4th Secret: Spiritual Character – Religious or Royal

An important Secret on the 4th way, first of a set of 3 that define the tools of the trade, with Posture and Attention. And the good news is…. we have no list of moral precepts for you, those are for animals, this is all about developing character ‘automatically’..

So, this follows on from how to look at spirituality on the Left Hand path – please read that post in the basics category again if you don’t recall it. Best be aware, we are starting to get into the ‘tall grass’ of the left hand path now, so it’s time to turn it up a notch, time to take the stabilizers off. Don’t get me wrong, this is not the mountains of sexual alchemy, not the forest of Qi harvesting, we have not even crossed the river of energy manipulation, yet. But it is time to start showing you some things that you won’t recognise at all, much as I going to try to show you why you ‘should’ recognise them. In the meantime, prepare for this to get a little more subtle, finessed, nuanced now – bit less with the slap, bit more with tickle..

Know that this method should truly underline why the left hand path is for you.. for the gifted, cause it won’t really work unless you are… Its about what that means in terms of your Character, which is all about ATTITUDE. It’s about your attitude ‘toward’ spirituality… and as such it’s about ‘Reverence’, as all spiritual attitude is at the beginning. It’s about changing your ‘opinions’, your character so you can start to ‘live’ this stuff, instead of just ‘reading’ about it, cause at the moment you are simply looking at spirituality through a pair of binoculars, way out there in the safe, comfortable distance. And that’s no fun is it?

Therefore I’m going to try and change your Attitude, your ‘stance’ toward yourself. This is necessary because the current attitude you have to yourself is the same as the one held by the ‘herd’, in the modern day slave culture we all live in.. in the culture of ‘working to better yourself’ that is the capitalist mantra of the modern world, much as ‘they’, the elites, the modern day ‘Royalty’, don’t of course. They have a VERY different attitude toward themselves…

Secret no4: You must CHANGE YOUR CHARACTER BY CHANGING YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARD SPIRITUALITY. And to do that you must get just how much ‘you’ are being held back by your distorted opinions, that make up your current attitude toward spirituality. From there is a short step to ‘deciding’ to be different, to thinking differently, to change your attitude, to engage actively in the world of spirit, the real world by using the attitude of REVERENCE to become SELF POSSESSED.

Easy ehhh? Sorry.. so let’s break it down for you…

This is a simple secret, an easy one to ‘do’, but a hard one to grasp. It’s here for a VERY GOOD reason.. as someone who is gifted, you won’t really be able to explore that gift fully unless you do grasp this. So, this has to be relatable in the here and now, and Spiritual attitude in the here and now is about becoming SELF POSSESSED, about taking the reigns of yourself, about deciding and making THE change. It’s about slapping that useless, self destructive, mediocre crap that is your current character in the teeth and taking back control.

Now, as I have already said, this path is different, it’s not normal spirituality as you understand it in the western world, as that is distorted by the dominant form of today.. organised religion. So first and foremost let’s just shatter the major illusion about spirituality you have – be very clear about this – real spirituality, ultimately, is a form of ‘Personal Excellence’, its a form of self development, with NO MORAL connotations what-so-ever. Got that..?

All focus on self development, on EXCELLENCE in yourself comes from the character of the SELF POSSESSED, and the spiritual method for this is called Reverence, TO REVERE YOURSELF. Right now, with NO spiritual attitude at all, with no Reverence at all, ‘you’ are little more than ‘self obsessed’, scattered to the 4 winds by every little bullshit thought, emotion and mood state that happens to ‘you’, that you believe is ‘you’. You judge yourself, often dislike yourself, maybe even hate yourself a little, and that’s a bad thing in the Left Hand path, that’s the mantra of Original Sin, on being born unclean and needing to change to become spiritual. When you think about spirituality ‘you’ compare yourself to a set of Moral precepts that you kinda think IS Spirituality. However effective that is as a device for adoption of a spiritual attitude (and it is for many..) its not the real thing, its a method, aimed at animals, that has got out of control and lost its original purpose.

And its just not for you is it… ‘Sorry, and all that, but I just don’t feel it’, you say. ‘I’m not a ‘holy’ kinda person, I’m not ‘good’, I don’t believe in God, so none of this is for me’, you say… Indeed, you don’t ‘believe’ in Spirit, in the supernatural, yet, so you are just not Reverent, cause you don’t see why you should be..

Now, these opinions largely destroy any hope you have of making rapid progression on the left hand path, because they are wrong. Never underestimate just HOW MUCH anything you see as spiritual is linked, in your mind, to the organised church, to Christian ‘morality’, to the science delusion, to Western humanism. And its all one big fat lie, you have been conned..

