism, some of you even feel guilty about winning, it makes you uncomfortable, like someone may notice and decide to take it off you or fuck it up in some way, cause you are a slave, you have none of the freedom that power gives you, you are a victim, your default mindset is FEAR. However, much as this winning mindset, of the actual ‘need to chase the feeling of wins’ is not your current state of mind, trust me, its still there in all the gifted, waiting to be found, when you start to climb up ‘jacobs ladder’ rather than slide down it. For now know that winning in any contest where there is resistance, where you could easily lose is a good source of the feeling of a win, particularly gambling which is why so many unschooled gifted love it, should you allow yourself to feel it. Even beating your family at a board game can do this for you, just be conscious of the ‘next fear of not being liked’, by said family, does not come and fuck it up for you… In time you will see (very clearly) just how pathetic and pointless being a slave is, and I don’t just mean the knowledge that no one even notices you are alive, it’s more the fact that even you don’t even know you are alive. As the saying goes, to live in fear is to die many times over every day, but the free, the powerful, the victorious die only once…

So be a modern ‘Gentlemen’ or ‘Lady’ if you wish, sure, just carry a sword and learn how to use it too. Better still to be a little gangster – see gangsters don’t scare easy because they are not really part of society, they are outlaws cause they simply don’t drink the ‘Kool aid’ everyone is fed, cause they don’t want to play the slave game. Plus they already know you can’t trust anyone, hell they are gangsters, the least trustworthy folks on the planet, so they are suspicious of EVERYTHING. Yes, ladies and gents, boys and girls, you have got to get in touch with your bad self here, get a little badass, in fact, find that savage soul of yours and ‘man the fuck up’, cause ‘you’ need to start to ‘go against yourself’, against the PARASITES IN YOUR HEAD. And being nice ain’t going to work, being nice is what got your dumb ass here in the first place.

The number 1 way this behavior gets started before growing to dominate you is the desire to ‘get on’ with bad behaviors, habits, people or circumstances, to accept them, be ‘Liked’ by them. To be a ‘people pleaser’ is to be Nice with bells on, with bows and little hearts, it is a reflection of your inner state, your utter weakness, and stupidity.  To ‘go along to get along’, to do a deal with your demons, both inner and outer, so you can think these things or people are going to behave, even that they ‘have your back’ – will be your friend and help you in this way or that, and its total crap. In the gangsta life they call this a ‘PROTECTION RACKET’, ‘Fire Insurance’, cause ‘they’ will burn you down if you don’t ‘pay them’ – ultimately the con works by paying them to protect you from them, you are just too stupid to see it, GET IT? It’s a CON, they don’t HAVE YOUR BACK, they are laughing at YOU and you know it – you are simply justifying being a slave to yourself or your circumstances, make you feel a little better about it maybe…

It’s totally unnecessary to be nice to as a form of exchange, see everyone knows you are ONLY being nice because you are weak, anxious, scared, stupid – you have been taught to have a victim mindset by society, to ‘do what you are told’, to ‘go along to get along’ and are fresh and ready to be pounced on by the rodents of your mind and the world… Remember this – Being nice has no value for the seeker – question everything, all the time.

Now one of the big bad reasons you don’t already think this is another simple con – see maybe you ‘accept’ your glory days are already behind you… you ‘understand’ why you feel more fragile, more morose, more upset, more conflicted, more bored, more addicted, more painful, and way more confused. You ‘accept’ it because you are just ‘older’, you are just slowing down, aging disgracefully… Your wrong – being weak, compliant, eager to please in case everyone dislikes you, even though they are harmless trash you don’t even like IS JUST BLOODY STUPID.

What.. you think often finding yourself being scared all the time of harmless things, NEEDING HELP but you not really know why is ACCEPTABLE? Hell, you probably need one form of drug or another just to cope with a difficult ‘conversation’, let alone anything genuinely scary. See, you tell yourself this is ok cause you don’t want to be a victim of ‘mental illness’, so you cope because you are still ‘strong’, whilst really not coping.. while hating every second of it, of trying to be ‘liked’. Be clear, sooner or later you won’t be strong enough to ‘cope’ anymore this way, sooner or later you will start to ‘fray at the edges’ and everyone will see it, except you… 

You already know what or who they are in your heart, you already sense it in them and in yourself, you are already tattered and torn by this in your reflective moments. Yes, you have come to terms with your Parasites, why you have them. Maybe you were brought up poor and see that approach as the only way, as your go-to strategy to get on in life, you accept it, maybe you used to think that but are now too bloody weak to get rid of them. Maybe you have simply spent some time with other people already covered in parasites, maybe you don’t even remember how you got started with this habit or that one (very common) but now you are stuck with it. 

