Security – Comments Apology

After the recent introduction of more powerful anti spam, track and trace software plus the involvement of both our Webhost and ISP we are wining the war against the crap and hacks, the hidden links, fake accounts and spam comments. Its amazing what you can do for a couple of bucks..

However I know many of you genuine readers are unhappy your comments and memberships are not being allowed, I had to delete several hundred yesterday. Sadly right now that is a fact of life on the internet – these days popular WP blogs get attacked routinely and often with large botnets, so please do understand.

Things are improving and we are are making progress tracing these attacks one by one, so hope to be back with it soon. In the meantime EVERYTHING is barred out and no new functionality from hacked plugins will be added. Much as we are down to only 1 or 2 attempts a day now, WE WILL continue to track and trace anyone who tires to login in as me, admin, or previously live fake account, so please don’t waste your time and ours…

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