Still Can’t Meditate? – The Red Light Fix, You Need Day Light

Right, after all the exertion, struggle and shock of the 7th Secret it’s time to lighten the mood, do a really easy one as a key lesson, one matched with the PSOAS post. Yep, no exercise in style this time boys and girls.. a few thousand words (well 13,ooo…), and we are done here, as that is all it takes to get this one across

So Red Light is very straightforward, very easy to grasp, and very easy to do, nothing even remotely challenging in this puppy. Ahhh… so you think it does not matter just because it is not a struggle? Hell no – this one changes people’s lives quicker than anything else, particularly if you are gifted, it’s just that it’s ‘just’ a fix.. From a Left-hand path perspective its really not that interesting… Worse it attracts criticism for health reasons, for encouraging shortcuts, even folks relating it to skin tones, so its all a bit of mess frankly, and many folks like me don’t go near it. But hey, I could not care less about that, I’m here to tell you the truth, whilst bypassing the bullshit, the agenda politics and cheap, social media fads…

Yep, looking for a quick fix for body, mind or soul – RED LIGHT THERAPY IS WHAT YOU NEED, red light therapy is concentrated daylight without ANY UV RISK, that works to varying degrees for any type of skin tone on this planet. Getting old too fast, tired all the time, cannot concentrate, racked with meaningless anxieties, then USE RED LIGHT THERAPY, you would be stupid not to frankly… And that is even before you start on the development benefits, on directing large doses of Red Light to specific areas of your body to improve the operation of your existing gift…

Now then, you say, this is hardly a secret is it… Red Light Therapy has been around seriously for 10 years, in the last 4-5 it has become quite the talking point, magazines are full of it, every beautician, every alternative Doctor, every upscale health club, and even some offices have this stuff… And you would be right, hence its a Key Lesson, not a Secret post with us, but you may not have taken it as seriously as you could have done, have you, even tried it I wonder? Mmmm… so you don’t actually know that if you do this stuff correctly, it not only works on aspects of your health, but it works on a way higher level too – it is an enabler for your Gift, your Essence to manifest AGAINST WHAT IS STOPPING IT..

Yep, it is a MAJOR SHORTCUT AS A ‘FIX’ TO EXISTING PROBLEMS. See that is why we love it as BIG problems at the start that stop a lot of very gifted folks from developing as they simply don’t have the WILL to push past them. This acts very strongly against those problems in a mechanical way, with no thought or understanding required. On that basis we are happy to promote this as it’s the ONLY WAY MANY OF YOU CAN GET ANYWHERE, particularly when combined with the posture stuff, why all this is ordered in these posts the way it is… Be clear – the biggest problem for the GIFTED IS WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM DOING DEVELOPMENT IN ‘YOURSELF’, ‘your resistance’ that you have built yourself over time, quite apart from your own stupidity, society’s norms, all the lies and b/s.

To be fair, should you live in a sunny country, you may not even need it, much as EVERYONE NEEDS ‘RED LIGHT’ in their life, you may get enough of it. Yep, everyone needs this, but the gifted NEED IT WAY MORE THAN MOST, should you want to ‘evolve’ and trust me, you do… See, very much like the PSOAS one, if you really struggle with spiritual practice then this is the ‘other’ reason why that is, why you cannot focus, calm down, feel centered, and develop yourself. See this one is even stronger than the PSOAS one, as it works FAST, and works at a level previously set by the level of your gift AND the scale of your problems. Mmmm… bit more interesting now eh?

Why do I need this LIGHT stuff then, you ask… ahhh, in the last 200 years the human race has moved its life largely ‘indoors’, from the Industrial to now the Office (or work from home) age. We evolved to live and work outside and now we don’t. And that has a massive impact on our health and sense of well-being BECAUSE WE DON’T GET ENOUGH DAYLIGHT. See that natural light is actually broad spectrum Energy, and as Left-hand path types we know life, development, and health is ALL ABOUT ENERGY. Indeed, many mainstream spiritual practices, ie Buddhism, focus on harvesting additional energy from the ‘air’, from what some call ‘pranic saturation’ via forced Breath practice, but we know there is an even better way, a way that allows you to direct it externally, so it can bypass the damage you have already done yourself with bad posture, damage that breath practice really struggles with… Yep, its clever this one, particularly if you are a damaged Hedonist, the core target market for these posts…

Hang on matey… you sneer, in that slightly thinking-to-much-about-why-I-choose-the-feature-images-on-my-posts, type way… You have literally chosen the bloody feature image of this post as what westerners would see as a stereotypical female hedonist JUST BECAUSE SHE HAS RED HAIR? Really… is that not slightly beneath you at this stage? Nope, much as I love red hair on a woman, that was a secondary benefit (to what is a stunning ‘real’ image), the reason I chose that image is THAT SHE HAS NO TAN, fake or otherwise, as I want to make a big point out of the blocks – THIS POST HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SUN WORSHIPPING, nothing to do with Tans or Skin pigmentation at all, and I AM NOT RECOMMENDING YOU SPEND HOURS IN THE SUN. This post is about the focused use of Red Light Therapy for Spiritual Development that does NOT INVOLVE SUN BATHING as a process.

Yes, the Sun is where Red light comes from but it is also where UV light comes from, and that is a BAD thing… Red Light is NOT harmful, and unless hot enough to burn it can be used totally safely. And it is literally easy, cheap and readily available from off-the-shelf bulbs, for a few bucks, because no one has figured out how to tax one of the most effective ‘drugs’ in the world, UNLESS you are stupid enough to pay a huge amount of money to go and sit in someone else’s little red room, like a fool, instead of DOING IT YOURSELF, every day, in a very specific way.

Remember this – Red light is the number one external ‘thing’ you can do to yourself should you have no time or focus to think about development itself, to work on your health or posture, as all you need to do is follow the instructions and lie there while the light does the work for you. And you do it at home, by yourself, hell just tell yourself you are doing it for your ‘skin’ problems, your rashes and wrinkles, you don’t even need to know what else its doing… Genius eh?

Key Lesson – Red Light and Near-Infrared Light are extremely valuable to the gifted because they act as a replacement external power that normally comes from your gift, at whatever level it operates at. That power is used both to repair you on multiple different levels AND to give a temporary boost, enhance the spiritual level that you feel as a general sense of well-being initially, but later is directly connected to the Gnosis process, ‘creativity’ initially. Therefore much as everyone can benefit from Red Light therapy ONLY the gifted get the major power-up from it that you often see claimed, while normal folks just get healed quicker.  Make no mistake, the judicious use of Red Light is a very easy way to get started in spiritual development, because it can make a big difference to your mental state immediately before you have fixed your posture or learned how to meditate. Frankly, for many of even the gifted reading this your mind state is often so bad that you cannot focus on doing either of those things without help, hence I’ve taken the decision to list it early as one of the few external boosts that is safe enough to do this early in isolation.

Now before we start know this – a Tan or your overall skin pigmentation has NOTHING TO DO with what we are talking about here, as it makes very little difference to your body’s ability to absorb Red Light – a tan is designed to stop UV light from damaging your DNA.

