Introduction – So why are you here then..?

Now we can actually start… but first, why do you think you’re spiritual..?

What, you need a new hobby, interest cause you are so bored with the routine? Haunted by a bad childhood experience, head injury as a teen, or maybe that lighting strike totally changed you? Hear people arguing in your head, disembodied voice saying your name, ringing or flute music in your ears, black holes in front of your eyes, ocular migraines with a kaleidoscopic light show, or maybe a strange spinning symbol only half visible when you are still half asleep?

Or maybe the same dumb shit happens to you over and over again, you are overly emotional for no reason at all, strong sense of deja vu, maybe you see things that are not really even there..? Maybe you watch your pets chase things round the kitchen that aren’t there, that seem to disappear into the walls. Maybe you are ill, or someone close is, maybe your becoming increasing scared of death or increasingly drawn too it.

Maybe your a perfectionist, a clean freak, obsessed with your ‘look’, nothing is ever good enough, with your ever shifting desires blown around like so many dead leaves. Maybe your some jaded international superstar who can’t find pleasure in anything anymore, but still remembers the ‘buzz’ you used to have. Or maybe you can’t vocalize it at all but you just know, know that something is wrong, that there is something more, something ‘other’, or maybe you just really WANT there to be…..

Ahhh, maybe you have you have already tried stuff then – hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation, CBT, Jungian psychoanalysis, Tai Chi, organised religion, shamanic Buddhism, super strength weed, even psychoactive South American teas, but none of it has worked for you – you don’t even understand half of it, but you keep chasing after, well, something..

That’s cool, but for now, the type of personal experience does not matter, any of the above and much more besides is more than enough… it matters that there is NOTHING REALLY WRONG in your life, its just you do, in some small way, think you are spiritual CAUSE WEIRD STUFF (you actually notice) has happened to you. For now lets just give you a name, a level – you have passed the first basic test after all – this post has found you and you are curious enough to get this far. Just as long as its not an excuse to get away from something, a cover story for your hideout, a mask to conceal the fact your bottle has gone, your scared, broken and just want some form of ‘acceptable’ escape into comfort, hope, mediocrity. That’s not what we do here, sorry, please stop reading and move on, this stuff is going to be way to ‘edgy’ for you..

Still here? cool, so you need a title, a rank – lets say you’re a ‘Seeker’. Congrats. You are different to other people, and that’s a good thing, cause most people behave little better than domesticated animals, as all truly ‘spiritual’ people know, and love to tell themselves. You one of ‘us’ now, your better than ‘them’, or at least you could be…

Don’t worry, ‘Seeker’ is supposed to be ambiguous, cause it don’t mean shit at this stage, but as in all things, its important to ‘start’. And side bar: names, proper names, do matter, its just that the vast majority of spiritual ones you have come across thus far DON’T mean what you think they do, so you are going to have to relearn a lot of stuff… However, I think that all achievements, however small, deserve a reward, don’t you? so consider this..

See maybe, MAYBE the reason you ‘think’ you are spiritual is sex. Yes, maybe SEX, (and close cousins drugs and rock ‘n roll) has given you a glimpse of something ‘other’, something greater than yourself, your everyday hum drum existence, and you just can’t shake it, you really don’t even want to..

So I’ll tell you a secret, a nice juicy one to get us going – many if not all the truly spiritually ‘gifted’ folks of this world, (whether they acknowledged it or not), the geniuses, statesmen and masters, the Einsteins, the Kennedys and the Gandhis, all of them have a big problem with Sex, the manifestation of their life force, their libido and how they handle it. And there is a really good ‘spiritual’ reason for that, indeed its the same reason that every organised religion in the world tries to control sex, more specifically sexual energy, codify it and turn it into dark thing. As the old saying goes – everything is about sex, except sex itself, which is about power.

Long story short, maybe these experiences are the only things you have found powerful enough in practice to REACH YOU, release from the tedious control of your ego, to set you free of yourself, however briefly. You have stumbled into spirituality in the search for a good time, you lucky thing you…

See, the gateway to all real spirituality is a form of ‘feeling’, that is the actual pay dirt you are looking for, that’s what the journey into spiritually actually is. Spirituality isn’t an intellectual pursuit, its not a philosophy, a metaphysics, they are just teaching models, not universal truths so don’t take them as such – the world of spirituality is half destroyed by the innocent taking complex models as truths..

