2nd Secret – Ignorance, know your enemy

Now this is a biggie, so hope it helps, going to keep it focused but its a more technical post that most.

See this as very much an introduction to this topic, however for the gifted this is usually enough – they get it and do the investigation pro-actively cause they recognise these things in themselves. To note that this is one of those Left Hand path times where we just tell you you stuff, no beating around the bush. Much as it comes off a little fundamentalist at this point there is no option, you need to know now.

Secret No:2 The spiritual concept of Ignorance is how Evil works… how Sin acts… what the Deceiver does. Know this and, at the start at least, you KNOW YOUR ENEMY. Its is Self-Sabotage – yes, you, what you always thought was ‘you’ at least, are doing this to yourself. Ignorance is one of the fundamental premises of all attempts to engage in spirituality, cause on the Left Hand path you need to be able recognise it and stop it when it happens, not just work on the ’causes’ of ignorance like most other systems. Quite apart from stopping these attacks, one of the golden benefits of this process is it develops ‘Character’, real, deep, actual Character, and that is priceless.

Before we start, please remember and understand: you need to start paying ‘Attention’ to what is happening both ‘in’ you and ‘too’ you, all the time – stop ‘thinking’ about crap and start using your mind to ‘notice’ things… you are asleep at the wheel you fool, just chatting away on the phone.. If you are not in charge of yourself you are just a slave to ‘something’ else.

Now then, remember Secret No1 – you are weak and stupid. Know what is keeping you weak and stupid.. Ignorance. Ignorance is literally eating you every damn day, eating away at your spiritual power, your birthright, what you are destined to be, what you were born to be, but can’t because other things are having all the fun, not you. Ignorance is a parasitical mechanism at its core, it literally bleeds you dry, over the course of your life, which is why, when you are no longer in your prime, when you no longer have that reserve of youthful energy, latest in your early 30s, you tend to get a lot worse quite quickly. And the more Ignorance ‘captures’ your ‘attention’, at every level, the quicker that process works..

So lets be really clear here – the basis of all work to remove Ignorance as the dominant force in your life is learning to STAND AGAINST YOURSELF. Learning to second guess what you are thinking, feeling, doing when you recognise that it maybe a self defeating mechanism, that you thoughts or feelings are leading you astray and hence you DON’T DO ANYTHING, you ignore that shit and move on, fast – you don’t DWELL ON IT. That is what real Character is.

The Ride by itself will build your power over time, leading to ‘Power over yourself’, BUT it won’t stop Ignorance. So you are building it up on one hand and pissing it away with the other. And if you are gifted, there is a chance your Ignorance will be quite bad, and for these folks the Ride is little more than a ‘holding action’, to maintain the status quo by adding more fuel to the fire, hopefully to add more than your lose, but not always. If you are prepared to deal with Ignorance as well as do the Ride then you will start to keep way more of this birthright for yourself, and that is the whole point. The development of Power over Yourself and dealing with Ignorance are a matched pair, your progress with be many times quicker if you do them TOGETHER.

At this point on the path, you cannot trust yourself, even if you are doing the Ride every min of your waking life. You need to get this, get it both intellectually AND personally, as its RELATES, HAPPENS, WORKS for you, in the here and now. Know your enemy, cause that lady and gentlemen, boys and girls, is half the damn battle..

Intellectually the justification, should you need it, on the ancient path is easy to find, hell every spiritual tradition on the planet has a go at this but forget looking at those and focus on one – Plato’s ‘Myth of the Cave’ is the daddy, nothing else comes close. I’m not going to go through it here – look it up – but I am going to emphasis that this analogy of everyday human experience nails one thing beyond any other I’ve ever seen – your perception of reality is being CONTROLLED by other forces, your senses are being MANIPULATED in order to present what these other forces want you to perceive, particularity in terms of your Emotions, and remember that this word originally means feelings that ’cause you to move’.

The best way to describe this, is to take one of the stronger types of this and break it down…So, your fears, your aggression, your anxiety are a ‘thing in itself’. It is not always a reaction to a ‘good reason to be afraid’, for example, the fear is literally sitting there waiting for a trigger, actually looking for a trigger, and in the worst cases it will actual take such a firm hold over you it will actually ’cause’ the trigger. Get this, you don’t get angry because something annoying happens, the anger is there waiting for an opportunity to come out, to take you over and party on. What you think is the effect is actually the bloody cause..

