Following on from Bare feet we have something that is almost as important, but for very different reasons – using sitting still to develop your willpower, to help develop POWER OVER YOURSELF.

You do this by identifying nervous ticks you have and stopping them dead, by sitting still. You won’t succeed at first but through some basic tricks you should be able to within a few days.

Short and sweet as with all basics, this one is about unconscious habits, and in that sense its also touches on a secondary goal of starting to stop energy leakage, as that is what nervous ticks are.

Make no mistake, this is about using your willpower, developing ‘your’ POWER OVER YOURSELF, OVER your EGO. So it don’t matter how ‘harmless’ what you do is, how pointless you see it, how much comfort you get from your nervous tick, choose 2 or 3 and STOP doing them, by sitting still.

Now this is STUNNINGLY easy, but at the start how easy or hard you find it is totally dependant on how much willpower you have. Some folks cry off, even saying these things give them such and such comfort when they are nervous, they help them cope.. Really…? reality is that these things are actually keeping you nervous you fool, you need comfort do the Ride, and stopping giving into yourself every time like a dick.

Good idea to understand the context of this one, of using yourself to overpower the uncontrolled movements and habits that are outside your control at the time. These things soak up a colossal amount of your daily lifeforce when done outside of your control, they are literally eating you. When you stop them you will start to get that energy back. Also notice which situations in your life these things occur, about what makes you nervous, timid, as there is clearly something you need to act on. Your ticks are a form of Ignorance, at a low level, and like all forms of Ignorance should be stopped…

Be clear, by ticks I mean swinging your leg, tossing/spinning your pen, doodling, flexing your knuckles, anything frankly that is a tick, a unconscious pattern of minor behaviour you do over and over again for NO REASON what so ever.

When choosing these things to purposefully stop doing, go for the ones that others have commented on, that some find annoying. Go for the ones you remember doing as a child. Go for the ones you have done for years, that you often find yourself doing without consciously starting them, without actually noticing you did them.

Go for the ones that are not one hit wonders, something you do once and then forget, they are very low threat. Something you can do for hours is WAY more draining, way more effecting. For me as a kid I used to throw long bladed knives around, tossing them up and down in elaborate patterns and catch them for hours on end. Took me several weeks to break it after some strict Zen guidance.

So how to do it? Two ways, use either or both, there is no value in the method for this one..

First whenever you catch yourself reaching for the object or starting the movement STOP dead in you tracks and hold your breath as hard as you can in your stomach. Don’t need to inhale/exhale or pick a point in the cycle, JUST STOP BREATHING and count mentally (in your head..) for 5 to 10secs and the desire to do the tick should ebb away quite quickly. Then just sit still for a few minutes and do the Ride, feel the thrill of doing the Ride. This is the best way.

Second when you catch yourself reaching for the tick in some way, moving etc STOP and look at it, feel it if you can, and then do something different that the normal tick, move in a different way then stop. So don’t toss your pen or move your leg, reposition them on the desk or in the chair in away that is MUCH harder to start doing them again, like you are locking them in place. Then sit still for a few minutes and do the Ride, feel the thrill of doing the Ride.

Some folks, particularly with VERY low willpower do these together at the beginning and it helps. You can of course do neither and just STOP DOING THEM ANYWAY. Up to you..

Lastly, one of the greatest benefits of doing this, particularly for folks with high libidos is just how shocking they find that they can’t quickly stop these behaviours, as they contain no drugs, no stimulants, they are simply ‘comforters’ in your mind – they are mental replacements for the dummy their mummy kindly gave them as toddler. And how sad is that..

The answer is, of course you can stop them, its fecking easy.. you just need to start to break the hold over you the ego has, and this is one of the best WAYS TO MAKE THAT REALLY BLOODY OBVIOUS TO YOU.

So crack on boys and girls, nothing to loose and everything to gain with this one, could not be simpler..

Quote to end as always.. this time a ‘basic’ one, from a self made superstar in his day, so obsessed with sex and love that Augustus eventually thought it better to banish him to the Black Sea, where he died of shame.

Habits change into character. – Ovid



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