Morality continues to dominate Western thought, to dominate ‘society’ via the media, yet in reality these choices are yours to make, NOT FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO TELL YOU. What exists in the written form in ancient spirituality as a sort of fail safe, as a guide to what you should be aware of, which is useful until you actually become aware of it. Indeed, that guide is there precisely BECAUSE Virtue, more correctly ‘Virtu’, or ‘De’, as the Daoist’s call it, means just Spiritual Power, and has no moral connotations. Those were added to actually stop religious people, making VERY poor choices…

So ‘morality’ is the wrong bloody character, the wrong attitude for YOU, for the ALL the gifted. And you know this already… but sadly you have also rejected ANY spiritual mind set by rejecting this one, thrown the baby out with the bath water, simply because you don’t know you have a choice, you don’t know a different one actually exists…. But read on, cause I’m going to tell you about it, about the fact there are actually 2 different attitudes toward spirituality, to be ‘Religious’ OR to be ‘Royal’. And you need the other one..

As you may know, reverence in the classic Right hand path usage means total, unquestioning respect, to show respect by acting ‘with’ respect, by humbling yourself in front of God, because of the awesome divine power that ‘he’ has.. to be actually scared of God – to be Religious. But that is NOT what we, or the original spiritual traditions of the world, mean by Reverence. We mean to ‘Adore’ without judgement of any kind, to be kind, to offer unconditional adoration, just because a thing ‘is’, for no reason other than it pleases you, it ‘inspires’ pleasure to be adoring, it ‘inflames’ you. So we mean how you treat your Idols, your hero, your crush or mistress, and especially, your treasured, beautiful little pets, NOT the cowering, moral awe you regard a ‘creator god’ with, that’s for livestock.

See, we mean to be Royal.. This specific quality of your Attention, to ‘adore’ is a very, VERY powerful thing, should you be gifted.. and you really should be using it ON YOURSELF. See Adore is one of those wonderful, secret Latin words that we have via the French, that actually means to Pray, with feeling. To Pray with Power.. to ADORE. I’ll write more about attention as a Secret later.. specifically about the use of attention to ‘valorise’ yourself, one of the best things you will ever learn, but for now keep front of mind how you feel when you have in the past been moved to ‘ADORE’, something or other.

To repeat, previously your attitude toward spirituality in ‘yourself’ was dominated by your understanding of the Right Hand path. That attitude is about Reverence for ‘God the farther’, about respect for a spiritual power you don’t really believe in, have no knowledge off and is consequently no use to you at all… That attitude is religious, its for the God squad, for the ‘Jesus saves’ crowd, for fake politicians and holy than thou media types… Its not for folks like you, your not remotely MORAL are you, you don’t even know the 10 commandments off by heart, or even that there are actually 613 commandments, though thankfully you only need to observe 271 of those in this day and age… Phew..

See the 4th way is NOT ‘religious’, it’s not moral, not about worshipping, as that is for people who have no choice, that is for slaves, for ‘soldiers of Christ’. You do have a choice, you are gifted, so you can do this right, should you choose to, because you are a Warrior, a Goddess in training… You have the capability, the power to be ‘Royal’, in the ancient sense of the word… and that is how you need to start to look at yourself. See the ancient sense of the word Royal ACTUALLY MEANT Gifted, gifted with a spiritual power or ‘Genius’ (look it up..) that allowed you to do things other people could not. All that Royal regalia, the crowns, the jewellery, the spectre, those are all symbols of spirit as it manifests on the most gifted, that’s what those things are an actual representation off, what they actually mean. And that stuff is universal, even ancient cultures thousands of miles apart used the exact same representations of Royal POWER, back in the day.

Yeah, I know, still not sure…. too bigger leap to believe in this eh? Well, consider this.. you don’t really believe in anything, do you? At best you believe in some form of ‘Society’, in that the modern humanity is Civilised (whatever the fuck that means…) has a system that ‘entitles’ you to be protected, clothed and fed, and that you have some basic freedoms, all underpinned by the science delusion. And this has existed, to a greater of lesser degree for JUST the last 200 plus years, since the dawn of the industrial age, we all still currently live in, totally replacing the previous sense of wonder that everyone used to have, as pretty much everything about life was supernatural, there were no scientific explanations. Science has made spirit redundant, unnecessary, you don’t need it anymore, or so you think…

Now, I’m not going to go on about this lack of belief on your part, frankly its your problem to solve, but just to give you some direction – today you don’t have any real concept of human spirit, it only survives in modern society as a way of coming to terms with death, as science actually avoids looking too close at death, for very good reasons, ie its own survival as the dominant force in the world. But, when you DO look at death, when you understand, as science does not want to, that there is a ‘life force’ that animates everything with ‘consciousness’, that no machine or drug can replace, then you kinda have to think there is ‘something’ else. Therefore you HAVE TO ACCEPT that you don’t know what that is. Once you accept this bottom line, you are in the game, cause you have to accept that all this ‘spirit’ stuff ‘could’ be true..