GET THIS – It doesn’t really matter why you are covered in parasites, you are unschooled gifted, this is the way it is for you.. what matters is that you realize what has happened and you start to make the change. If you don’t but do it anyway then you are most likely a Parasite yourself and should stop reading this now, maybe get yourself some therapy before your lack of ‘moral compass’ (as all the scum of the earth say at trial) gets you into more trouble than you can deal with, before you life consists of little more than waiting for the knock on the door, or listening to the ominous sound of metal doors slamming shut behind you. This is what you deserve…

Now – next steps… So it’s important for you to ‘get’ upfront what we are talking about here, what the next step after you have committed to fighting your parasites is – you must see it on another level, not JUST the issue itself, you must see what is behind it. See this is about one of the greatest blessings the ancient Daoists ever gave us – the personification of all are draining behaviors, habits, relationships and circumstances as PARASITES, that feed on our Gift, both inside of us and out. Much as it is very rarely done even by 4th wayers these days, to see your bad habits and destructive patterns as bugs, worms, spiders, and in the Daoist sense actual combinations of bug types with names that are genuinely stomach-churning, is a key teaching for the Gifted, much as the Jews stuck to calling them Demons. (Don’t write in please, I know Gurdjieff used it in some of his one-to-one teachings..) 

But be clear – this is not ‘just’ a conceptual exercise. Parasites in whatever form they take become real, whether as energetic thought forms in your head or external circumstances. If you prefer to see these things as figments of your imagination then fine, this lesson will still work, but it really is best to see these things, these parasites as REAL, because they are.. And the ones in your head and body are going to actually fight you to stay alive – fool you, lie to you, hurt you, whatever they can to survive one more day – you are their world, their host, you are ALL THEY HAVE, indeed some of the stronger ones have actually become you, your character, for no other reasons that you are too lethargic to stop them.

To repeat, it is not your fault you are lethargic, that is what these things have done to you – you are stuck in a negative feedback loop and need to change, need to step out of the whole symbiotic circle. Everyone has a problem with this at the start until you develop a sense for what drains you, against what protects you, even benefits you in the everyday world. Takes a while though, so to help out I’m going to tell you, here and now. See, if you don’t start to fix these issues then no matter what you do to develop yourself, even build up your gift, it won’t be enough – You are simply going to waste it, on all this crap that is eating you – it’s like pouring fresh water into a sieve…

Don’t feel bad, it’s important not to lose your head here, panic et al – that will just keep you stuck here. It IS important to get a little cold-hearted, to get a little mean, to get in touch with your ‘Bastard Self’, cause right now the only power you have access to emotionally is TO GET MAD AS HELL ABOUT THIS. Getting mad will give you the energy to deal with YOURSELF, your lethargy in a way that you can repeat it. You are going to be reacting to something you now perceive as horrible in a RAGE, get used to it first – don’t get mad at yourself, get mad at the parasites ON yourself. See them as separate to you, even though they are in your mind they are NOT YOU. Got that? 

So what do you do? First you must understand this – Parasites cause leakage of your gift which tends to be small at first, but if these happen all the time or with high levels of emotion in circumstances that become routine they can be deadly. It becomes an acceptable habit or routine you either don’t notice or don’t care about. It always starts slow, it is trying to feed off you, not kill you, it wants you to barely notice and not care, or perceive it as some benefit to you. It will only show itself when you fight it, only stop being harmless or useful when you stop feeding it, then you will have to kill it, metaphorically speaking. Use this technique to IDENTIFY your parasites, both inner and outer, and see them as NOT YOU. 

Second – you must then re-identify your problems as Parasites in the Insect sense of the word, as soon as you recognize them AT THE TIME. The best way to do this is to personify them as bugs, creepy crawlies, spiders – pick the type you hate the most. Daoists use worms as back 2000 years ago worms actively invaded rural peoples’ bodies and killed them slowly, usually from water, so worms were way worse to them than the cute little science project you remember them from. For most western people its best to use Spiders, use small spiders at the start or work up to spiders if it’s too much, just use Flys for now. Don’t use rats or mice as most people have never seen what they do in the wild and think they are cute.. Just as an FYI – most actually ‘parasitic people’ (who actually are parasites themselves) hate spiders at a ‘terror’ level (they recognize themselves maybe..), whilst a lot of gifted find them quite interesting, but not always.

Third – the main thing is that when you find yourself engaged with either thought or activity that is Parasitic from previous identification, is that you ‘see’ it as a spider crawling somewhere on you or a fly buzzing around/on you face, you feel the ‘shiver’ of it – start to ‘choose’ to represent the parasitic behaviors, situations or people as actual bugs, they have invaded your space and are crawling on you or in your mind. Literally, feel it if you can, feel the revulsion in yourself that it causes – I’m not going to go into silly levels of detail here I’m sure you get the picture. Then bat or slap them away, FAST literally like you would an annoying fly or a spider – get mad and STOP that thought or activity immediately and then DO SOMETHING ELSE.

If it comes straight back literally straightaway then shriek, yell if able, make a point of denying it.. of telling it TO FUCK OFF, even out loud if that helps. How far you want to go with this is up to you, however, I know people who will literally mentally kill the spider, crush it in their mind’s eye, some will even burn it with a blue/white flame from a ‘mental’ blow torch, seems to work for them, watching it rapidly shrivel up and smoke into ashes. Give it a try.. or use something else as you like. The point is you are killing something horrible that is trying to feed off you without you noticing, ok?