See a TAN is actually an emergency defense mechanism against strong UV light from the sun, it’s not an everyday thing, its just become that way for pale-skinned Westerners, much like all the stuff your body does to protect you from shit like acidosis. So do get this VERY CLEARLY – I have no interest in any debate about how skin tone affects any aspect of spiritual development, many of the most spiritually aware are naturally darker-skinned, particularly the ones from much more spiritual, relaxed, and interesting areas of the world – the Middle East, India and Asia. Just in case you feel asleep in class for this bit do remember that we are ALL EVOLVED FROM DARK SKINNED AFRICANS, as Homo Sapiens, we are all varying degrees of Black skin tone. Race as skin tone is a total fiction and always has been, there is no ‘White’ master race from ‘Thule’ or where the fuck ever, that is a total perversion from the Nazis. So we let that go and move on to what this post is about…

So what does Red Light do then…? The answer to that is in 3 parts, so pay attention…

First the easy one – Red Light Therapy (from now on ‘RLT’) is not just generic Red Light, there are x2 wavelengths reference points to be specific, visible Red Light at 600-660nm and Near-Infrared which is 850-880nm, which is (largely) invisible. These wavelengths bracket the effective ‘Red’ part of the spectrum before it largely becomes ‘heat’ after 1100nm, that can penetrate into your body, the beginning and end of the useable bit, and that is important. Now all the light between and above still does something, but these ends are the common ‘tuning’ points for Red = surface treatment, eg skin and NIR = depth treatment eg muscle, ligament and bone. Yes, you need both as one end does something different to the other, and penetrates deeper into your skin, which is half the battle.

Technically this stimulates the production of ATP, which is one of the big ‘worker Bees’ in your body, and does a whole range of functions that are too complex to go through in terms of this post, look them up if you wish – overall this light stimulates the mitochondrial bits of key cells to ‘do’ more, to work harder which is particularly useful for fixing stuff, rebuilding your skin and muscles. The level of that stimulation is directly related to the power in that light, we will say the wattage for now – this is the step function that shakes them more or less violently, and there is actually a ‘winning post’ level you need to hit or exceed if you want something good to happen. Get this now, the freq ‘finds’ the cells which then resonate ‘in time’ with them, at their natural freq (that is how the light selects those specific cells), and the amplitude of the light then determines the amount or scale of that resonance and therefore its subsequent effect on the production of the good stuff you are after. Easy eh? Ha, no it’s not cause that is only half the story, and this mistaken simplification of how RLT works damns many users of it to failure and inconsistency…

Sooooo….. know for this stuff to work it is about the received power at the target depth. First note that all power, the amplitude of the wave, from single point sources is subject to the inverse square rule, so dissipates dramatically in terms of distances, and I mean dramatically, the power received by ‘you’ drops to a fraction of what leaves the bulb in a couple of feet and x10-100 lower again if you are not directly in line with its direction reflector. 2nd Power is dramatically decreased while traveling in the body as literally a couple of cm can take 99% of it at lower wavelengths. 3rd Power is attenuated differently at different wavelengths, and particularly water destroys NIR power quicker than anything else, even depth. So you think that 5w a couple of feet away sounds ok, and many devices are sold with this power, but by the time it gets even to the surface of your skin let alone ‘under it’, where you actually want it, you are often down to 0.1% of that, if not less. And that is a real problem, specifically with how the available products have evolved into high-tech-sounding but in reality VERY basic RLT sources.

See, the internet is full of RLT sources that are made up of multiple little point sources, as LEDs, which in themselves have quite a low power, 5 watts say, but they then claim that 300 of them in a chequerboard array delivers 1500watts to your body, giving you the impression it will do 300 times what one LED will do by itself, and they are dead wrong. See, all multiple source panel arrays do is save time by covering a larger area at the same distance with the SAME POWER, BUT people sit further from them so they often are much less effective overall. Yep, even with all the reflectors and mirrors to concentrate this light you still need to basically put the light source on your skin to make this work at the level we need here and failure to grasp this is the reason many people get patchy results from RLT. Be clear – you need to inject as much power into a small surface area as you can, even if you have to spend more time moving it around place to place – it is WAY BETTER TO COVER A SMALL AREA AT MAX POWER FOR A MIN TIME THAN COVER A MASSIVE AREA AT A POINTLESS LEVEL OF POWER FOR 30MINS.

This is so important I’m going to hit again with a real example. So, for many years now the farmers and breeders of the world have used heat lamps to strengthen newborn animals and help them grow, much as the uninitiated think it’s just ‘keeping them warm’, it really isn’t. These lamps can literally bring young pups back from the brink of death in just a few days, as I’ve seen it myself as a child and it is where my interest in this topic started. They make a tremendous difference to the health of all kinds of animals, even lizards and are used today for all kinds of high-end breeding. See they work across the Red and Near-Infrared spectrum as a Single Point source, with very high power – the daddy, the OG of them all is a Philips R95-E, 100w Infrared bulb (there are better ones, now even more powerful), with a wide wavelength output starting at 600 and its power peak around 850nm to 1200nm (yes single point sources using metal elements cannot be tuned to single freq, only LEDs can). This is WAY, and I mean W.A.Y.  more powerful than a small array of 3-5w LEDs, and held close to your skin will inject the full red range into it at VERY high power, much as you need to be careful with how hot something this powerful gets (45’C is typical pain threshold on your skin), so you will need to be at least 10cm back overall, if not 20, (but no more) to stop it burning you. This is way more effective than the LED arrays, which will only be getting the benefit of 3-5watts. Get this… its very important if you want to USE RLT EFFECTIVELY.

Got that? Cool but there is another of these ‘trip hazards’ as well, one that hugely degrades the effect of RLT for the unaware. See, the light hitting your skin is typically modeled as ‘particles’ of light hitting your cells and charging them up, which is fine if you don’t need to know anything as its easy to understand, but that is not what actually happens… It is the wavelength that does the work in finding the right cells, which is the change in phase of the light hitting the cells THAT VIBRATES THEM, then the amplitude that gets them to ‘spit out’ the good stuff over a short time period. But then they stop… Yes, even with the same light source on them they only really react at the start, which is the reason everyone complains that prolonged exposure to light seems to make no difference. And they are right… see this is an evolutionary mechanism, it’s designed to work with constantly changing light conditions as your ancestors did not sunbathe, they moved, all the time. So RLT works best when that ‘change’ of resonance comes and goes, starts and stops, the cells literally react primarily at the start, so generate as many starts as you can ie the point source needs to move slightly all the time. Many people get some results anyway with static sources BUT TO A MUCH LESSER DEGREE but one of the key tricks to RLT is to move the source over your skin, as it also compensates for the pattern caused by multiple small sources being uneven in the way it stimulates even quite a small area. Yes, the best RLT has a hoovering type motion over your body, any low power source MUST have a protective cover (and big heat sink) that you then move either constantly or every few seconds. With low-power LEDs at 3w this needs to sit on your skin, with a traditional bulb this should be 10cm back, OK?

One final real-world bit to get this point across. Sunlight is VERY STRONG in comparison to this – at sea level direct sunlight hits about 1200watts per sq metre! Of that they say that about half 527watts is Infrared, 445watts is Visible Light, (with Red light at 600-700nm about 1/5 of that) and then UV at 32watts. Yep, those are the levels your (naked) body is used to dealing with for short periods of time, that is what you have evolved to ‘use’ or protect against, and why Sunbathing should be minimized… Don’t be a fool and expect RLT to work at ridiculously low power levels, and don’t be an even bigger fool and overdose on natural light that is way more powerful than you think in UV terms – it kills way more people on this planet every year than you know, with or without a tan, even if you don’t get cancer your skin will be destroyed by it… Sure, don’t get me wrong, be nearly naked and enjoy the summertime BUT slap on the sun factor, move around, look good naked with clothes, see stuff, swim etc etc, just don’t fucking lie down in it for 10hrs a day like a moron, and avoid the peak at midday (11-2pm is literally x2/x3 more power), leave that for the Mad Dogs and the Englishmen…

Now for 2nd part, the ‘advanced’ science one – Red Light therapy as a healing source is priceless because of ONE SPECIFIC, IRREPLACEABLE ASPECT that it does, that nothing else can do. See, in a very quiet way science has recently discovered that the overall mechanism of aging comes from the state of your BLOOD, which is defined by the state of your Bone Marrow BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE YOUR STEM CELLS LIVE AND WORK. The degradation of your Blood is what causes pretty much every other bad thing to happen, as the quality of your blood is what stops bad things from happening when you are young. Specifically the state of a group of cells that MAKE BLOOD, and how they degrade over time and make the marrow fatty and somewhat useless. Really not going to pick over this here as it would take several posts, but do know how important your BONES ARE overall, the ‘earth’ of your body – literally you grow both ‘in’ and ‘from’ your bones, particularly the big ones that do most of the blood work. This is true both naturally and supernaturally (as so many things are) and the correct use of you bones via posture work goes a long way to help them work with the tissues that surround and connect them. But in this case, we focus on the use of RLT to improve the quality of your Bone Marrow and hence your Blood.

