Now, you say, I already know all about this, read it in the paper, hear it on the news, I have to drink more water, yada yada.. what’s new?

So this is new, hydration for seekers is a major lesson you need to learn, a key one in every sense, as its one of the bigger keys in the doorway to a spiritually empowered you…

Water is IMPORTANT spirituality, in terms of food and drink NOTHING ELSE COMES close. There is much to say about it and its use but this is a Key Lesson so lets keep it clear,..

Key Lesson: Proper Hydration for seekers is essential if the machine you are currently using as you ‘home’ is going to work, is going to help you become what you are supposed to be. But this is not normal ‘sports drink’ hydration, that’s crap, no… This is the proper way to do it, this is learning how to correct the imbalance and mistakes that are making you so damn dehydrated in the first place.

So, to keep it simple, you are dehydrated, everyone in the modern western world is, EVEN if you drink a lot of water. The reason is obvious, you drink diuretics for fun, you drink and enjoy things that make you want, to need to excrete them, fast… cause they are poison. Caffeine and alcohol are the main ones but you can’t leave out every kind of drug to be honest, from cigarettes to pain killers to sugar.. they are all going to make you want to pee much, MUCH more than normal.

Your body knows what is good for you, and too much poison, too much acid is a bad thing.. No matter how much you overload on water, indeed often that just makes you want to pee more, cause there is so much biological poison in you to start with..

If you want to rehydrate (ie do you want to be a seeker?)- 1 cup of coffee a day, no alcoholic beverages until the w/e is the rule. See how you change, physically and how much more sensitive you become spirituality.. Cut down on the poison.. get it? You don’t have to stop entirely, make some big martyrdom thing of it, just radically cut down..

Yes, hydration is about spiritual sensitivity, cause hydration will get your bodies cross over Energy systems working to a higher level, to a decent spiritual level before you even start to practise. Plus it will get the lymph system working at a much better rate to flush the crap out of you. Its not going to happen overnight, you will experience a healing crisis if you are particularly toxic, but still worth every bit of nausea, every pimple, every dizzy spell. So do it..

So drink 1.5-2 litres of water a day (depends on you health, man or woman), but try to do it as quickly as possible first thing in the am (I mean before you get out of bed) for 2/3s of that, a litre if you can, and then take you time with the rest. Yep, Asians call it the Japanese water cure, and it can work wonders depending on what is wrong with you, find the illness before it even really got hold of you. Later, 1-2 months of this, you can ease it up, 1.5 litres all day is good, but stick to the litre first thing. Yes you need to stay near a toilet for a while, but that will pass too.. if you lay off the constant coffee. Within a few days drinking 2litres of water a day will become very easy. If any of this worries you for health reason then please, be a grown up and look it up..

But that’s not it, its not even the most important bit..

Be Clear on 3 things,,,

1st.. you must ONLY drink water that has sat still for 5mins, and better over night. Drink it as soon as you move it, drink it. Then put it down. Let the hot water stand before you make tea with it (absolute bare min is 2mins). NEVER, ever drink from running water. Ever, its poison on a spiritual level, and will hurt you, undo much of the good work you have put in. Most farm animals will not drink from running water unless they are literally dying, they hate it.. with good reason. See they know instinctively its a very bad idea..

2nd.. Never, ever drink cold water, particularly ICE cold water or drinks.. you must only ever drink room temperature or slightly cooler water. This one is almost as bad for you spiritually as running water. The effect on your energy system is utter chaos, you literally freeze yourself, stagnate yourself. It shocks you, shocks your spirit and you really don’t want that, but worse, its drains your energy, so all that work you are doing to build it up is largely wasted..

3rd.. Lastly NEVER ever drink water from the mains water supply, they put POISON in it. They do it cause they have to.. otherwise mains water would be green slime by the time it got to you, it would be very smelly. Mains water supply is for flushing your toilet, I know many spiritual types who won’t even wash in it, but just dump the bath salts in and don’t wallow for hours if you wish. Know why this all is?… and it may help to remind yourself of this next time you want a quick cupper but have nothing but tap water.. if you live near a or in a town or worse city literally 100,000s of people have pissed that water out already, and to make it ‘safe’ for you they have simply filtered it again. You have no idea the continual low level spiritual damage that does to you..

Summary: So start to buy in the bottle water, pure as you can get, and leave it in a dark or cooler spot. Then drink it. See buying water the same way you buy bread, its a daily essential, not just a prop for gym bunnies, its essential for anyone gifted. have a weeks worth in the house at any given time. And drink more water before, (particularly) between and after alcoholic drinks, if you are going to party on a little.

Later we will talk about the literal magic water can do, but that is it for now.

Quote to end as always… from one of the greatest artists that ever lived, and a dedicated follower of the 4th way…

‘Water is the driving force of all nature.’ Leonardo da Vinci



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