Remember – It’s horrible, it’s a PARASITE AND HAS NO VALUE IN THIS WORLD, IT IS USING YOU TO SURVIVE AND WILL KILL YOU IF IT HAS TOO – SO KILL IT FIRST. It is an aberration of your evolution, it HAS NO USE FOR YOU. Don’t engage it in conversation, don’t reason with it, don’t put it off till later, don’t pick it up and take it outside, don’t use a humane trap to release it into the field later, crush it back to the shit stain it started as.. NOW.  

So, the top 3 Saviours of your Gift are Groups of Gifted People/Cleanliness/Novelty – these are the things you can start to use to help conserve you. Don’t worry about why too much now, just try and do them – PARASITES HATE THESE BEHAVIOURS. 

Firstly, ‘Groups’…. If your situation allows ‘you’ should start to think about constructing a small but VERY useful group of like-minded souls (2-3 is ideal), to take this journey with. Quite apart from the obvious help, cross-check, motivation, social etc.. the two BIG benefits of groups is that like-minded gifted folks will energize you, and you will start to see the difference between yourself and other even Gifted folks. This way you get a sense of yourself in ESSENCE by seeing how different you are – this ‘seen’ difference between the gifted helps you to progress, much as it is WAY to early to say ’embrace’ this… See the biggest difference between Gifted and normal is that you have something inside, often from long ago and far away, that dominates who you are and what happens to you – you are living out the same path as your ancestors. Normal folks are empty of this, everything is outside of them, and even with someone else’s borrowed gift they are always chasing what they find magical in ‘someone else’, like a parasite.

BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CHOOSE – forming a group with normal people will not only slow you down, it will also deplete you, (and over time that will become unrecoverable), as you are effectively carrying them at a major cost to yourself. Try and organize your life so you spend your time with people who are better than you in some way, as a character, in terms of their ‘taste’. Don’t spend your life with dorks, skanks and parasites cause it easy.. They will just make you weaker than you already are. BE VERY SELECTIVE, EVEN TAKE ADVICE, DON’T GET THIS WRONG – keep it small and with folks you in some way look up to. 

Cleanliness… Being clean features in every type of spiritual practice on this earth for a really good reason – it dramatically reduces the flow of your leaks, stops your gift ebbing away, wasted on parasites, human or otherwise. So just start being MUCH cleaner physically, washing twice a day, baths/showers, and NEVER put the same clothes back on, change often, into something clean.. something that makes you feel clean, PARTICULARLY what sits next to your skin. Dress so you feel you look good all the time, not like a homeless tramp, literally throw worn or ugly clothes out so you can’t wear them anymore, replace stuff often, particularly underwear. Change your bed often, at least once a week, more if you sweat in it, make a habit of being tidy as that will make your environment clean. Organize yourself to ensure you are clean, well dressed, and tidy, have some class, make a thing of it – ‘go against yourself’ to do it. Whatever you do, DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL CLEAN, and hang on to that feeling as much as you can.

Novelty.. Change what you do AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, all the time, every day. From where you go, who you talk to, the direction you take, the things you look at, what you talk about. Don’t do the same thing over and over again, that will put you to sleep and make life much easier for the parasites. Different clothes, different routines, different food, different screens, different EVERYTHING, as much as you can. You should notice it is very refreshing, very interesting, but your routines will fight you.. They need you to stay the same so the parasites can work, THEY HATE CHANGE. 

Lastly.. should you choose to walk this path, then you need to accept one thing.. you cannot ‘manage’ your parasites and you cannot go back. See there are always more parasites, whole ant hills, wasp nests, rat holes full of them – its the typical state of normal folks without any class, gifted or not.

They have no value in the world – THEY ARE PARASITES, they survive eating others. Never feel bad about dealing harshly with them. Yes its hard, yes you will never be the same again but ultimately what do you expect – you have done this have you not, so it’s time you undid it. Again, parasites have no value in the natural world other than to clean up messes, is that all you are, a mess to be hoover up and replaced with a big pile of shit.. Ask yourself these questions often. If you just giggle like some little dork or street skank then I can’t help you – you ARE a parasite now. If you accept that you now know better, then I can. A very rock ‘n roll french lady I know invented a model, where she saw engaging with all her old parasites as like ‘drinking bleach’, which worked for her – that is how you need to see them, as if the next time you do them will KILL YOU, in a horribly painful fashion. 

To end this section – understand the leaks associated with parasites and the normal leaks are different, and different methods are needed to deal with them. For normal leaks, a change of ‘attitude’, a ‘thought block’ can be used simply to stop thinking about it – a basic type of aversion therapy, like ‘this is just stupid’, and simply hang on to that thought until it goes away.  Parasitic leaks are ‘insistent’, they are hard to stop because they have MUCH more weight to them in some fashion – you don’t just engage in them because you are bored, you have to do them, you have little choice in the matter, even if it is just a temporary anger/shock.

It’s a useful model to think of your leaks as actual little streams of water, flowing out of you but you will notice the leaks associated with parasites are MUCH stronger, faster, and harder to stop with simple thought-forms. Reasoning with strong anxieties in your mind for example does not tend to work, so you have to ignore them, wait them out. However, REALLY BIG AND BAD PARASITIC leaks will simply not give up at all. The key tells for this is that if you stop one ‘thought stream’, they will literally come back almost immediately, with a different tack, trying to push you into the same state of mind as before, often where you act negatively. For these it is IMPORTANT to ignore the approach that is being used, the ‘surface’ of it, and look only at what it is trying to do, its ‘end game’.