Ahhh you say, then none of this is ‘true’, so its all crap then, whats the point? No I say, see we use ‘gravity’ and ‘light’ every damn day, yet no one, NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA what they REALLY are, we can just approximate how they WORK, (and no one even knows that no one knows, which is kinda shocking really). See, you, like most people, have just been fooled by the ‘science delusion’, that if we can model something then we know what it is. WE don’t, but we can still use it to great effect, so stow that shit Hudson..

Now, whatever you see or hear on your connected screen of choice, spirituality isn’t about forcing yourself to act ‘nice’, ‘kind’ and ‘compassionate’. That’s just one of the many miss-understandings that pollutes the otherwise genuine river of the truth of it all. Actually being ‘nice’ (if you want to call it that) is in reality a brief phase you go through early in your practice in order to deal with your own self destruction forces, usually as projected on to others. And being nice, ‘turning the other cheek’ is just a ‘weapon’ (and there are much better ones) you use to beat these aspects of yourself. So its not really about being nice, its a spiritual ‘hygiene’ issue, so its about being ‘clean’, its NOT about being artificial, of repressing yourself to conform to a ‘normal’ spiritual standard, as that just makes you even more ‘unclean’. Yep there is a really good reason these phrases crop up a lot in the Bible.

So now your a little more curious eh? And as any good marketing professional will tell you, curiosity is everything in terms of getting ‘your’ attention, getting you to read on. Hope you do, be a shame to give up now..

So whats the point of this blog?

The point is I want to help the Seekers of the world, after my own fashion, to show you the way, should you choose to take it. I want to do for you what I had to spend 35 years doing for myself, so you don’t have too. So have have a chance to make some progress and not waste your time on the the woo woo, politically correct, ‘woke’, watered down, commercialized new age, social media friendly crap or the signature books under pinning the whole ‘lost in translation’ truism that is organised religion.

So what my motivation? Ahhhh, I’m really over reading the current ‘online’ rubbish.. I’m going to write this because I’m sick to death of what spirituality has become in the modern world. Sick of the falseness, sick of its infection with ‘wokeness’, sick of it being a career choice, sick of quasi, social justice niceness of it, sick of the media moguls opinions, sick of the PR friendly sound bites, and sick of it increasingly being a vehicle in the search for ‘significance’ or ‘clout’, as the da kids say, on social.

But most of all, MOST OF ALL, I’m sick of this new wave of internet Gurus and chat show hosts trying to repackage and distort both the ancient and modern perspectives of the genuine geniuses of this world, and then present them as their own, distinct ‘revelations’. Everything I write here belongs to others, from the great and the good, masters from distant lands and ancient times, explained by me for you, based on my direct experience of it, in the language of our age.

And that little rant is the beginning and end of my attack on the modern approach to spirituality. Yes references will crop up again here and there as they are crucial to change your understanding, however attacking modern individuals is not the point of this. And obviously I don’t mean all of them. Micheal Singer’s or Elkhart Tole’s stuff is a joy for the right type of softer, broken person, buts that not you is it, your a bad ass, a witch, a gangsta, you don’t need ‘chicken soup for the soul’….

And to be brutally honest even this rant is not even remotely original – the masters of Asia and the Middle East where writing this type of critique of what their own systems where becoming literally 2000 years ago – this fall and rise of popular spirituality thing appears to be all one big cycle, every hundred years or so it starts to grow again, but I’d love to know why it always gathers pace in the 20s/30s of every century, often which an explosion of life in all its forms released after a big disaster..

Anyway, that’s the plot ‘set up’ over and done, thankfully.

See what I have come on here to do is not to rage against the machine but tell you the truth about spirituality, from mine (and many thousands of other) perspective. The truth is out there, and has been so for thousands of years, but its interpretation is a shambolic mess at best, and a willful distortion at worse. I’m going to repeat this so you get it – lots of people know this stuff, LOTS OF PEOPLE, they just don’t want tell you.

See, I’m going to share SECRETS.

And I mean actual spiritual secrets, known to a few but not common knowledge, not in the public domain. Things I’be been told, shown, proved and experienced for myself. Things I know to work, know to be true, know deliver results, often very quickly, almost brutally so.

Next time I’m going to orientate you, so you have a basic understanding of how this ‘works’, I’m going to present the personal 2 models of yourself you need, at a minimum, to start to relate to this. Hopefully that will give you the ‘confidence’ to proceed a little further..

To finish for today.. love a good quote me, love to learn from the wisdom of others… particularly from a sex mad genius or 2, so I’ll end this post with one of my faves:

‘Glory maybe fleeting, but obscurity is FOREVER’ – Napoleon Bonaparte.



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