So let’s focus on the key bit – the health of your Bone Marrow. When you are young your bone marrow is ALL RED, because it’s making blood all damn day long, and that is a GOOD THING, but then you age and it starts to get YELLOW, storing fat, and this is a BAD THING. Yeah, I know its a bit more complicated than that, however that is all you need to really know, indeed its all the ancients of this world cared about as you will see in countless places around the globe with the fondness of RED Skeletons all over the place as a symbol of supernatural power. Hell even the original ‘Pirate flag’ is a Red Skeleton before those fugitive Knights Templar changed it to a more recognizable Skull and Crossbones, mimicking their preferred burial practice, again as a sign of supernatural power… but I digress. Know that keeping your bone marrow Red and not Yellow is the big difference between the folks that can maintain youth and vitality into Old age (ie the 120years you can ‘technically’ manage as youthful) and being a decrepit, broken walking (more like sitting) corpse.

The top of the NIR light spectrum is the answer to this, much as you need to do other stuff as well, WITHOUT THE NIR hitting the interior of your bones at some decent level of received power you a fucked and will continue aging whatever else you do. That light will stimulate those stem cells to fight back, to do more and push back against the fat, freshening your blood in the process, making you younger again, if you can do it. Indeed, many MANY hidden spiritual practices focus on this mechanism almost exclusively, it just only a few have made it through to the West, White Skeleton meditation anyone? No? Thought not… Not for beginners that one. Anyway, I digress again – the key point is simply this, one of the key areas you need to use RLT is where your bones are closest to the surface of your body.

Yep, so this next bit you need a reasonable knowledge of both where your bones are in relation to your skin and what they actually look like, so maybe get yourself a decent pic or 2 before you try this, even a little plastic skeleton model should you wish to scare your significant others, then you will learn some stuff you really only think you know at present. Also know that the closest those stem cells are to the top of your bones is the spongy bit at the ends, so the stress on those bits from bad posture really ain’t doing you any favors, so maybe read those posts of mine again. GET THIS – it is your joints that matter the most, your chances of getting a decent level of power through the hard bone of your femur in the middle are almost zero. Yes, it is also the reason why so many dev practices seem to focus on areas where your bones are very close to the surface, particularly your SKULL, and why the ‘perfection’ of those areas makes such a dramatic difference to what other gifted folks can ‘see’, but your fingers also are an easy win for many of you. For now get the point, learn what you look like naked, at a skeleton level, it’s IMPORTANT.

Now for 3rd and the supernatural one (as you still incorrectly think of it) – Red Light as Energy also works on what we will call for now as your ‘energy body’ directly, without the transformation of any other process. Red Light is very close to the what we call the Light of Essence’, which will become a very important term later on but for now is mainly about the source of light in a spiritual sense, which is different to light you can see ‘with’, it is light ‘in itself’. See, light you see with is light that reflects off stuff and you see the results of, ie the reflections, you don’t actually see the light itself. The ancients figured this out a long time ago and actually built machines to see the light of ‘Essence’, but you don’t need to know any of that at the moment, as it would require you to Try with all of yourself and you are useless at that.

Now to cover this next bit I’m going to have to ‘skim’ it, ie not explain everything I’m saying as it involves the Karma discussion, which much like the energy centers one is WAY too technical to do here and totally unnecessary – as above the joy of RLT is that you can just do it agnostically. So, what you do need to know is RLT is a key external shortcut for using a more powerful type of light on your energy body, as that is where a great many things you have done are sticking to you, cursing you all the time, in a ‘Karma’ type way. RLT can be used to weaken these ‘debts’ so they are easier to bypass or remove, without having to pay them off, and that will make a big difference to your ‘willingness’ to practice, to your wanting to do it. The process of understanding this is part of actually doing it, so for now just think of the light dissolving the black bits you have stuck to yourself and that act as parasites, much as they are totally self-inflicted. Yep, RLT acts as a form of ‘power washer’, and directing at the right areas, say to the front of your armpit, your triceps, your lower back kidney sides, can have A DRAMATIC EFFECT on your REPRESSIONS, that you claim not to have, that you don’t even feel anymore, but everyone else think makes up the core of your personality, which can be quite annoying.

Quite apart from softening these often childhood repressions, you get an immense benefit from the improved energy flow in these areas that you will feel. See all major repressions you have will be strong enough to deform your body in some way, store fat or remove it is the easiest to see, but actually, the most common symptom is ‘pain’ and ‘coldness’ to the touch. That is where your ‘Stagnant Qi’ is hiding, where it has accumulated and is acting on both you and your environment in a negative fashion. The big daddy of all the locations this occurs in is your Diaphram, mid-way down your body between your lungs and stomach, the cavity wall, where something called ‘damp’ builds up because of a whole host of factors in childhood and beyond and is normally experienced by you as various forms of ‘Anxiety’, particularly those that ‘undermine’ you like grief. Using RLT together with positional manipulation (say single stretches) is VERY effective at dealing with this, indeed its one of the few practices I recommend for gifted folks with serious mental illness, particularly of the darker varieties, as it works VERY QUICKLY.

Yes, there are many other areas that fall into this quick and easy category, particularly around the back or neck but the reason all Left-hand path focus on this one is the problems associated with it STOP YOU PRACTISING. Indeed, over time you become crippled with self-doubt at a level that you cannot decide anything, even get out of bed, and you must avoid that… The benefits of ‘cleaning’ this area also include the key willpower improvements, where you can give yourself an order and then not revisit it, due to the removal of the shit under your diaphragm that is ‘making you’ revisit it, all the time, so is of particular benefit to all those OVER THINKERS out there, wasting their lives away. Fun fact for you – the Roman salute, now so terribly linked to the Nazis is VERY old, even before the Romans, and is based on the concept of slamming the flat of your hand into your chest in order to remove any momentary doubt or disobedience to what you have just been told to do before extending it out toward the commander. Yep, the terrible irony is that Nazis never actually used the correct version of this, they removed the actual benefit of slamming your hand on your sternum and just ‘hailed’ Cesare, as yet another one of their corruptions of an otherwise genuine and ancient practice.

Now I’m going to hit this Chest one again as I want you to understand that making this work is one of the Key ‘hooks’ for the gifted to get them on the development train, to make you practice – stop seeing this as stuff you read about and start seeing it as stuff you ‘DO’. Using RLT with manipulation in the Chest area is incredibly life-changing for many folks – removing the curse of damp under your arm pits and chest area can stop A LOT of recurring external situations in your life from acting out, as this damp is getting you to unconsciously act in a way that causes them, totally against what ‘you’ actually want. Yes, when folks are angry at you for no reason you can see, when they are demanding, when they cause you grief and unhappiness, particularly in close relationships it is often the result of this affliction you have – YOU are causing it, they are normally just a weak animal conduit for it, much as its a good way to tell they are an animal and therefore cannot overpower that feeling you are causing in themselves, as gifted folks have the power to both see it, and rise above it. Yes, sure, if you are a practicing Muslim and want to use the slamming your chest motion to lessen extreme grief in a funeral procession you should go right ahead, BUT the point I’m making is that this works in the moment, their is little or no delay to this one, that is WHY IT IS SUCH AN EXCELLENT HOOK FOR THE UNSCHOOLED GIFTED.