Your change in attitude is all aimed at stopping that end game, no matter what the approach – to engage in the desired end aim is ‘its’ point/goal, it does not care how it tricks you into getting there, and in time you will start to be able to see it ‘coming’ – long before the end game becomes part of the thought stream, you will start to see that if you continue with this thought stream you will end up wanting a drink say, even though you actually don’t want one right now. This end game must be the point of your ‘drinking bleach’ aversion therapy.     

Gifted people tend to have BIG leaks caused by BAD parasites, often multiple parasites working together, so getting used to the above is a very good idea. I’ll put some very good advice below on how to deal strongly with them below but for now, it is important to get an understanding in yourself of the type of ‘end game’ your parasites are looking for. These bad parasites ALWAYS use high emotional weight (emotion is a pure form of what it want’s from you), so the state of mind is very difficult to escape, as you notice when you try and fight them – you are typically either crushed or aroused by it, it is overwhelming.

The end game is always what you do as a result of these feelings that make them go away, reduces them, either that is an action (usually) or inaction/thought form – the end game is how you have learned to ‘feed the demon’, to get it off your back. That is what you need to stop or replace, and it is easy to know when you have found it – it will kick and scream like a spoilt child. It is a very useful thing when you first find these bad parasitic leaks in yourself to take a moment and say ‘I have NO interest in this, this is clearly not me, this is a parasite that is ON/IN ME’, separate it from yourself and identify it to yourself out loud – for many of you this will have quite a profound effect, see all PARASITES of any and all kind, HATE THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY, they live very secret little lives… 

Summary – The torture of parasitic behaviors is that they become real over time, become things in your mind, and over time will make you so weak you struggle even to fight them. So get mad and kill them in your mind – its not hard, as most parasites are little more than pond life. Indeed whenever you see a bug or a spider in real life MAKE A POINT OF KILLING IT YOURSELF, it will remind you to do it and reinforce the mental pattern. Yes, it’s nasty, uncomfortable but it’s meant to be – wake up you fool, IT WORKS, should you be gifted, USE IT. Try and remember that parasites NEED you to survive, if you don’t interact AT ALL with them they will die anyway – IGNORING PARASITES IS IN MANY WAYS THE BEST WAY TO KILL THEM, particularly if they come back.  

Lastly (and this is a big lastly..) – it’s quite common to get a little ‘down’ when you start to ‘fight’ your parasites, as it appears to be a difficult thing. The reason for this is that you see it as a ‘FIGHT’ in the sense of a boxing match, of exchanging blows with an enemy over a long time. It’s not. Know that you have FAR MORE POWER THAN IT DOES (that’s why it wants you), and as soon as you spot it, and attack it wholeheartedly, with ‘rage’, you will win. You think this is a contest purely because in the past these parasites keep coming back, NOT because you lose this fight or that one with yourself. You should never lose a fight with yourself, BUT you must NEVER GO BACK, as that will actually make it worse than it was before – see it knows that you now know what it is too, but you are too weak to stop it. 

So – if you are not yet strong enough and therefore can only ‘scuffle’ with your parasites at the moment then wait, bide your time until you are stronger or better placed. Then you END IT, YOU DON’T BOX THEM – HIT THEM ONCE, HIT THEM HARD, AND PUT THEM DOWN. If you are of the right temperament for this, it’s actually quite fun to do, once you get used to it – you actually go looking for it. It’s actually a great way to develop Power Over Yourself, and way better than the corrupted version of that, the power (you think you have) of being ‘Liked’. That’s a distortion of your true nature, a side road you took in the dark as a child – it’s time to start being liked because you are ‘worth’ liking, indeed ‘letting’ folks like you (by being nice to them) is actually an honor for them, NOT YOU. Use it amongst your own ‘kind’ ONLY, not parasites; with parasites, you kill them or ignore them (which is largely the same thing). If parasites can’t feed off you they die, it just takes a little longer.  

But be clear, if you ‘think’ you are in a boxing match, you are struggling in a contest then you are already losing – wait until you have the strength to ‘execute it’, put it down. Exchanging blows of any kind, long, tedious, drawn-out, exhausting, is actually just another form of the same parasitic behavior, just another way to drain you. Like the desire to be ‘liked’, doing things to be liked, making a contest of it is already losing – it’s a gateway into these behaviors, it’s another trick to lead you down this same path, the path of the parasite…  


You don’t fight a fly, an ant, a spider, a worm, do you? You don’t give it a little slap and then withdraw and circle around it waiting to see what it will do like some cartoon Ninja, do YOU?  You JUST BLOODY CRUSH IT. Yes, you may need to watch it for a second, see what it does, how it moves, see-through its low-quality bullshit, but then you act, fast and hard. See you instinctively know that you have all the power and it has none in this scenario, all it can do is run.

