Blind Spots – Stop Rushing

Going to cover a small subset of the classic issues that gifted folks have nowadays, some of the key ones so you can start to work on them yourself – I’ll refer to them as Blind Spots.

The reason for the term is you have become so used to them you no longer have any real time sense of them. It’s so normal to be in these states of mind, in the low level stress sense of it it simply part of you, part of your basal EGO mood state. And, trust me, these states are fucking you..

Now rushing is an interesting key lesson, something virtually no one knows, yet is SO obvious when you are told, most people get this fast, so I’m not going to dwell too long on it. This is one of those things that we are going to address in the Secret of spiritual character, but it’s worth getting used to now.

Key Lesson: All hurry, all sense of urgency, of being driven by ‘lateness’, of rushing around like a headless chicken is based on FEAR, endemic, low level fear that has become the invisible foundation of your Mind State. FEAR, when it gets this kind of hold over you INFECTS EVERYTHING, and to a greater or lesser degree you are afraid ALL THE DAMN TIME. It’s waiting there in the background, to find the next thing, and the next thing, then another thing, to be scared off. And worse, for the spiritual types of the world, you will actually start to generate fear, to unconsciously create more and more situations that FEAR can use to PARTY..

And if you want to be a seeker, it has to go.. NOW. See FEAR, persistent low level fear, amplified by hyper arousal, is a thing in itself. And its going to kill you… maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, but soon enough. In the meantime, FEAR is going to bleed you dry, suck the life out of you like very few things can, indeed FEAR is used as the primary form of control on this planet by the leeches and parasites (human or otherwise) for this very reason. They are literally feeding off your fear, of the emotional sense of it, cause it’s easy to create.

Anyone or anything in your life that proactively uses fear to try and control you HAS TO GO. I don’t mean things that you are scared off, there will be hundreds of those that don’t even know you are alive, but folks who try and threaten you in some way. Yes, you can try and reason with them, explain you don’t appreciate it, but to be honest the only thing I found these types of fools understand, in the reasoning sense of it, is to use fear against them, and then you are already self sabotaging. Better just to slowly but surely make the change.

To be clear, using fear to defend yourself on the left hand path is a bit of a NO-NO, only as a last resort, and frankly when you are there it’s usually just better to use more dramatic means, just remove their capacity to affect your life once and for all. See the high end 4th way types understand that aggression is just another form fear, acting out, of still being dominated by the animal in you, so it’s frankly a bit embarrassing, even to have to fake aggression is a bit well, childish… Hence the common complaint from the fools and the parasites of the world, after years of being ‘nice’ about it, when you have finally have to act harshly, and they are shocked and appalled. They thought you ‘did not mind/know/were scary’, so ‘you’ have in someway led them astray, lulled them in a (very) false sense of security. So sad, to bad, never mind.. there is no need to care about such people.

So the advice for dealing with persistent fear in general terms comes in 2 parts, nice and simple instruction for what to do. Best to take responsibility for what you do, commit to it, and to start that change with this stuff is easy.

First, stop rushing, stop hurrying, stop worrying about being late. Just be late. The beauty of this is that if you cannot afford to be late for this or that, you will very quickly re-organise your priorities so you CAN’T be late. You will get out of bed on time, you will stop pissing about and do the work, make the call, pay the bill. So just do it now, identify the things you continually worry about and fix them, so you don’t have to worry about that, as soon as that fear crops up you can beat it down. Everything else that you decide to be late for, that is obviously simply a creation of your mind, that you, metaphorically speaking HAVE TO RUN for the bus, (even though there will be another one soon enough), will simply not matter. SO STOP RUSHING AND JUST BE LATE.

Second, slow down, go slowly in the normal everyday activities of the world. Take your time. If you can start to do everything you want to do as a form of homage, act as if it is slightly ‘sacred’, because if you want to do it you SHOULD treat it that way, give it you full ‘attention’ and do it with a sense of love, of gratitude in your heart. Even if you take this approach to the stuff you hate, to cleaning the bath, hoovering the kitchen, you will find it goes a lot better if YOU SLOW DOWN, and stop hating it, just do it in the right spirit, like its a labour of love. If for whatever reason you cannot do this, you just hate the crap out of it, then maybe try and remove if from your life, asap.

Now all the above should be ‘relatable’, (cause I mean it to be) you should get this quick. However its worth adding a slightly more spiritual side, more for the future so you understand something, this is the left hand path after all.. Know that fear is delusion, it is a weapon that is being used against you, to conceal the truth from you, distract you, confuse you. The opposite of fear, the absence of fear is NOT courage, its lack of delusion, its ‘clarity’, what the Buddhists call Wisdom, which is more the ‘wisdom without foreknowledge’ that comes from seeing things as they are. Here clarity feels like a type of ‘passive’ certainty, and is Christian terms is what they (well ‘he’ at least) meant by faith. It is the feeling that comes from knowing you can trust yourself, because in the absence of Fear, you are not deluded anymore, so you have faith in ‘yourself’. Remember this.

Lastly, and to paraphrase the immortal words of John Wayne – talk low, talk, slow and don’t say to much, ie you need to speak slower. Now speech requires a further more detailed work up so will get its own Blind Spot treatment, as will deep dark pit of Despair, however for now, know this: stop talking at 90mph, stop gossiping away like a messy bitch. Talk slow, just think about what you are going to say BEFORE you say it. Talk low, that way you might actually mean it. And don’t say too much, as most of what you say is simply not you talking..

Summary: If you can stop rushing, stop acting out of Fear of being late you will get a big chunk of yourself back, of your energy. Just this one aspect of the 4th way can have dramatic effect on spiritual types, particularly on the high libidos that are most beaten up by this, as it works directly on your ‘essence’. Just see it for what it is.. you are afraid all the time, but there’s nothing that much to be afraid of, and if there is.. just manage it better, so you don’t need to be. Either way, get this shit out of your life, asap, and use the Power Over Yourself you are developing, (I hope), to do it.

Know that Fear is one of the spiritual enemies that you CAN stand ‘directly’ against, in your mind, and that you can use this stance to develop your will power, your ZHI as Daoist’s call it. Indeed, its the lack of this Will that is making it so easy for Fear to fuck you over..

Quote to end as always, one of my few from the New Testament, those letters from the early church, when Christianity was still young, all about the day to day issues in the life of a seeker, two bloody thousand years ago..

‘I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate, I do. Romans 7:15



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