Indeed, for our new age friends in their Yoga classes the primary benefit you ‘feel’ after this class is the result of all the few side and back bend exercises that do largely the same thing, but sadly are very temporary as you tend to go right back to eating/drinking/doing the same shit that is causing the damp in the first place and without Red Light there is little or no overall reduction in the amount of it, just its ’emotional’ effect. Indeed, some types of sex and all drugs do exactly this type of relief, while overall actually making the problem worse afterward – what you are using to feel better in the moment actually makes you feel worse just after, as that type of sex also causes more ‘damp’ to build, which can drive many foolish folks slightly crackers by the time they are 35y/o. Note, should you have a highly released and challenging essence that chases Catharsis via sex it won’t remove that, however it will remove the External drivers of it, it will give you more power to exert that will of your own, give you the power to choose, make better decisions in relation to it, AND THAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT – you will feel a lot more in control, which will help both with the over thinking habit and your focus on changing.

Lastly, be clear – for rapid results using RLT on your Energy body you must both use a high power source AND manipulate the area. Manipulation by itself JUST gives temporary relief from the pressure of it, but a simple stretch combined with a strong RLT source will actively dissolve a piece of it, so the more you do it the more you dissolve. You must keep at it on a daily basis, as your diet will continually add to it and in time it is easy to think you have cracked it, so stop and then be shocked when it simply comes right back. The good news is that at a certain stage of development you can remove all of it AND prevent it from returning but that requires VERY good posture and overall health – you can become immune from this but it takes time, as you must clean it out first. For example the other key energy body area that I teach, your throat is a key one for being able to express yourself clearly, and therefore a key aspect for being able to change, but stretching alone works for literally no more than a few mins for many. With RLT on your throat you will notice an immediate benefit AND be able to maintain that benefit over the course of days, more if you keep it up, every day, even twice a day.

So that’s it for the explanations – you got this now? – the trick to RLT is to use a small handheld source covering both wavelengths that you place directly on or close to your skin and then move around for short period of time, hovering over a small area, say the size of your face for perhaps 30s-60s, while occasionally every 3-5s moving the light away from a specific point before moving it back again. Depending on your focus you can use either generic areas for overall health fixes, target low flesh over bone areas for Blood health, or small specific skin zones for spiritual health. Go that now? See I want this to work for you…

The ‘How to’ part now…

First, BUY A DECENT RLT SOURCE, as a handheld device, either a strong single point source Bulb or a LED Array Bulb. Remember the advice above re heat and distance for single point source bulbs but you will find them way more effective and easier at the start, it will just take more time to cover larger areas, and typically you will have to continually hold them, while an LED array can be left on your sitting on skin for a few mins. Honestly, it’s useful to have both, which you should be able to do for less than 60 quid on the internet, you can always listen to something while you lie still for 15mins with the LED array bulb sitting on the small of your back, as that is hard to do while holding it.

Then plan what you are going to do per session, don’t free-form jazz it, break it down into areas, times, and motion types. I find it helps to teach this in the 3 different types as above, 1) Health Issues (Skin focus etc), 2) Blood Issues (Bone Joint focus), 3) Spiritual Issues (Body Zone focus). Then pick 2 or 3 locations per type and do them separately, with as MUCH POWER OVER A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. You will need to be largely naked, by yourself with no distractions preferably on a soft, clean bed sheet. It helps a lot if you are super clean and warm BUT YOU MUST BE TOTALLY DRY, so if you cannot time that correctly keep the bath for after the session, as WATER DRAMTACIALLY REDUCES THE POWER OF ALL RLT. Yes, at a fundamental level you are trying to dry out here, so don’t fuck it up before you have even started.

Next you need to understand the phases of removing these problems mechanically, step by step, so you don’t fall into another of the major traps of failing with RLT, ie just lying there without moving, and expecting the light to do all the work QUICKLY. First you must define the whole area you are working on and warm it up, dry it out, so you don’t waste the RLT doing that for you. Then you must loosen, soften the ‘blockage’ in order that the RLT works fast, that it can break it up rather than deal with it as a whole, which takes ages and can be quite unpleasant. Then you cook it gently, using the RLT source in a moving but powerful fashion to melt it. Lastly you must move it and wash what you have moved away, you don’t just let it sit there and cool down, back to zero again. Yep, should you have already tried RLT I bet no one told you this did they..? Failure to do this is the No.1 reason folks fail even with good sources.

Next is the RLT routine: key watchword here is to maintain a total focus on yourself during this time, as you should do with all Self Care rituals.

  1. Prepare for RLT session by doing a simple deep relaxation by evoking a deep sense of relief while breathing easy and deeply for 10s while lying flat on the bed, whilst pulling your attention inwards to your whole body like an ever-decreasing circle of awareness on every exhale.
  2. Then for every area you are going to treat:
    1. You define the zone or mark or centre you are working on by stretching it out (as much as you can), usually 2 or 3 reps with a static hold for a few seconds at the max stretch, then you rub it quickly with the flat of your hand, until it reddens slightly.
    2. You then loosen the area by releasing the stretch and using your knuckles or one of those beautifying Asian roller devices if you prefer to move the flesh over the area slowly, but deeply for a solid 30s. This is particularly important for areas that are Sensitivity and/or Cold, but don’t mind that, do it anyway.
    3. You then treat the area depending on the type of RLT source, say for eg a strong single source Bulb you are 10-20cm away and you wave it back and forth slowly every 5-6s for approx 30-60s, being sure to turn it completely away before starting the next wave, pausing when you are directly over the area for 2s.
    4. Then you do a. again, stretch and rub with flat of your hand BUT this time you do some quick rapid exhales as you release the stretch. Do note any change of taste in your mouth when you do this, particularly a metallic one.
  3. At the end of the session, you should wash and dry your body quite aggressively if possible going over the key areas as much as you can. If you cannot just rub yourself down with a damp towel and then put said towel straight in the wash basket, don’t use it again.

Now the guidance on the areas to go after, broken into the 3 Types, but we try and be clever and cross over the work as much as we can – yes, you focus on one type at a time but if it relates to something else of a different type in the same area we prioritize it. Note you should not do more than 2 or 3 ones per type, 9 separate treatments as max at the beginning, to make the most of the targeting – RLT benefits your whole organism as well as the target areas but most folks NEED to work on specific areas first so lets not dilute the local effect by creating a whole body one, you need to see benefits of this to have some faith, eh.

Firstly Health work, focused on skin, wounds or pain areas, so this is simple. Look for marks, particularly ones that you don’t recognize making, ones that are either Red or Grey in color. Don’t include any in sexual areas and be very careful of one on your face, ie soften the first couple of treatments until the healing crisis passes (yes if you are 30 plus there is always a tendency for it to get slightly worse at the start when ‘all of it’ surfaces. If there are none of these then focus on recent wounds or old scars or areas where you have none specific ‘movement’ pain (like your lower back), not touch pain, as they are later. An additional focus can also be exercise-related pain, ie muscles rebuild, as the larger muscles often respond very well to RLT after a harder workout. Minor marks should respond within24hrs if you follow the correct routine above, major ones will take 1-2weeks. If these things don’t make any change in that time then go to the Doctor.