Know why that is? It’s because you are way BIGGER than it is, and as in any challenge in your life, your perception of its size relative to you is EVERYTHING. So make yourself BIG and it small, tiny even, turn it into something funny, pathetic, mock it, ignore it – it’s an insect! You have made it big by adding emotional value as ‘size’ to it, fear, hate or love, and now you ‘look up to it’. Stop that shit by using the mechanism that was hard-wired into from birth; devalue it, cut it down to size by getting MAD AT IT – how DARE this insignificant piece of crap or thought try and fuck with my life! Then see it shrink up in your mind, and watch it crawl away to die with a smile on your face. This is what ‘correct’ anger does, it makes you BIGGER, emotionally, even in your mind’s eye you should try and ‘rise up’ above it all, see it in ‘map view’, so don’t be afraid to use it when you need it. 

This is actually what the ‘anger reflex’ is for – to revalue your relative values so they suit you, not ‘them’ – to help you change your circumstances by making you, temporarily, stronger emotionally. However try not to do it all the time, there is a high cost to it in terms of your gift, cost of your Being, so keep it for the important stuff – don’t get mad at inanimate objects or animals like any simple fool who miss uses this reflex, use it ‘on purpose’ or not all. Instead, use the halfway house version for normal stuff, make things you don’t like smaller in your mind’s eye, make them black and white, shrink them, make them pathetic – cause they are. You will find this makes you far more confident dealing with challenges in this life, you will become naturally far ‘braver’. Practice this technique often, even when you don’t need to, start to look down on ‘normal’ life, not up to it.   

To repeat – Be BIGGER than it, don’t grovel like a worm on the ground – know that there are many things in this world that it’s far ‘better to die trying’, than simply accept as a ‘fact of your life’…

You should really start to understand how to do this now… see, as any gangster will tell you, it actually IS about the ‘size’ of the Dog in the fight that matters, should you be gifted. But in your ‘real life’ you have forgotten this, forgotten ‘what’ you are, how ‘big’ you are, so it’s time to start remembering ‘what’ you are, and also who ‘they’ are, the insects of the world and your mind. Upscale yourself and downscale your problems, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND, then all this stuff (and much more besides) gets a lot easier…

If you are NOT yet a parasite yourself you know this is right, and I know it works, but you HAVE TO DO IT, to try hard, to commit to it. However, if you are a parasite (if you feel like you are being forced to read this through fear usually) then you should not bother – frankly, you don’t really matter much anyway, do you… you are little more than a shadow on a wall, you only exist because of others. 

To note – I know many of you will feel this method is a little puerile, infantile, feel silly doing it. Know why? You have yet to accept that the world of spirit is a jungle, that there are no police to deter your attackers, and there is little point in calling ghostbusters… Again, you have been fooled since school, taught the illusion of civilization, of society as a model of safety and goodness.. It is total nonsense, and the last time you actually ‘knew’ that was when you were a child, so don’t get confused – it’s a GOOD thing you find these methods childish, as that was the last time that most of you knew what it meant to be a warrior, rather than a soldier. You think you are ‘safe’ just walking around, nothing is going to hurt you – you are wrong and it’s made you soft, unprepared for real life.

Never forget this – civilization as you know it was invented by the Greeks and Romans, and they did not even bother with police, with ‘deterrents’, they knew it was an illusion – they had bodyguards, and I mean everyone had them, cause they would not last long without them. Even the infamous, the all-powerful, the sacrosanct ‘Tribune of the Plebs’ and all-round BADASS Mark Anthony knew, on his way to the forum that day, that much as he was totally safe strolling down the street as his reputation, legal status, and huge nearby army would deter any attackers, but best take 100 veteran legionaries just be sure… So when the mob actually did attack him out of the blue he was able to DEFEND HIMSELF.  

I want you to get this point but it’s hard to teach, so try this…. Today we believe we are protected by Society, by the State, so our mental state has degenerated as we no longer have to manage the real possibility of imminent death, the only real ‘fear’ there is. Yes – the purpose of the powerful feeling of fear is ‘fear of death’, it has no other real ‘meaning’. But now it is corrupted – we are afraid of EVERYTHING because we no longer have the reference point of the ‘fear of death’ so tiny things build into ‘fears’, our value system is turned on its head, we no longer know the actual point of fear, so we fear a bad review at work, we fear the fucking weather. We are weaker, apathetic, stuck in our heads, living our lives in a trance. Our main value reference for life has gone, so there has never been more mental illness, more unhappiness, more creepy and obsessional behavior, more brain rot. We are worse off than our ancestors, we do less, live less, understand less than they did.

