After some thought, we have taken the difficult decision to change the site into a members only one, given the ongoing security environment. This site was intended to be open access to all, so it is annoying that we have to do this to protect it. Sadly however it’s this or we just take it down…

These substantial changes will be made in the coming days, including putting all content behind a membership system, with restricted numbers of 500 members, plus offline verification and approval. We may also use a paywall to double down on the safety aspects much as it will be nominal monthly amount, and will go toward paying for the security and hosting changes we have had to make.

Therefore, to read posts, leave comments, contact us directly etc you will need to be verified member, anything else will be barred out or deleted immediately. Due to this we will offer more in the way of interaction and support to those who wanted it.

In the meantime please bare with us, apologies again that this has to be done.