So how do I tell when this is genuine and when it’s not, you say… Practise, says I. Look, learn, and watch what happens, start to note the signs the feelings, the differences, what happens just prior to the shit happening in your life. It’s not actually that hard…

Now sometimes these signs, these ‘tells’ relate to what is in your ‘best interests’, as you believe them to be, but a lot of time its not, in fact a lot of the time, even right now, its causes bad things to happen you really don’t want. See, some of these forces are REALLY not your friends… so they are fooling you. They hide in your habits, you unconscious routines (as ‘you’ are not present at the ‘moment’ of activity in these), they wait for you to zone out so they can take momentary control of you and fuck your life up. Psychologists call it ‘self-sabotage’ and its very real.

Got it? Yeah, but sadly, it’s not enough is it. See if that intellectual revelation was enough then no one would ever need further help, but they do. Indeed even the work of this genius largely falls on deaf ears. What you want to know, what you really need to know, is how do ‘I’ spot this, how do I know when it’s happening, cause otherwise it’s just a mental construct that is ‘invisible’ to me, I can’t stop the manipulation unless I can identify it and change it, and frankly know ‘how’ to stop it.

So how do I recognise and stop this you say, in the day to day back and forth of my life, as it is clearly not straightforward. So here is the basic model for that, and this is the starter for 10 version, you need to refine this as, much as the disease is the same, the symptoms are different for everyone…

Right, there are 3 types of warning signs, we call them Tells, they happen before, doing or after the ‘activity’ itself, what it wants to happen:

  • Precursors: Sudden Changes in Mindstate, and are always feelings, either Mood/Emotion/Sensation, often pure emotions.
  • Distractions: Obsessive, urgent and repetitive thoughts patterns that totally absorb you, control you as of the blue.
  • Indicators: These are repetitive issues that Act Out, the common problems or experiences of fridge blindness, clumsiness, forgetfulness and many others.

Often all 3 of these will occur together, but usually you will only notice one or two. Pay Attention to your emotions, particularity ones of ‘momentary’ pressure, annoyance, fear or anxiety. This sudden spike of emotion out of the blue, is what you are looking for, not a long drawn out conversation with yourself, where your mind state ebb and flow, but literally something that comes on very quickly.

All these are ‘tells’ that something else is involved. These are all resistance, and resistance in yourself is a strange but deadly beast. See resistance separates you from yourself, it causes you to lose connection with yourself, to lose full control, resistance causes tension, the control levers are not moving the way they should cause something is pulling them in the opposite direction. Resistance, of the passive kind, itself is a sign that something else has got involved, something else is ‘in the way’..

For now, when this happens – STOP and do not go on with what you are doing, feeling, thinking, take a moment to re-adjust through calm breathing (for example) and then wait for it to pass. When you return to doing something make sure you pay attention to what it is as closely as you can. More you do this self checking exercise the easier and more obvious it gets, old religion uses the analogy of bringing things ‘into the light’ of you conscious mind and out of the shadows, cause into the light means you focus on it, and they really don’t like that….

If it helps you at all remember this mechanic is where the whole obsession with being ‘nice’, with not acting on your negative emotions (and hence thoughts) actually comes from in organised religion, they just never explain why. They don’t trust you, don’t think you are smart enough to do this, to get this, to change, they think you need some simple guidance that will basically help you in a simple, slow, and ultimately very hit and miss way. Guidance that only suits the broken, as thousands of years ago they thought that only the folks who hate themselves would be able to get the distance you need to deal with this.. On the left hand path, we know there is a better way.

Summary: Get used to this concept, Ignorance, cause the more you do the easier it gets. Yep, right now it looks like a mountain to climb, like there is just no way you will ever be sensitive enough, focused enough to catch this. You will, do the Ride, and work on replacing ‘thinking’ with ‘noticing’, that’s one of the key aspects of the Ride that I have as yet not explained to you – the Ride, through lots of repetition, equips you to notice ignorance in yourself.

I’ll right more about Character in my next post or so, it one of the more interesting things that happen to people who get somewhere with this, it explains the way they change, why their personalities change, why they have to change. As you may have noticed all of these secrets are written to connect together, to waterfall one after the other. Hope you like it, took me fecking ages to make it work and it’s far from perfect..

Quote to end as always, going to get a little darker now as promised, and this time from a Genius who nailed Ignorance and wrote extensively about it in his later years, about the cause of it, when his fame made him much braver. He called it the ‘Shadow’..

‘Taking it in its deepest sense, the shadow is the invisible saurian tail that man still drags behind him. Carefully amputated, it becomes the healing serpent of the mysteries. Only monkeys parade with it.’ – Carl Jung



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