Now we believe in the utter trivia of identity, of politics, of social justice as the ’cause celeb’ of this day or that one, because we have forgotten all the actually important stuff, at least until we get on our deathbed. This removal of any ‘fear of death’ from our developmental arc, from our value system, means we are rudderless, it means we no longer accept or even really take any ‘risks’ with our lives, so most of us barely live at all – our risks today are little more than office politics, hook up culture and watching ‘dodgy’ porn. This has turned us into robots, into cowards, taking drugs and watching life through a screen, acting out life as a computer game, pretending to be cool in the fucking Metaverse… in which ‘we’ take no part. You would never actually shoot anyone would you? Yet half of you spend your life playing 1st person shooter games, pretending to kill literally hundreds of other human beings every day, ‘pretend fighting’ like children did 100 years ago, like it’s fucking NORMAL for adults to do it. See 100 years ago children grew up, stopped pretending, grew some balls, joined the army, and went and did it for fucking real…

The realization above is really what this is all about – helping you understand that you HAVE TO REMEMBER HOW TO FIGHT, spiritually speaking, how to survive, how to win, accept it as NORMAL, part of life, you actually WANT TO DO IT BECAUSE YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT IT IS. You must understand that your Parasites are NOT YOU, you must understand they are feeding off you, you must understand you have to stop them, and you must learn ‘how’ to fight back. The main reason most of you have so many parasites is that you have simply forgotten how to do this, indeed you have forgotten that you even need to. Your ancestors understood this naturally, developed in childhood as a mental state through the real fear of death. You don’t, so you have to learn from scratch – you must learn the ‘attitude’ of a fighter, of a warrior, it is that simple, YOU MUST LEARN TO BE ‘ON GUARD’.

So what is the attitude of a fighter, you say? Ahh ok then, it is this – stop ‘accepting’ what you don’t like, don’t want, don’t care about because it’s become normal for you, it’s become a habit. Break the spell of it, it’s an illusion – Question and Reject it, ‘stand your ground’, and literally say ‘Not Now’. That’s it – ‘Fight It’. Everything else follows that, is caused by that change. The feeling of ‘attention you get as a victim’ is nothing after you have experienced the power to choose – back 100 years ago it is what they used to call ‘Growing Up’. If you don’t make this change you become someone who is just pleased to get through the day without too much trouble, a slave who accepts their lot and ‘copes’. And that is for farm animals, livestock. That all you are?

To be a fighter is to live, pure and simple. Now, it is easy to understand conceptually that Fear of Death keeps you alive, that it teaches you to recognize and deal with predators, with parasites, and this lack of Fear of Death turns you into a delusion pussy. The problem is understanding that fear of anything else other than death, fear of getting a speeding ticket, fear of your affairs going bad, fear of losing your job, fear of the unknown future even, is TOTALLY FAKE – its a device being used on you by Parasites, it is unreal. You only fall for this con job because you have forgotten there is only really one fear, and what that real fear actually feels like.

Try and give this some thought, because in all truth I tell you this – LEARN TO USE YOUR FEAR AS MOTIVATION TO FIGHT THEM. Not because of the ‘content’ of the particular fear ‘they’ are using on you (that’s all fake), but because its a way of recognizing what they are doing right now – PARASITES ACTUALLY SEEK YOUR SLOW DEATH VIA FEEDING OFF YOU THROUGH FAKE FEAR. See, now you can use the real Fear of Death to start actually living – remind yourself what fear of actual death feels like, then learn to recognize the feeling of fake fear intellectually. See, mental Anxiety ‘attacks’, however bad, are not real Fear, they are the fake fear of ‘not death’. You must reject the content of this fake fear but use it as a trigger to fear ‘fear itself’, NOT the content of that fake fear, as its bollocks. Behind that fake fear there is actually something you NEED TO DEAL WITH, a parasite, and parasites in the spiritual sense of it actually are DEATH. Get this – the real Fear of Death is an ‘instinct’, it is natural, essential even, BUT fear of clowns is an unreal emotion and is just bloody stupid. OBVIOUSLY. Why would you fall for it? LAUGH AT IT. 

That is what that old saying really means, and it will help motivate you to ‘see’ and then ‘kill’ them quickly. Killing your parasites with confidence is one of the best feelings in the world, it’s at the heart of developing Power Over Yourself – once you get started you will actually want to do it more and more. See, if you ‘see’ it this way then KILLING PARASITES THEMSELVES IS REALLY BLOODY EASY, cause they are just little insects, (‘see’ them as tiny little bugs), the fear they cause is ALL FAKE (‘see’ yourself as massive by comparison to this fear, mock it, even mock ‘yourself’ for feeling it). Get it now?    

In the end it’s easy to do, getting rid of your parasites, but as one last piece of advice, given all the advice, motivation and method above is this – for the weaker amongst you, it is best to identify and keep ‘1’ comforting behavior and get rid of all the rest. This will get you past the whole inability to start things, give you some momentum. Just remember to make sure that comforting behavior DOES NOT INVOLVE ANYONE ELSE DIRECTLY and that the only thing you should ‘instinctively’ be scared of is death. For the gifted ‘smoking’ is probably the no1 choice, but get rid of that too when you can.

Ask Yourself OFTEN – is this ‘fear’ going to kill me right now? No? Well, fuck it then….

Remember that all parasitic people are REALLY not scary, they are dependent, like drug addicts, little more than tiny little sea creatures floating by, grabbing on to whatever shiny and powerful thing passes by, living out lives of quiet desperation at best and at worst… well, just one more mental health statistic. Whatever happens to them afterward is not your fault, so move on. NEVER PITY YOUR PARASITES, NEVER EXCUSE THEM, NEVER FEEL SORROW FOR THEM – THAT IS THE PATH TO BECOMING ONE YOURSELF. Yes, in a very real sense they are mentally ill, but know they are coping with that mental disease BY GIVING IT TO YOU, so you suffer instead of them. They don’t care what happens to you, do they? Return that favour, in spades, with bells on – be polite if you wish, but never apologize to or for them, they are nasty little animals, let ‘nature’ take its course, or get others to help you.  

