Basics – How to Load Your Spiritual Gun

Now its time to just outline one of the most super basics things you need to start doing if you are Gifted, one of the foundation mind sets you need to adopt, all the time. See hopefully you have read enough now that I can trust you with stuff like this, but we shall see…

This is about charging yourself with Spirit, with the power of your Gift, before you do anything that is a spiritual practise, even related to it. This is because most of the time you are very far away from this aspect of yourself, you don’t ‘feel’ it, therefore its not engaged, you are not in Drive, you are idling a long doing nothing of note.

This is part of what folks like me call ‘Loading the Gun’. It’s about feeling your gift, getting in touch with it, before you try and use it. This helps to empower it, turn it up if you like, move it from its passive background state into the foreground, up close and personal. Whatever you do while feeling it is empowered by it, you act ‘with it’.. Ok?

Every valid spiritual tradition in the world does this, EVERY single one, but the advice is translated as such bland, feel good nonsense that virtually nobody does it. So nobody really meditates seriously before doing Yoga, nobody feels a huge sense of compassion to save all living things before doing tantric Buddhism, nobody tries to watch their breath and see their Qi in Zen, even Daoist’s rarely get in touch with their energy body via focusing their Yi on the lower/middle/upper Dantien.

But that is what you NEED to do, that is what all that means – to charge yourself up so the PRACTISE you are about to do has a reasonable chance of working. So MANY failed attempts at spiritual practise literally come down to this. And so much rapid progress is made by the folks that do.. folks on the left hand path. Like you..

Now we are going to keep this short today, nothing to big to digest, as the No1 way I have already taught you is do this via doing the RIDE. That is what it is there for, to get you going. Everytime you practise, do the RIDE first, 4-5 mins of it, nice and calm, peaceful. Read the post series again if you have stopped doing this already..

However, there are other ways to do this, quicker and easier, that may suit other circumstances, there is no perfect fit for everyone, but frankly most sensitive women get on best with No1, and most men get on best with No:2 below. But, very high libidos tend to like 3 or 4 the most:

  1. Follow the advice in the Secret of Compassion post and inspire that feeling in yourself, hold it for a few mins.
  2. Follow the advice in the Blind Spot of Chattering post about humming ‘Me’ or ‘Mu’, do that for a few mins.
  3. Follow the advice in the Blind Spot of Failing post about aggressive deep breathing, do that sequence 5 or 6 times over.
  4. Just do the RIDE, it is the best of all worlds, if master of none, 3-4 mins will be fine.

The point is a simple one and I will repeat it again – there is NO ONE SIZE THAT FITS ALL, no one type of practise in this or any vein that works for everyone of the gifted types, sexes, ages, natural stage of development. Anyone who sells you a system telling you its the ‘best’ one, the ‘only’ one MEANS its a: the only one that works for ‘them’ and b: probably the only one they have ever tried.. Try ALL the above and find the BEST one for you and USE IT. This is the Left Hand path baby, we don’t care as long as it works for YOU..

The best of the above should leave you with a mild buzz, particularly 3, and that is what you want – to be VERY centred ‘in’ yourself, so in time you will start to get that lovely sense of ‘energy’ swirling around you…. When you can actually see that energy, one of the gateway states of Zen itself, then all the above becomes redundant, and you just ‘watch your breath’, but that is a mature stage, so don’t worry about it now.

To finish now – just remember whatever you do, you MUST do something before you practise, because you HAVE to lift up your gift in order for it to help you do, whatever it is, you are about to DO.. Got it? Always LOAD YOUR GUN, otherwise the weapon that is YOU will get little or no value from the method you are about to use, NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT IS, it’s simply not going to work – YOU WON’T HIT ANYTHING YOU ARE AIMING AT WITHOUT BULLETS.

Obvious yes? But you would be amazed at how many Westerner’s just leave this stage out… Don’t, be smart – Load your Gun before you try and shoot something, before you even aim frankly..

Quote to end as always.. from one of my favourite inventors, a clever but hard man, almost totally deaf from childhood, hard upbringing with ADHD, but still managed to do quite a lot really..

‘The greatest discoveries will be along spiritual lines. This is the field where miracles are going to happen. Spiritual power is the greatest underdeveloped power and has the greatest future.’ – Thomas Edison



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