Second is Blood Marrow work, focused on joints close to the surface of big bones. There is no right answer to this so you might want to try a little trial and error but for most people knees and inner groin to both side of you hip joint can make the biggest difference at the start but many of lots of shoulder issues so start at top of your arms for that. Any joints that are painful is obviously a good sign to work on it so elbows or ankles should not be ignored. This is quite a focus for RLT, so don’t be shy about focusing on x2 areas rather than less focus on 3 or 4. However, be very careful with existing long-term damage on your back or legs, or official joint-related conditions, again if in doubt go to the Doctor.

Lastly Energy Body work, the most important use of this, focused on key spiritual issues, the common ones for the gifted. This is much more complex as its a huge Daoist area but at the beginning is very easy as Westerners typically all have the same basic problems, however much your gift varies. Therefore its easier for me to give you specific advice on set areas, much as later you will need to focus on your personal problems, using a good Daoist reference work that tells you the locations in your body these problems ‘live’. So the 4 ones everyone has due to society, diet, drugs and all-around hedonism (just pick 2 at the start, guidance highlighted in bold for my gifted female friends reading this and left plain text for the males…)

  1. Diaphram – Anxiety/Grief. Key to this one is to attack it from both sides and front with big Yoga style side bends and then sternum slaps and don’t be afraid to rub where it hurts, particularly at the sides in line with the sternum. There is a type of rolling stretch where you bend forward with upper back only and then try and roll the same angle all the way round that is great at hacking this, but focus on deep side bends that you hold for 5-10s too, as they can really unstick this area faster than anything else. Also be careful with your emotions on this one, it can be so bad in many people that any BIG issues with family level grief can bubble right up fast, so learn to enjoy that passing emotion, on the level that you are getting rid of it more and more every time it happens.
  2. Under Arms – Anger/Dominance. Key to this is to focus on the area at the front of your armpit down and to the level with your nipples, as it will really hurt, but is quite small, rather than deep under the armpit itself. Hands clasped behind your back and pushed down and back is best stretch for it. This area pisses off everyone who deals within specifically because its anger related, so look for that response in yourself and DO IT MORE WHEN YOU GET exactly the same way that you were doing when that feeling started, yes its fine to get mad as a release in this case, just try and stay as relaxed as you can.
  3. Throat – Poor Communication/Shyness/Self Sabotage. One of my favorite ones simply because it has VERY unexpected positive effects, folks feel like they just got smarter, even though this one is all about expressing the real you that has been there the whole time, bibles a big fan of this one too. Neck stretch is put your head right back while pulling your shoulders down, don’t sound like much but just try it… Don’t be scared to fry this area between your front mid neck and throat centre where the neck joins your chest, as it can be a very bad issue, you may be totally blocked in terms of your own ‘voice’, but often responds after first sitting. Be ready for all the odd comments about eating a dictionary or being stroppy after even a few days, but for a shy woman oppressed by their family, patriarchy, society there is not much better than this one, gives you a tremendous sense of power too, as a secondary element of the confidence you can talk your way out of anything.
  4. Lower Back – Lack of Willpower/Concentration. Key to this is to GO CAREFUL at first, as the Kidney area is VERY sensitive, particularly if you like alcohol in quantity (beer and wine) rather than quality (spirits). So be gentle, and focus as much as between these areas as the muffin top to the side of your Kidneys. Bit more time with your RLT source here often pays dividends too, really cook through the fat build-up. Best stretch is toe touches with legs stretched on a bed, that slowly become grasping the soles of your feet with your hands. Watch out for sudden urges to stop what you are doing to DO something else you have been meaning to do or you ‘just’ decided you really want to do, but keep on with it in exactly the same way without stopping. This is also one to use an array of LEDs on, as you can lie face down and let the lamp sit on your skin longer, given it has a good cover and heat sink.

Lastly, on the topic of target areas, there are 3 generic areas that DO EVERYONE GOOD TO FOCUS ON, particularly if there is nothing else you can see or feel is wrong:

  • Lower Belly, just below navel up and down along a 6inch dia circle, as a clockwise rotation. (use either LEDs or High power source)
  • High on your Forehead to Top of your Head, 4inch line from sensitive small depression just above the front hairline to the crown of your head (use LEDs for this).
  • Back of your Neck up to the base of your skull, and then horizontally across top of shoulder bone for about 6inch either side. (use high power single source for this but move your hair first…)

So that is how you do it… Just be careful at the start, eh. Try to make a ritual off it, a routine that is all about you, enjoy the ‘me’ time. Don’t suffer from it, see it as a special thing, a sacred thing, rather than just spending 15-20mins shining a light on yourself.

Warnings and Odd Stuff:

  • It is very common for gifted Hedonists to do everything right and still see slow progress at the start, get frustrated and give up. DON’T. The usual reason for slow progress of focus areas is THAT YOU HAVE A PERSISTENT UNLYING HEALTH CONDITION THAT YOU ARE EITHER NOT AWARE OF OR DON’T RATE AS IMPORTANT. Therefore all the healing power you are generating is rushing over to deal with this condition, and not going where you want it, BUT IS STILL DOING YOU A MASSIVE BENEFIT. There are many possibilities but common ones that dramatically slow spot healing in Gifted Hedonsists are persistent GUM DISEASE/excessive CANDIDA bloom, often from drug, high caffeine use, and/or the major decline in key ORGAN FUNCTION (Liver/Kidneys/Spleen) from alcohol abuse, and/or SEXUAL HEALTH issues caused by multiple, ‘low quality’ partners infecting you. ALL 3 of these dramatically affect the quality of your blood AND YOU NEED TO FIX THEM. A key ‘tell’ for this is that you already had persistent problems with otherwise minor knocks, marks or muscle pain that do not heal ‘normally’, for the same reason – your lymph drainage is already working overtime, you have little tone in your muscles, your skin feels tight but your body is ‘wet’, spongy, puffy which looks horrible. After you remove the normal dehydration and acidosis, try also starving yourself slightly for 2 or 3 days a week too if you are heavier than you would like, as these issues often add even more to the poor state of your health. DON’T STOP RLT, DO IT MORE – currently, you are unconsciously using up MOST of your gift to overpower these low-level conditions, which is a total waste and chokes off your ability to develop. FIX THEM INSTEAD.   
  • RLT is for the technicians of the world, the people you are hopefully becoming ‘one off’. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, don’t be one of the morons who pays a fortune for RLT stuff and then sits 3 feet away from it for 20mins expecting miracles. YOU MUST DO THE STRETCHING AND MANIPULATION if you want it to work fast, do the massage, otherwise the results you get will be random, depending entirely on what type of exercise you just did, how hot you are etc. GET NAKED AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE BONE DRY, make sure to be ‘focused’ on the area you are treating while feeling a deep sense of relief and relaxation. The shit you are trying to get rid is ‘stuck’ there, it does not want to MOVE, and your normal posture and body movements are actually HELPING KEEP IT THERE, protecting it – YOU MUST CHANGE THAT. And toughen the fuck up a bit, don’t worry if a sensitive hurts to massage, the fact that it hurts means it needs ‘fixing’, so FIX IT.   
  • In terms of times of the day the only big No NO is the last thing at night, because the clearance process does not work so well if you then go to sleep in the same area you just cleaned yourself in, much as it still gives results. First thing in the am is the best, as you wake up and make your bed afterward, but honestly go for a separate space if you can, a spare room or bathroom, that then allows you to wash away what you can. Anytime is better than no time, but ALWAYS make sure you are alone and totally focused on yourself – RLT is not a group activity and if you use a strong single-point source requires focus to do well and avoid burning yourself, so its not one to chat through, unless you are giving a demo.
  • Once you get into RLT, once you see it work, it is VERY common for a certain personality type to go look up ALL THE AREAS ASSOCIATED WITH THE DAOIST EMOTIONAL BODY MAPS ON THE INTERNET, and that’s fine – hell learn something today why don’t you. BUT, this is another new age focus point, as its simple enough to show and tell quite easily so there are a lot of morons who just publish other people’s stuff and know nothing. Please find a decent Daoist site and use as old a version of this as you can – personally I recommend Damo Mitchell’s stuff for beginners as he is very accessible for people who are not that interested in Daoism per se, but you will need to buy his books.
  • RLT is an excellent way to recover from the treatment of serious illness but as far as I know no one has made it effective enough to replace that treatment, SO GO TO THE DOCTOR IF YOU THINK YOU ARE ILL. Don’t expect RLT to ‘heal’ cancer, heart disease, lung disease out of the box. Don’t use it on moles you are worried about, go get them checked first.
  • Eyes are a funny one for RLT but focusing on your eyes as a treatment area is a BAD IDEA. Many folks prefer to cover their eyes with specific goggles much as there is no need JUST KEEP THEM CLOSED and just do your face, as that will also benefit your eyes. RLT can give VERY strange visual effect if you look straight at the source, quite apart from everything going Blue, which in case you did not know is a presage of death… Yep, you don’t want that.
  • Feet are also a funny one, much as I know several people who swear by their feet, ankle joints so give it a go if you wish. Its a strong cleanser of bad emotional problems they say, just be aware that the best results come from focusing on the soles of your feet at the sides, and toe joints, and the stretch (by your toes) needs to be very high (upwards toes) and low (fists with your toes) to work at all.
  • Backside is also a big area that is often neglected as it aids muscle recovery, just stop before your spinchter as that affects your sex centers and that is a NO NO. Many people have major ass issues through sitting and focus here can really help that, but sex centers don’t need sudden inputs of energy as the results are VERY unpredictable…
  • Heart is a big focus for many older people and that is fine but be sure you actually know where your heart is, as it tends to be further left in your chest than you think and feel it is. Be very conscious that this area as a small focus can really wreck your head also, so its only one to do in total isolation, when you have the place to yourself and no one will ask you awkward questions if you cannot stop crying for a while, much as that is an excellent Cathartic sign overall.
  • Mouth… yep, there is a current movement toward using RLT for dental pain, however I have only really seen it work well for gum disease (which through Alcohol use everyone has). You will need to open your mouth wide and move it a lot however to stop any heat build up, but otherwise its VERY effective.
  • Fat Loss overall is a very common new use of RLT however it does not suit the systems I have outlined above, and frankly needs much more expensive and powerful LEDs arrays to work, and I mean large 3000w panels that cost thousands and eat electricity. Just do the 5/2 diet instead and fast hard once a week work just as well, make you smarter too…
  • UV Skin damaged skin should not be touched with focused RLT, period. UV damage does very odd things to skin, and at a high level is very unpredictable, so don’t risk it, much as many places will tell you RLT works on UV damage it encourages a healing process that could end up looking worse, due to just how serious UV damage actually is to the skin structure. No one wants scales, they are for lizards…