Ahhh, you say, ‘but what if I’ve been forced to become a parasite to survive, what if I now bitterly regret all of it? It’s really no fun anymore, I’ve become a criminal, I’m getting old, ugly and sick, I see things at night, have bad dreams and I’m scared all the time!’, you say. Yep, that is a special case, but the advice is the same as above – GET RID OF YOUR OWN PARASITES FIRST. Then reach out, admit it, come ‘clean’ and get some help. Don’t lie to yourself that ‘no one knows’, don’t get stuck in the ‘secret life’ trap – the delusion that you even have one keeps so many otherwise gifted folks too dependent or scared to change, it’s almost epidemic. Walk away, or get help to walk away – don’t be pathetic, that is precisely what your parasites rely on, so many gifted make this mistake but it doesn’t really matter.

Yep, start to see all this as a rite of passage for the unschooled gifted, nature is giving you one last wake-up call, the hard way. Frankly, it’s not even that interesting – most people’s ‘desperate situations’ are little more in type than some 10y/o bully demanding your lunch money, in the context of what is actually ‘out there’. Once you start to change you will start to understand this is ALL TRIVIA in comparison to what is to come, you will look back and piss yourself laughing, amazed that you gave more than 5 seconds thought to it. Sure it’s all ‘Kill or be Killed’ right now, but hey you are killing bugs, you a grown-up and they are BUGS! So not that hard in the end then. Indeed in time it will be so easy you will feel a little ‘demeaned’ by doing it, like it’s ‘beneath you’ – when you actually have some ‘Game’, some depth, some sophistication, some level of self-reflection that isn’t driven by terror, then all of this is actually so predictable it’s quite amusing. And that is a REALLY good sign.    

Still not sure if you ‘are’ a parasite or just became one to survive? Ahhh.. that is easy – if you got into ‘it’ because it was special, it was crazy fun, a whole other level from anything else you have ever known, (you are simply reading this to prepare an excuse cause you are scared shitless people know), then you’re a parasite, so good luck with that. Go eat your emotions like the chubby little farm animal you are, but know ‘it always comes around’ in the end. If, however, you needed to JUSTIFY what you did, ‘(‘it was them NOT me’), if you had to invent ‘blame’ in order to cope with it, then there is hope. A great key indicator for a ‘survivor parasite’, is that you ‘love’ your pets (more than anyone else), they are not just company, you are devoted to them, they help you cope with it all. Real parasites tend to NOT have pets, even if they pay lip service to liking them – animals don’t keep other animals as pets. BUT, to move on you must drop all that fake justification and realize it was your ‘needs’ that ‘drove’ you to it – you have lied to yourself for convenience, to help you sleep, it’s all total bollocks because you lost your way and you are just trying to stay sane now. Question is, can you see that and can you stop.

Ahhh, maybe you need to ‘get a bit older’ first, maybe get some good strong pills to dull the panic attacks, or maybe you need to get some permanent disease, the kind you have to tell people at your next job. Do you need to see yourself in the mirror again? Think I’m joking? Maybe go look now then eh, see the mess you are, given what you used to be, see yourself slowly becoming plain, your eyes, your skin – you are becoming a monster… Ready yet?    

So get on with it. Now. Use the methods above, Be a fighter, be a gangster even. BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE – STOP BEING NICE TO PARASITES, it will attract whole ‘legions’ of them (that’s what the New Testament line means), so it’s the Kiss Of Death. FIGHT. Sure, society has made you into a pussy so you hate confrontation, so start with ‘Not Today’ to your pointless fake fears, start with ignoring it. I once knew a committed ‘people pleaser’ who HAD to start with still saying yes, but then simply not doing it, not showing up, and then quietly explaining afterward that he changed his mind, but ‘thanks for the opportunity. Once you get going you will find the ‘rage’ response is INVALUABLE – that is what it is designed for, to give you the power in the moment to change, to stop, to say ‘No, I don’t care, and I’m not doing this shit anymore’, publish and be damned.

Accept the bad things are GOING TO HAPPEN ANYWAY, you can’t stop them BUT they won’t be that bad, see this imagined ‘huge degree’ of bad as a ‘result’ is a major part of the illusion – most folks bad stuff is little more than plucking an eyebrow hair than some imagined medieval torture, which almost never happens. A lot of bad things are simply CHANGE, and those changes do really NEED to happen, so look for the change even, just try not to call it ‘bad’, get used to some change in your life, will toughen you the fuck up, and will destroy any hold petty fears have over you even bloody more…

Just use all of this for some purpose, to move on. Your life will only really start on the other side of these fake fears when they have popped like so many little soap bubbles. Indeed, should you be gifted, you will BENEFIT MASSIVELY FROM THIS CONSERVATION OF YOURSELF, maybe even start to use it on ‘yourself’, should you ‘care’ about yourself.  If you are a parasite? Then you will burn, the loss of the magic that keeps you alive will hurt, but hey, you are going to burn anyway, you are a parasite – by definition, no one cares, not even you, because you are ‘insignificant’, so you are ‘desperate’ to have power, be clever, be cool, be ANYTHING, that’s ‘why’ you are a parasite.   