So the point is this, you need to become aware of that Gift, the spirit within you, your life force that is the real you.. Because that is Holy, that is sacred, that is supernatural. And if you have a lot of it, then you can make some real progress, by using one of the most basic, simple speed up methods, should you wanna become SELF POSSESSED BY ADORING yourself. And, trust me, you do..

How to do this.. well just doing the Ride will get you there slowly, but of the many speed ups available, my favourite is simply this: treat yourself like that treasured rescue dog or cat, that slightly messed up, confused, scratchy creature who is ‘adorable’ in itself, without even trying. Yes, you need to train them, to work on them, to clean and take care of them so they can be better, but you adore them whatever they do.. You would be amazed just how many highly gifted spiritual types have rescue animals and pour out so much adoration toward them its actually bizarre they don’t already see its just one big projection.. of what you should be doing to yourself. Just remember, like the Ride, you need to recall how you felt when you adored, naturally, something or someone else, learn to inspire that feeling in yourself so you can use it. The quality of your adoration comes down to the strength of that inspired feeling, which you then direct at yourself. Give it a go now, you may surprise yourself..

One word of caution, self adoration is NOT pride.. pride is an aberration, this method it’s NOT showy, not external, adoration is about changing the direction of your high quality attention and turning it on yourself. Yes, you will start to take way better care of yourself, including looking better, but you may find that makes you be a little more understated, all the better to control the attention you get.. Be clear, Self Adoration is done in secret, in private, and is best exercised as a form of self care ritual, before it expands out into other areas naturally.

Lastly, Adoration becomes the character of self possession over time, and hence you need to work on it, and loving self care is the easiest way for most women at least, and its not hard to adopt for men either. Self possession will slowly grow, as you take control of your mind state, emotions, body, you will discover you become naturally way more composed, way less reactive.

Indeed, for the gifted Self Possession will endow many, MANY benefits upon you, quite apart from the 2 obvious ones – you will stop wasting your adoration on the unworthy AND you will benefit massively from refocusing that otherwise wasted gift by adopting the attitude of adoring ‘yourself’, rather than your current ambivalence, even active dislike of yourself. You will become more graceful, more optimistic, more centred, more focused on what you want. You even become what folks like me call a ‘technician of life’, start to focus on getting a little better, every day at stuff you do, and start to cut out the crap you don’t want…

Yes, one of the key benefits is that you will start to get a real sense for the transactional nature of spirit, become more sensitive to it coming and going, and as such you will start to develop ‘taste’, the intuitive sense of what is good and bad in this world FOR YOU. As such you will start to become a lot more choosy about who and where you spend your time, a lot more selective, as you will start to feel this good and bad, the increase or decrease in spirit more directly, given you can interpret it correctly. Follow those feelings, take their ‘advice’, they happen for a reason. Any reduction in that electric ‘attention’ you receive from the ‘herd’ will be more than compensated for, if you do.. promise.

Summary: You need to start treating yourself a WHOLE LOT BETTER, because you are different, you are special.. Royal, no less, SO ACT LIKE IT. Honour yourself in every little bastard thing you do, every second of every day, because you need to accept this spirit thing, and the only way to do that is to ‘live’ it. Become SELF POSSESSED – suspend your disbelief, and start to Revere yourself, adore yourself, pray to yourself with ‘feeling’.

To finish, you may notice now that my posts become a little more about giving you ‘direction’, in a classic Zen sense of it, over giving you specifics like a lot of the early ones. I always try and be as specific as possible, perhaps even more than is wise but when it comes to stuff like this there is so MUCH DIFFERENCE in the type of revealed experience between people, between the age groups, the types of gift, between male and female, its actually impossible. Therefore you must explore this yourself, I will answer decent questions privately if asked.

Quote to end as always, a signature one from a favourite Greek dramatist of mine, another self made super star writer of antiquity, to the extent that the quote below is actually used by Paul, the actual author of modern Christianity, in his guidance to the Corinthians’..

‘Bad company corrupts good character.’ – Menander



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