Wash Up Now

  • Finding your real ‘voice’ is a big benefit of the Left-hand path as part of Being true to yourself as Essence, and RLT is an excellent way to start this process, as it works fast when you focus on removing your spiritual issues to let it out. HOWEVER, it can be VERY upsetting for the folks around you, who think they know you, and think this change will eventually remove them from your life. That may well be true, however at the start wait until you have found your feet – if you are going to remove folks from your life do it once and do it for good, so wait until you are strong enough to do that, don’t bounce around back and forth as that will just make it harder in the end, and they will fight you more when the end comes, much as you should always take out the pure parasites as a point of principle, as I have said before…
  • Don’t be surprised if you noticed a lot of general health improvement in areas that you are not focusing on, particularly if you get into it and start doing it twice a day, every day, hitting it hard on 7-9 areas at a time. The good stuff this generates travels, and even the blood work in one area will affect the other bones in your body too, causing an uptick in your vitality overall. Just use this vitality to do more good development stuff, don’t piss it away on more hedonism…
  • Try not to combine areas together of different types. Over time you will notice a tendency to spend more time on certain areas because ‘you want to’, and often stop other areas because they don’t seem bad anymore. Its fine to cover the same area for different purposes, but be led by your gut with this stuff. Obviously, some like ‘heat’ and some not so much but the closeness and moving combination can be made to work for anyone, so find a way to do it you feel fine with, move it more at the start BUT WITH A POWERFUL SOURCE ALWAYS TRY AND KEEP IT WITHIN 20cm.
  • Take some pics at the start of any marks, see the difference and help convince you if it works. Know that if you can’t remove stubborn marks even after several weeks you need a better RLT source, or spend more time on calming down at the start or go to the Doctor.
  • Don’t do this practise when you are agitated, excited or feel very stressed, its kills its effectiveness. Isolate yourself and try and forget everything else as that will weaken the hold over you some of this shit has – all self care rituals really only give the best results when you are 100% focused on yourself.
  • Go very easy on your joints at the start, particularly your Knees, pick the problem ones first, particularly if they ‘click’ a lot, as that clicking is actually caused by a toxin, and will build up more and more at the start as the flow of that toxin is actually improved when you first start. Again, its a good sign you are draining it away, so don’t worry. HOWEVER, if the pain you are feeling gets worse you should leave the area for a while to let it settle down, and then start again very lightly later, as the toxins might be VERY strong there and need more time.
  • Some folks find a dramatic improvement just doing their fingers, as its much easier for the RLT source to penetrate, and their hands were more of a problem than they thought – your hands and fingers do way more than you know in terms of your Energy body, hence why many Eastern traditions focus on very specific Mudras (finger positions) in meditation.
  • Obviously go very easy on your face, much as it the area where you can make the biggest difference in one or two sittings.
  • Buy an Asian hand roller, pinch wheel if you don’t like knuckly massage, and many folks don’t.
  • Use said pinch roller to go effect on your underarm, front of chest area, particularly if you start to see fat striations, decreased but lengthening of body fat deposits, as that means you need to attack them from different angles – it is a stubborn area.
  • Don’t use RLT on your sex centers. EVER.

And that is it really, get one or two RLT sources off the internet and give it a go. Results are directly proportionate to effort and time but you will find there is a set of areas that work best for you, depending on your problems. Good luck…

Lastly, a couple of bits, odd stuff just in case this is ‘you’… Some folks don’t like using speed-ups, short cuts as they believe they don’t work, or are dangerous, or are just fads, And sometimes that, and worse is true, they are mistakes, and some of them are irreversible. For example the current craze (even amongst 4th wayers) for using South American teas and the like to have radical experiences directly from the subconscious, which actually achieves little or nothing in terms of development, as with all drug-induced states – they fry your brain to varying degrees. RLT is not like that, RLT works and is safe, and if you knew how to read ancient temples and monuments you would see that versions of it have been practiced almost continually since the dawn of time, much as we have a particular fondness for Akhenatens version from 3500 years ago. RLT is just a modern version of it, just as fixing your PSOAS is a modern version of yoga designed to deal with the problems created by the chair/sitting lifestyle. Nothing has changed except the context we are teaching it in, so we don’t reject it because it’s new, we know its actually ancient stuff, just if you are a paler skinned westerner you have been denied its benefits up to now, so here is an easy and safe way to do it…

And do try and understand – should you be gifted there will be a lot wrong with you, it is unavoidable, particularly if you have chosen the path of the hedonist. You accumulate emotional problems, habits, repressions, griefs, and constrictions from childhood and those need to go. Later Catharsis will take them and use them for you, but for most the amount of them is so great and the nature of them so ingrained in your personality that its just impossible to get started, without an aspect of desperation getting involved. One of the big reasons we love RLT is that it allows you to achieve the same type of results at the start, to voluntarily shed bits of yourself that the desperate are so happy to do, but without any of the destructive self-hatred that usually comes with that attitude. YOU need to START somewhere, and this ‘somewhere’ works for MANY hedonists way more effectively than many of the other starting points I have offered you so far, primarily because you see it as a fad, and suits the current social media age of one bloody fad after another… Get it..? You can ‘DO IT’ from where you are right now with no effort at all, have fun buying the stuff, even talk about it to others, post it up on Insta if you really want to. Just don’t tell anyone why you are really doing it, eh…