Now, I always end this lesson with one real-life example quote, that so shocked me at the time that it struck me as the ultimate level of understanding you need to do this. Long ago, an American lady I was teaching said this, (paraphrased): ‘I know they are parasites and they have to go but, really, I find it so hard to follow through with it – they LOVE ME SO MUCH, GIVE ME SO MUCH ATTENTION, it’s very hard to turn my back on them…’.


If you take nothing else away from this 16,000-word post, take this – YOUR PARASITES FUCKING LOATHE YOU, ALL OF THEM, ALL THE TIME, AT THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE LEVEL OF RELIGOUS BIGOTRY YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE. They would step over you in the street and spit on your corpse – we are not talking hatred here, oh no, NO they LOATHE YOU at a visceral level, you make their ‘skin crawl’ when they have finished with you.

See, you actually make them ‘nothing’, by comparison, and they can never forgive you for that – the only friendships you EVER really have are with your equals, NOT parasites… YOUR PARASITES ARE A CANCER INSIDE YOU, AND EVERY DAY YOU KEEP THEM IT GETS WORSE AND WORSE, THEY DESPISE YOU MORE AND MORE, SO THEY TAKE, MORE AND MORE. PARASITES ALWAYS ‘ESCALATE’ BECAUSE OF THIS, SO YOU GET MORE AND MORE LETHARGIC, UNTIL ONE DAY YOU ARE TOO WEAK TO EVEN TRY. 

See – you are BETTER than them, they NEED you, you SHAME them, DESTROY their self-image every time they engage with you. You remind them what an insignificant piece of shit they are, how weak, stupid and disturbed they are – THEY DESPISE YOU FOR IT, AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. It is a fundamental part of the ‘transactional’ nature of your relationship with parasites, however ‘good’ to you they appear to be. They may even seem to help you but it is an illusion, like all the other illusions and petty deceits parasites need to exist, don’t fall for it. They are laughing ‘at’ you and cursing you, because you actually fall for it BY BEING FUCKING NICE, you fool.

True Parasites don’t suffer from bad ‘conscience’, like the gifted ‘survivor parasite’, as they don’t have one – a conscience is a precious thing in the world of spirit, be glad of it, be GLAD THAT IT MEANS YOU HAVE SOME LEVEL OF GIFT. They, on the other hand, are fucking animals – animals don’t have a conscience, their ‘regret’ is just ‘fear of being found out’, their ‘guilt’ is to remind themselves what they should feel for PR purposes, their unhappiness is little more than their ever-darkening night terrors and depression, some even try and amuse themselves by feeling ‘pity’ for you, which is just another desperate way of trying to feel superior to you, as you make them feel VERY inferior. You cannot fix a true parasite, and they are not worth fixing even if you could – write them off and wash your hands afterward, shit sticks. Never hate a true parasite, they are not worthy of even that but feel free to HATE THE GIFTED PARASITES, as some might even understand why – it might help them wake the fuck up. 

Starting to change your mind about your parasites yet? Think you can still manage them, even keep them on the down-low? No? So you finally understand they need to go? 

Good, as know that the ONLY REALLY PROBLEM WITH DEALING WITH THEM IS AT THE BLOODY START. See, once you start to recognize and identify your parasites, literally ‘call’ them that, treat them like parasites, many of the small ones will disappear BY THEMSELVES as many of you have enough power for that to work. I don’t want to give you false hope however, as the gifted tend to have BAD parasites as they are way ‘tastier’ than normal folks, and the bad ones have to be ‘removed’ or they will come back. However, for the smaller ones the light of consciousness will destroy many unconscious habits, public shame is still very powerful against many who are otherwise publically ‘good’ too, plus other negative ‘things’ will come along and ‘happen’ to them, they will even fight amongst themselves, accusing the ‘competition’, which can be bloody hilarious to watch… but the first few dominoes will still need to be ‘pushed’ over, by you.

The last word – it’s important not to get delusional with parasites, not to identify things as parasites unless you are sure, which always comes from the proof that they are trying to control you – parasites are never passive, never disinterested. Parasites seek to use the power they have over you through deceit, but stuff that you give power to, often blaming them for not doing something or simply by being stupid, is not a parasite – indeed it is more than likely YOU are a gifted parasite in this case. After control parasites always try and appear powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing, and usually scary. Know that, in reality, you have all the power, NOT them, they are nothing, tiny, you are massive, as that is the reason you actually have parasites in the first place. See actual parasites NEVER have parasites themselves, there is literally nothing there to ‘eat’, they are empty vessels, so they are very lonely and need to control you. ITS ALL ABOUT ACTIVE CONTROL and the sense of significance that gives animal parasites, without which they are nothing…  

Quote to end as always – ahh we will go modern for this one, how about one of my favorite films, the Outlaw Josey Wales from 1976 no less.. Clint at the peak of his powers.. 

‘Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is..’ Josey Wales, before the enemy attack the family in the cabin. 



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