However, truth be told I know this post will only actually be ‘attractive’ to an even smaller target group than normal, usually to women in their thirties who wish to hold back the sand of time and see the spiritual side as a hazy benefit – if you are male you have been brainwashed by society not to engage in daily self-care rituals outside of the gym, much as that is now turning back again. And that is fine, if it gets some of you to do something then that is a good thing. Just maybe consider this last bit, particularly for all the secret Harry Potter types out there – RLT is one of the few things that I have written so far than can do the ‘magic’, have supernatural results as you currently believe it, at the start and very quickly. When you experience this, the change of it, when you ‘notice it’ and choose not to dismiss it as just one of those things, it can be the real, solid hook you can then build your own spiritual practice on. YOU NEED THOSE HOOKS, those rituals to make progress, so when they happen, however bizarrely they may come about, don’t dismiss them just because they don’t fit with your model of what spirituality is, don’t laugh them off. Do it, then DO IT some more, change and then change some more, as just reading this post does absolutely nothing…

So yes, using RLT will change you, spiritually. It does this by removing elements of ‘you’ that are unconsciously controlling aspects of your life. It weakens and destroys them. So don’t worry about what they are, just know they are there, as a form of blackness that is sticking to you, stuck just under the surface, and go to work. To be candid, many if not all of you will have major issues with your Diaphram through the ‘damp’ caused by Alcohol abuse, particularly if you drink alcohol in quantity (Beer or Wine) EVERY DAY in your 30s+ as your will ALREADY have LIVER DISEASE, at least stage 1, if not stage 2 as your liver does not get time to regenerate – stage 3 is terminal inside 5years even with treatment. This is the major cause of all your anxieties that you then drink to feel better about – it is a terminal feedback loop, and that is a BAD thing, even though the gifted don’t tend to get any symptoms until stage 3, when is TOO LATE, because of your gift YOU still feel ok. You should focus on this area at the start, period, and I mean twice a day every day, making sure you go 3 days a week without ANY DRINK, no binge drinking at all and switch to spirits mixed as long drinks, NOT shots. It will give almost immediate relief from anxiety, all the way to putting a major dent in any ‘crisis of meaning in life’ you may be experiencing, a particularly unpleasant fate that waits for many highly gifted but unschooled female hedonists as they get older. Hedonism as a ‘journey’ always works this way, when the sex and alcohol and cheap thrill lifestyle you use as a temporary cure for anxiety stop working, when your parasite count builds and builds, when you start to ‘fray at the edges’ as your delusions begin to crumble yet have nothing ‘real’ to replace them with, when your Doctor gets scared and offers you the high strength pills and ‘refers’ you to cover themselves legally… But no matter – that was then and this is now.

So why not choose to be a Surgeon of your soul, knowing that your health covers way more than just how you look and feel physically. Using RLT to ‘operate’ on yourself is a great way to SEE HOW ALL OF THIS IS LINKED TOGETHER. So give it go eh… Far better this than just ‘coping’, better than being strong, better than choosing to eat your own body weight in pasta every w/e, better than a bottle of wine every day, better before you routinely have to fetishize sex to enjoy it, better than experimenting with your own sexuality, better even than ‘talking therapy’… So dry out and drain the cesspool, then many if not all of your life’s little recurring problems will simply disappear – it is dangerous to ‘swim in them’, less one little fall in life causes you to lose your balance and drown in them. Yes, you are special, a goddess in training, but in the sense of this post know that actually makes you more vulnerable to these issues, you generate more of this shit. Yep, right now the only expression of your gift you are conscious of is probably just overthinking and overpowering emotions, which will have made you stronger, so you can ‘cope’ way better than others, so you are braver, you are ALWAYS OK, you ‘don’t need anyone to save me..’. Truth is you do, everyone does at the start, even if the start just means you pause for a moment and stop digging…

So, to help with this I have included the Blood Work fix in this post – the secret bone work focus for RLT is actually the most important of the 3 types of work, because that uptick in vitality has the ability to ‘snap you out of it’, out of your head, to bring you back to yourself quickly. See, all these coping behaviors you currently do have a cumulative effect of making you delusional, you get stuck in an imaginary world, where you think all this coping crap is real life. However admirable it is to be able to be fine in the darkest circumstance, to be able to re-invent what just happened, even totally make it up in order to cope with unpleasant events, parents, lovers, friends, jobs, villains, parasites, in order to be ‘right’, to get your own back, it is a huge mistake to live their all the time. This ‘need’ to delude yourself to cope becomes your number one ‘role’ in life quite quickly, you are no longer ‘in the room’, even when you have the sex you imagine a better version often with better people just to cover over the otherwise ‘averageness’ of it all. So know this imaginary life, where you compensate, where everything is better, including you, is actually your number 1 problem, the number 1 waste of yourself, of your gift, and that is what we are trying to fix here.

I said this many different ways before in other posts but let’s spell it out… As a ‘happy hedonist’ you are probably a very good candidate for spiritual practice because you have some level of gift that can be developed, as that gift is the actual reason ‘why’ you are a ‘hedonist’. However, a very common side effect for the unschooled gifted is the tendency to use mental delusion, your natural mental strength that comes from your gift, to believe and convince yourself you are fine, whilst actually being totally lost, totally at war with yourself, totally on ‘edge’ – this is why you are ‘happy’. It has become a particular problem in the last 30-40 years as both the availability and normalization of strong drugs means you can actually go on fooling yourself way longer than ever before, indeed you can live in a bizarre fantasy world until your death should you wish it and many do. This behavior pattern is one of the greatest destroyers of the gifted, hence why so VERY much of my writing aims to burst that particular bubble before it is too late, because one day it WILL BE TOO LATE.

Be clear – when you get desperate enough to want to practice against your own opinions/interests, frankly desperate to try anything because of your weakness, illness etc, IT IS ALREADY TOO LATE – THAT IS WHAT THIS KIND OF DESPERATION IS FOR THE GIFTED. Constant, low level desperation is the feeling you are left with when your gift is largely gone, when you have pissed it away to the extent that it cannot be recovered, ever… Do you get this? Desperation is the flashing alarm, the blaring ‘siren’ that is telling you all the feed water has GONE and the reactor is about to blow, so all that folks like me can do then is put out the fire and ‘comfort’ you, there is nothing left to work with. So, this is one way I can get you to ‘actually’ practice before you actually ‘want to’, in anticipation of these horrible things happening to you if you don’t, GET IT? I must get you to GO AGAINST YOURSELF before you are actually able to do it, GET IT? I MUST SNAP YOU OUT OF YOUR DELUSIONS, and that effort is the whole point of this blog frankly, why I always actively discourage the desperate from reading this as there is no point. You HAVE TO START BEFORE YOU ARE DESPERATE, ILL, DEPRESSED, ADDICTED, otherwise this stuff won’t work, even for the gifted – the left-hand path is NOT a CURE for the SICK, it is an EVOLUTIONARY PATH for the gifted. Please cleanse your mind of the ‘normal’ Right-hand path being what ALL spirituality is about, you need to look at this all differently now…

So GET THIS… RLT is one of the very best ‘bridges’ into spiritual development because of what we refer to as this ‘desperation trap’, it appeals to the VANITY of the gifted few WAY earlier than the desperation usually kicks in, usually around the same time the gifted start to notice they are obsessing about certain things, getting old, acting strange, getting a bit ‘freaky’, keeping ‘secrets’ and crucially, getting more and more bored… RLT is therefore a gateway, an entrance, a wide gate if you will, into practice proper for THOSE WHO DON’T WANT TO DO IT YET. You can’t WAIT until you are ‘sick’ to follow the Left-Hand path, that is what the Right Hand path is for. Understand now? 

So here it is, the answer to those GIFTED who cannot yet go against themselves, laid as a simple ‘self-care’ ritual that you can add to the many other ones you already do.. Easy eh? But even if you are not ready even for something this easy, do try and understand that everything has happened before, so we ‘know’ this, and frankly ‘just’ understanding that, understanding ‘what’ you are and ‘where’ you are on this well-trodden path can often be very helpful in getting you to the next stage, snapping you out of the other major ‘secrets trap’. You have no secrets, there is nothing new under the sun, I have seen it all before, MANY TIMES – I know what ‘has happened’, I know ‘why it has happened’, and I know ‘what is going to happen’. But ‘just’ shaming you with that won’t work by itself – any form of humiliation tends to make you even MORE delusional, your ego HAS to cling to your fantasies like a lifebuoy, doomed to finding any way to make it ‘ok’, make you right – SO YOU HIDE IN THE NORMAL. In reality, you must ‘know that’ truth, yet find other ways to ‘face it’, ways like this, this realization that you are actually a ‘stereotype’ of your kind, who has so far done their ‘best’, you just did not know any better ‘best’ at the time, but now you do. So know there is very little shame in your past – you cannot punish a scratchy, scared ‘stray cat’ for being a ‘stray cat’, that is all they can do, it’s instinctive, BUT choosing to ‘be’ a stray cat when you know better is just ONE MORE PLACE TO HIDE, so you are ‘safe from yourself’, you can remain ‘blameless’. Kinda pathetic really, to pretend you are ‘feral’ just because it’s easier than the truth, don’t you think?

But let’s face it, you are not even that good at hedonism anymore, are you, its all got a bit ‘middle class’ has it not, like cueing in an orderly fashion at some music festival with the 40 year old marketing execs to get a ‘spontaneous’ pic to post, all a bit creepy, trite, formulaic, ‘fake’ – yep, the modern hedonism for fantasists, for ‘gamers’ as a ‘targetable’ demographic segment, ‘aspirational’ hedonism for normal folks… just sad as FUCK. Hey, at least ‘you’ have done it all eh, you’re the OG of your peer group… so maybe now you have done it enough for it to ‘bore’ you? So maybe you have looked around and discovered there is something MUCH BETTER to do with your gift than hedonism, and here is how to do it… Don’t get stuck in your rut, don’t hide from it, don’t regret the past, don’t miss it, don’t cringe with embarrassment about ‘who’ you had become – NO ONE CARES, as you are not worth caring about, yet. So far its all part of the predictable journey of the unschooled hedonist, its not even interesting, just see it as what it is and know the value of ‘what’ you are is still probably enough to DO MUCH BETTER than that, as we have already done it…. So I write this blog, the rest is up to you, but know that all the gifted have to face up to it, one way or another, in the end… might as well get used to it now, eh? Ahhh, well… think about it anyway, really is nothing to lose now, and time is short, just try and avoid the self-absorbed, weak ass, existential crisis of ‘thinking’ you are giving up ‘a walk on part in the WAR… for a lead role in a CAGE…’ (RIP Syd Barret) – ITS THE OTHER BLOODY WAY ROUND. Indeed, the fact that you even think your current schizophrenic little lifestyle MERITS the luxury, the DIGNITY of such CATHARTIC thoughts is a source of some amusement to us, however well-read you were in your youth – you are simply NOT YET ‘ENTITLED’ BY ‘NATURE’ TO ASSUME SUCH EMOTIONAL DEPTH, YOU ARE WHAT ‘YOU’ ‘DO’ AS IT ‘SHOWS’ HOW YOU ‘FEEL, IT SHOWS THE ‘LEVEL’ OF THOSE FEELINGS’. So not very deep at all then really, eh? Yep, all such ‘self-entitlement’ is nonsense as its FAKE, it has to be REAL to count, you must feel that depth, not just the tedious, instinctive mood swings of one more little ‘stray cat’. See, that depth is basically your ‘level’ in this world, that depth MATTERS – WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PRETEND TO HAVE LESS?

Finally, I know many of you will find this ‘perfection as a process’ approach to spirituality VERY wearing, much as you should NOT confuse this advice with the meaningless morality of society, the Left-hand path is about ‘balance’ –  we are grown-ups here, you are expected to take responsibility for yourself not wander cluelessly like a child, totally reliant on others. No one cares if you drink or take drugs, but you must find a balance to maintain a GOOD standard of health on every level if you are going to develop yourself, otherwise you simply sleepwalk into mediocrity. Yet you may believe that you can do whatever you wish, including make up your own version of what ‘spirituality means to you’, changing it on a day by day basis to suit whatever mood swing you are dealing with, like a fluffy new ager. And that is fine, as long as you now accept ‘you’ are READING THE WRONG BLOG, because you, like the majority of people reading this will not be able to do it. Indeed you will find this threat to your existing values of ‘life long fear’ and ‘momentary self interest’, plus your vague life goal of whatever today’s version of society’s’ cool lifestyle’ is, so bloody ‘toxic’ that it will actually upset you. You will ‘resent’ us ‘preaching’ to you because it does not suit you, resent us telling you to do things you know you could NEVER do, instead of ‘seeing’ we are actually ‘helping you’ with all this free guidance in a way that actually interests the real you. See we know this is the path of the ‘Aristo’, of ‘evolution’, what life is actually about for the GIFTED, who ALWAYS COME TO LOVE THIS APPROACH ONCE THEY GET USED TO IT, it becomes their whole life, SO WE MUST GET YOU USED TO IT ASAP. ‘You’ should also get now that one of its greatest strengths is that normal people rebel against it, even hate it very early on simply BECAUSE they KNOW they simply can’t do it, no matter how ‘desperately’ they chase that gift in others. Trust me, if you already feel that the perfectionism of these posts is too much for your own weakness, then REALLY stop reading them now, its going to get a lot worse from here on in, better to go back to normal I’d say, stick to your ‘society’, find some more ‘comfort’, eh.

Anyway, think I’ve worked hard enough to sell the gifted on RLT now, proposed just for ‘you’ as the ‘easy way in’ to the left hand path… Hope you don’t mind all the ‘over confidence’, all the ‘positioning’, all the drama of it – know however forced and OTT ‘you’ find this ‘pitch’ to be, it is all well-meant to help you. So, hope you don’t mind if I ask a favour, just for me – ‘TRY IT’, remind yourself there is no point in hiding from ‘yourself’, you don’t have any secrets, and, frankly my dear, its time to ‘start’, as it never gets any easier than RLT. Yes, this post is the last resort, the last time I’ll ever try and convince those who don’t yet want to try to actually ‘start’ – there is nowhere else to go, so this is the last time I’ll use multiple angles, multiple hooks to catch you, the last attempt at ‘bottoming fishing with a drag net’. To damn lazy even for RLT? – gifted or not if you have no respect for yourself, for your health, then there is ‘no point’ to you, you are just another tiny part of the background ‘hiss’… sorry, but the rest of us need to get on now.

Quote to end as always – a genius at his most practical, for once, a man who had to face his own darkness and USE IT, while still finding a way to tell us all what he had done without destroying himself and his family. Understand this and you know what this post is actually about, no matter how ridiculous your unconscious ‘behavior’ is – what you choose to ignore sticks to your dumb ass and kills you anyway…

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung




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